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Visualise for the Animals



We silently call upon The Great and Holy Spirit, of which we are all a part, to add power, love and blessings to the energy pulsating here today, as we visualise light, which is full of universal love, enveloping all life-forms in captivity, all those who are trapped, hunted or bred to supply humans with food or clothing and all those who suffer in laboratories throughout the world. Sense its compassion permeate the hearts of those who work in  laboratories , farms, slaughterhouses, zoos and circuses  while its healing rays anaesthetise all animal prisoners, everywhere, of their  trauma.

Imagine the truth of animal suffering seeping into the consciousness of each member of the public and, with it, the realisation that animal experiments have held back true medical science in its search for cures – cures of the diseases which killed their loved ones.  Visualise people refusing to donate to animal research charities, until, eventually, there is no means of financing the research.  Sense a change of heart in such organisations towards funding work which benefits all beings, as legislation is passed which bans all animal experiments, in the world.

Sense a rise in public awareness regarding, not only the suffering of animals but the costs of a meat and dairy produce diet to human health, starving nations and the very planet, itself. See more and more people adopting a vegan, cruelty-free life-style.  Wish for a change of heart in the world towards promoting the animal-free circuses and  wild-life sanctuaries which are based in countries of origin, as a ban is made law, regarding the use of sentient beings in performance or as spectacles of entertainment..

Let us, now, strengthen our will as one will, as, with absolute belief in its manifestation into matter, we see  all manner of creatures  being brought out of these establishments.   Imagine some being looked after in quarantine, if necessary, before joining the others in sanctuaries or loving home environments – in whichever way is right for each of them.  For those poor animals too late to be saved, imagine a deep, peaceful sleep releasing their spirits to freedom.  Know that they are truly the last piglets, lambs or calves to be torn from their mothers, or beaten, terrified beasts of the wild to make such a journey to death, as the doors of the slaughterhouses, laboratories, and other miserable environments  are closed for ever and peace for the animals reigns at last.

We seal our vision with thanks to the Great Spirit and ground our intent by resolving to take an active part in its realisation here on Earth.

Elissa Rattigan.


The Compassionate Pathway

The Compassionate Pathway. 

  By  Elissa Rattigan.   2007

Over the last thirty to forty years, I have worked for “Spirit” in various ways; as a medium and healer and not least, as an animal rights campaigner.  I have watched the movements, which intertwine my pathway, take a giant evolutionary step forward within that relatively short time-span.  People have become much more aware of how angelic  and spirit guidance can enrich their lives and help them to live according to the law of love.

Compassion is the highest form of such a force, and, for those who walk upon its pathway, another law springs to mind: that of the oneness and unity of all that lives.  Of course, many belief-systems teach both of these concepts in the form of brotherly love.  Unfortunately, it stops short with their own kind – the human species.  How often do we hear of the produce from the cruelties of the meat and dairy industries being sold at church fayres, with the proceeds going to support animal-based  medical research, which helps neither animal nor human but brings great suffering to both ?

It is known, through ancient manuscripts, that Jesus was a vegan, yet, each year, Christmas is made into a satanic ritual with millions of turkeys as the sacrificial victims.  Our own Spiritualist philosophy is awash with words of wisdom from guides such as Silver Birch who have denounced the abuse and killing of animals, as not being part of the divine plan.  Unfortunately, this falls on deaf ears which have, for too long, been indoctrinated with the notion that  animals are here for our use….. rather than for their own spiritual progression, as light workers believe.

A light worker, as one would guess correctly, works with “the light”, or energy of  The Great Spirit.  They do this through channelling, visualisation, prayer and working positively on the material level to bring about a better world for all living beings.  Their idea of oneness stretches to incorporate the knowledge that we are all part of this energy .  Just as billions of tiny people we call cells make up the body of one’s self,  so we all form ever larger groups of souls to make up that which we call God.

We can see how, if these two laws of love and oneness are perfect, as Divinity requires,  it must follow that what is morally right  has to be right in every other way, including dietetically and environmentally and not favouring one being above another.  Therefore, when one walks the compassionate pathway in order to play a part in bringing an end to animal suffering, they not only help other creatures, but their own health, the planet and starving nations of the world, for, it is a fact that those who eat meat and dairy produce are at far more risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer than than those who don’t.  When we also take into account that it takes around ten times more land and many more times more water to feed one meat-eater than a vegan, we can see  just how much more of these commodities could be available to meet “third-world” hunger. Vast areas of rain forest, too, are destroyed to make grazing space for cattle who are destined to become beef-burgers for the over-fed and relatively rich.  On top of it all, the methane gas passed by billions of intensely- bred ‘livestock’ into the atmosphere is the leading cause of the destruction of the ozone layer – hence global warming.  This is officially the case now according to the United Nations report on climate change.

So, what is the correct diet for mankind ?  When pondering this question many years ago, “Spirit” prompted my consciousness with this idea :  everything which gives itself up naturally from the main body of the plant or tree is in line with the compassionate ethic.     Just as no discomfort is felt when we trim our hair or nails, an apple is plucked painlessly from a tree when it is ready to fall. There is no trauma felt by the main body of the plant . Foods included in this concept are: fruits, nuts, seeds,  vegetable fruits and certain of the beans, grains and petals.  These form the bulk of the vegan diet,  but, if followed strictly, would mean we had taken the next step on the path…  fruitarianism.

It is interesting to note how, today, this diet is promoted by angelic forces. The following is an extract from  the book “Healing With Angels” by Doreen Virtue PH.D :

“Many lightworkers feel guided to adopt a vegetarian diet.  They then gradually get guidance to become a complete vegan (no animal products).  After that they are guided to eat only raw and unprocessed fruits, vegetables,,nuts and grains.  Eventually, we are collectively moving toward a lifestyle of” breatharianism”, where we’ll receive all our nourishment from the prana that is in the air.  This will dramatically increase our life expectancies and ability to communicate telepathically.”

And centuries ago by the true Jesus in “ The Gospel of the Holy Twelve” which was found , hidden away for centuries in a Buddhist monastery, we read:

“See thou with thine own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and see thou the seeds therein, count ye them, for one melon maketh a hundred fold and even more.  If thou sow this seed, ye do eat from the true God, for no blood was spilled.  Nay, no pain nor outcry did ye hear with thine ears or see with thine eyes.  The true food of man is from the mother of the earth for she brings forth perfect gifts unto the humble of the land….”

If, indeed, our planet is taking a transition of some kind, perhaps it would be easier on us all to work in harmony, as dutiful cells of its wondrous body rather than as blood-sucking fleas who live on its back.  If, like rogue cells, out of control, we devour without mercy, our sisters and brothers- the animals, a dark and destructive energy envelops the aura of Mother Earth as a whole and beyond this to the astral realms,  where those whose darkness has been so dense, the light is obscured by their trauma.  Let us transform our cancerous attitude toward other creatures, by irradiating our own pathway with compassionate love and working as one for the benefit of all that lives.