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Animals in Captivity

Today, many animals are abused in a way they never were before.  Arriving through  airports, once aptly named ‘The Gateways to Hell,’ all kinds of species,  torn from their families and familiar surroundings are bound for a life of cruelty, loneliness and terror. Many are used in horrific medical experiments while others are at the mercy of the businesses which are kept afloat by public demand such as zoos and the exotic pet trade  .

Through medium Frank Wright, a communicator from the other side spoke of the need of these wild creatures for our protection:

   ” Many are hunted, killed or trapped for pleasure, vanity or greed’ said the spirit, “causing some species to become extinct or near extinction.”

Sometimes for their body parts, these animals are exploited in a way which sees mothers brutally killed. Their orphaned young  are then sold and transported to a life of misery in captivity.

Frank’s spirit helper adds:

“…some of these creatures are used in various forms of entertainment, suffering deprivation in their environment and trained in unnatural acts through needless and wanton cruelty.”

If, instead of going to see animals perform amid the ‘glitz’ and  ‘glam’ of the circus ring, children were shown the true conditions in which they live and are trained, there would be a huge drop in ticket sales for ‘The Big Top’

Ankle-chains, inadequate caging and abnormal behaviour are not what any child would wish to see.  Severe confinement, violent training and the use of whips,  once legal in the U.K., still happen in some other countries of the world.   These are the ingredients of  ‘The Greatest Show On Earth ‘, which one psychic little girl discovered to her cost.

Now in spirit, Betty Shine was once known as the world’s number one counsellor and healer.

In her book, ‘A Free Spirit’, Betty describes how she was sensitive to the pain and suffering of all creatures from a very early age and that this was never more evident than when, at four years old, she visited a circus for the first time:

   “When the animals performed,” Betty wrote , ” I felt physically sick, and my heart filled with sadness at the sight of elephants, bears, lions and tigers performing tricks to entertain the public.  I remember crying all the way home.

   It  was the same when I visited London Zoo.  The sight of such majestic creatures pacing up and down on a concrete base, surrounded by iron bars, again tore at my heart.  Their humiliation and pain became mine.”

Captive animals are not only to be found in circuses and zoos but often in  tiny cages, as pets within the family home. Before being bought from the pet shop, these creatures would already have spent a miserable existence, suffering long journeys in cramped conditions, which made them unwell.  Of these, Betty added:

   ” Mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs are bought to entertain children who quickly become bored with the effort of looking after them. As a result, these little creatures can be left imprisoned in small cages day after day.  Unable to move freely, they show their deep, psychological distress by going round and round in circles.  These pets usually belong to families who show love for each other but who do not give a single thought to the torment that is going on within the mind and soul of the animal in their care.  People should know better.”

However, sometimes, people need these matters explaining to them before they see clearly the error of their ways, as is illustrated in one of the accounts from The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ.    Here, we read how Jesus captured not creatures, but respect , when he encountered a man preparing to sell a cage full of birds he had caught. Seeing how tormented with hunger and thirst the creatures were, he said:

   ” What thinkest thou, if one stronger than thou or with greater craft, were to catch thee and bind thee, or thy wife or thy children, and cast thee into a prison, in order to sell thee into captivity for his own profit, and to make a living ?  .. Let these, thy little brethren and sisters go forth into freedom, and see that thou do this thing no more, but provide honestly for thy living. “

From these gospel extracts we build a picture of how upset Jesus was at man’s inhumanity to other species. Upon witnessing youths ill-treating a sick cat, he said:

   ” Why doeth the stronger always prey on the weakest?  Tell ye, since Satan cursed the holy creation of God, for no thing is safe in the earth from unholy men, till the son of man cometh in all his glory and free every creature from the curse of dread and of fear. …. “

All those years ago the message of compassion for all that lives was brought through this gospel .  Is its suppression until recently one of the reasons mankind has progressed so little in these matters ?

Nowadays, spirit workers are ever more dedicated to bringing an end to the suffering of all creatures in our world.   Among them are deceased scientists and physicians now against vivisection, whose aim is to “help man understand the role of animals on Earth and also to help the animals.”  They call themselves Timestream.  Details of their mission can be found in  ‘Conversations Beyond the Light’, by Elton Davis, Ed.D., where it is written:

   ” If an animal is treated kindly with love, that animal will be a loving being.  But if an animal is treated cruelly that animal can be a cruel, heartless being with thoughts of revenge and hatred that will inevitably play out in some later life. “

One who himself is no stranger to the cause is Spiritualism’s beloved guide, Silver Birch. Speaking out oft-times against animal experiments, hunting and slaughter, he once said:

   ” It is not part of the plan that needless cruelty, torture and brutality should be inflicted on animals by the humans who believe that they have a superior consciousness, and are much greater beings.”

So, what is the plan, and how do we, as compassionate workers for Spirit in today’s world, fit into it ? Frank Wright’s guide offers some of the answers in the summary of his in-depth talk on animal abuse:

   ” So I now ask you why is there so much cruelty to the animal of your world ?  The answer being because you allow it to happen.  It can only occur and thrive because you do not care sufficiently and are indifferent to the suffering entailed and do insufficient or nothing to bring it to an end. 

   The problem is humankind made and must be resolved by humans.  Search your conscience and ask yourself in which way you participate in the condoning of any of the cruel practices of which I have spoken….  either by your actions or inaction.

   It is not sufficient to pray to the Great Spirit to bring it to an end if you are doing nothing yourself.  This is trying to absolve yourself of responsibility.  Spirit can only work through those accepting their responsibility and working to bring these evil practices to an end.

   Stop looking to others to do that which is your responsibility.  You may work as an individual or assist those who work collectively through varying groups and organisations.  So many things that are wrong in your world only exist because so many basically good people turn a blind eye to the problems and do nothing. That which you call the spiritualist movement should be in the forefront of the protest and actions against this cruelty, but where is their voice and their lead ?  Individual spiritualists with their knowledge that the Great Spirit is in all creation and is therefore interconnected and interdependent, should do everything within their means and capabilities.  Resolve to join the ranks of those who serve the great spirit in this way.”



  Elissa Rattigan.

 Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

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