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Grotesque, cruel “Bull of Fire” spectacle – urgent action, please


Hello everyone,

Susan of Liverpool asks us to email urgently to the addresses below, before this Saturday, 15 th November, when the horrific annual  chase of Bulls with their horns set on fire will take place.

Please read the letter she has composed and either send as it is or modify to personalise.  As it is likely to be mostly animal rights people who visit this website, I have spared you the gruesome graphics which Susan sent to my email but if anyone wishes to view them just email me and I will forward them.

for the animals,

Elissa Rattigan.

Officials Honor of Spain:

The Joy of Toro (bull of fire) is a grotesque
spectacle that draws protests and boycotts of tourism worldwide.

However, it remains Medinaceli occur annually in
the province of Soria, Spain.

In light of the recent ban on bullfighting in
north-eastern Spain, Catalonia region, I find
it surprising that the officials of Soria are still allowing jeering mobs to
tease a bull with flaming tar balls or
turpentine placed on their horns.
Covered with mud from the front legs,
slowly burning. some animals break their horns
on the walls to escape hours of agony.

“Some traditions can not remain frozen in time as society

Rull nationalist Jose Catalan said lawmakers voted
to ban bullfighting. The Joy of Toro is frozen in time – an archaic
and senseless brutality of the animals.

Please cancel the bull fire definitely in Spain.
I urge officials to enforce laws that protect animals
from all forms of abuse, including vulgar blood rituals and

Different cultures may not understand
unique customs, but everyone
recognizes animal cruelty. Heritage,
entertainment, art and religion never
justify torture outright.



Alcalde   (Mayor)

D. Carlos Martínez Mínguez (PSOE)

 The code for Spain is 0034, then the number is 975 234 141 in case anyone gets the chance to ring.>;

Funcionarios de Honor de España:

El Toro Júbilo de (toro
de fuego) es un espectáculo grotesco
que llama la protestas y los boicots de turismo de todo el
mundo. Sin embargo, sigue
anualmente se producen en Medinaceli,
provincia   de Soria, España.

A la luz de la reciente prohibición de
las corridas de toros en el noreste de España, Cataluña
región, me rresulta sorprendente que los funcionarios de
Soria sigue siendo que las turbas abucheos burlarse de un toro con bolas de alquitrán ardiendo o trementina colocada en sus cuernos.   Cubiertos de barro de las piernas al frente, lentamente
al animal quema. algunos romper en las paredes para escapar de horasde agonía.