The Farming and Slaughter of Animals

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The Farming and Slaughter of Animals



     “ All life belongs to the Great White Spirit, and no-one must take it, in whatever form it is.

   When the children of the Earth have begun to evolve into higher beings, all their gross desires will fall away.  When you can create the fox, or the chicken, then you can take its life away.  If it is true that you can kill the chicken and the fox, then it is right for man to kill his brother.

   Life does not belong to man.  It belongs to the Great White Spirit.  Whenever anyone takes it away, he must answer for it some day.

   One day you will understand the law of the father, which is that all things in the universe – animal, bird, fish or flower – are all parts of the Great White Spirit’s plan.  They are all there as parts of the creation of the Great Spirit.

   It was never part of the plan that man should consume his brother or sister in whatever form life manifested itself.  I do not have to tell you that animals who are slaughtered do not willingly accede, especially as some have sensitiveness and awareness.  This abnormal death, like all sudden shocks, involves a process of adjustment.”

     The above was taken from the words of Silver Birch, the famous spirit guide of Maurice Barbanell, during one of the many trance sessions at the home circle of Hannen Swaffer.

In latter years, other beings from the world of Spirit have emerged, with urgency, to bring awareness of the laws of oneness and compassion.  One with this wisdom comes through the mediumship of Bill Cox and is named Brother Joseph.  Through Bill, this gentle messenger has written several books.  In “ From Earth to Eternity.” he sets out, in plain language, how he felt about the double standards of certain platform mediums , when he said :

     “ It is surely hypocritical to pray for the suffering of animals to cease when you are contributing yourself to their suffering. ..”

After pointing out that those bred for the dairy industry are also eventually killed, along with those farmed for meat, he concluded,

  “You just cannot pass over the suffering by saying ‘We look to a time when man will understand.’ Those who pray for animals should themselves be showing the way and setting an example.”

   One who showed such example was Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, there is evidence to show that he was a vegan of the Essene sect.  This comes from ancient manuscripts written in Jesus’s own tongue of Aramaic. In extracts from The Essene Gospels, his words on the subject of  the correct diet for man are :

   “  Behold this melon, the fruit of the earth.  See thou with thine own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and see thou the seeds within, count ye them, for one melon maketh a hundred fold and even more.  If thou sow this seed, ye do eat from the True God, for no blood was spilled, nay, no pain nor outcry did thou hear with thy ears or see with thine eyes. Go ye thine way and plant the seeds of the good fruit of life and leave ye off from hurting the innocent creatures of God.”

    In an age where the vegetarian diet has proved to bring less risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer, we welcome Brother Joseph’s expanded teaching on this matter:

     Now it is not necessary for man to eat animals, but it is necessary for him to eat cereals and vegetables.  Fruit is another necessary part of his diet, and much more of this could be grown in place of fodder for cows.  It is gradually becoming known of the ill-health that results from drinking milk which is designed for calves…”

   Here it is worth noting that, in rural China, where the intake of dairy produce is almost nil, incidences of breast cancer are virtually unknown.

   Out of concern, the spirit went on to warn,

“ …  Do not be under any illusion ; the Daily Pinta is not so good for you as you have been led to believe.”

How sad it is for us to confess that our brotherhood of man has destroyed rain forests, indigenous peoples and the ecology in order to provide grazing land for the meat industry.  What makes this more of a tragedy is the fact that, if the land were used to grow crops, around eight vegans to every meat-eater could be fed from it, thereby benefiting the starving nations of the world.

Because the methane gas, given off by billions of intensely- bred cattle into the atmosphere, plays no small part in the destruction of the ozone layer, it follows that the demand for meat is a major contributory factor in global warming.

Rhamadan, guide of the late Ursula Roberts, touched on the threats we humans pose to our planet and everything on it when he was asked how slaughter was regarded on the other side.  The answer was not coated in  pseudo ‘non-judgement’ which is responsible  for the apathetic attitude of many spiritualists towards giving up eating animals. It is obvious that life, death and suffering cannot be shoved away in the ‘Matters of Opinion’ file when he says :

“ In the spiritual realm, it is regarded as a great wrong because man, by his interference with the natural laws of the animal creation, upsets the balance of nature. He breeds animals to his own desire, often in a spirit of greed, and with total disregard for the fear and feelings of the animals.”

The vibrational fall-out of these emotions must have a negative psychic impact on society.   Spirit guidance warned medium, Norah Bruce that,

 “Such vibrations are seized upon by the forces of darkness and are used to increase the turmoil of mind.”

To get an idea of the build-up to the releasing of this energy we must turn to the words of an anonymous helper from the Spirit realms.  They highlight the conditions in which animals reared for food live and die and are given through the mediumship of Frank Wright :

 “  Pitiful are these poor creatures.  Deprived of natural light and habitat and often unable to turn or lie down, they are in conditions of such squalour, that  it  degrades all humanity.  Diseases abound and some transferring to man.  Transported and killed in cruel ways with the end product being full of harmful chemicals, un-natural foods and toxins are created from the fear and terror they have experienced in their short, miserable lives. All those condoning this cruelty by purchasing and eating the products, share the guilt for the suffering of these creatures.”

In setting foot on the compassionate pathway, guilt is exchanged for a sense of purpose and a raising of consciousness. In the hope that humankind will be inspired to make the changes needed to benefit all life-forms, we end this compilation with words of upliftment  from Brother Joseph :

   “ Man has much to learn.  When he comes to realise that there is a great spiritual force between the boundaries of  earthly and spiritual existence, he will listen to the wisdom which will pour out  from that force, and there will be hope for the earth and mankind.”

Elissa Rattigan.

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

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