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Kate Berridge Requests Healing for Male Cat

Dear Animal Healers,
Please send out to Bear, a 7 year old male cat who has had an operation on a toe on his left foot and is struggling. 
Cancer cells were found but most probably have been removed. 
The vets have been unsatisfactory and his human companion is having a hard time in lockdown and her mother died recently so the situation is awful as the cats’ mother was killed in front of them when they were 3 weeks old. So it’s bringing it up stuff for the cats.
She loves her 2 cats and is a good kind woman but a bit passive. Bear’s sister Lilly is also there.They live in Northumberland so I am unable to visit for hands-on healing and it will take a lot to get this cat through his emotional and physical crisis.
Please send out as soon as you read this message.
THANK YOU from Kate and Guides.–

Kate E A Berridge

Creator of Earthall® meditation and healing system.Traditional Celtic Healer and teacher in 1-2-1, groups and retreats. 

Thought Leader, guest speaker and published writer. 

Animal Communicator, Companion Animal Psychologist. 

Founder of the Holistic Animal Therapy Training School. 

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