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Bedsitting room needed for animal rights lady.

Appeal : Can anyone in the Brighton/Hove area let a bed-sitting room to a vegan lady and her cat, for a short time in January, please? If so, please phone Sue on 07928 619822.

Book Review

Book Review.

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh

by Jackie-Jones-Hunt.

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh will prove to be a valuable asset in our work, with its painstakingly researched information.

Through its content, we now know that not only Jesus’s teachings regarding animals were suppressed, but also those of Confucius, Pythagoras and other ancient spiritual philosophers, who brought a message so unambiguous that it is infuriating to recall no mention made of it in lessons on the subject during our school years.

Much more than a book, it appears to have been brought, at this time, as part of the Divine Plan.

Producing a captivating and thought-provoking work, Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD also provides , through her heart-rending account of her beloved dog, Edward’s life and death, remarkable evidence to sceptics that our animals not only communicate with us from the Spirit World but do so with the same love, understanding and intelligence of their human families .


Elissa Rattigan.

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

Visualise for the Animals



We silently call upon The Great and Holy Spirit, of which we are all a part, to add power, love and blessings to the energy pulsating here today, as we visualise light, which is full of universal love, enveloping all life-forms in captivity, all those who are trapped, hunted or bred to supply humans with food or clothing and all those who suffer in laboratories throughout the world. Sense its compassion permeate the hearts of those who work in  laboratories , farms, slaughterhouses, zoos and circuses  while its healing rays anaesthetise all animal prisoners, everywhere, of their  trauma.

Imagine the truth of animal suffering seeping into the consciousness of each member of the public and, with it, the realisation that animal experiments have held back true medical science in its search for cures – cures of the diseases which killed their loved ones.  Visualise people refusing to donate to animal research charities, until, eventually, there is no means of financing the research.  Sense a change of heart in such organisations towards funding work which benefits all beings, as legislation is passed which bans all animal experiments, in the world.

Sense a rise in public awareness regarding, not only the suffering of animals but the costs of a meat and dairy produce diet to human health, starving nations and the very planet, itself. See more and more people adopting a vegan, cruelty-free life-style.  Wish for a change of heart in the world towards promoting the animal-free circuses and  wild-life sanctuaries which are based in countries of origin, as a ban is made law, regarding the use of sentient beings in performance or as spectacles of entertainment..

Let us, now, strengthen our will as one will, as, with absolute belief in its manifestation into matter, we see  all manner of creatures  being brought out of these establishments.   Imagine some being looked after in quarantine, if necessary, before joining the others in sanctuaries or loving home environments – in whichever way is right for each of them.  For those poor animals too late to be saved, imagine a deep, peaceful sleep releasing their spirits to freedom.  Know that they are truly the last piglets, lambs or calves to be torn from their mothers, or beaten, terrified beasts of the wild to make such a journey to death, as the doors of the slaughterhouses, laboratories, and other miserable environments  are closed for ever and peace for the animals reigns at last.

We seal our vision with thanks to the Great Spirit and ground our intent by resolving to take an active part in its realisation here on Earth.

Elissa Rattigan.


The Compassionate Pathway

The Compassionate Pathway. 

  By  Elissa Rattigan.   2007

Over the last thirty to forty years, I have worked for “Spirit” in various ways; as a medium and healer and not least, as an animal rights campaigner.  I have watched the movements, which intertwine my pathway, take a giant evolutionary step forward within that relatively short time-span.  People have become much more aware of how angelic  and spirit guidance can enrich their lives and help them to live according to the law of love.

Compassion is the highest form of such a force, and, for those who walk upon its pathway, another law springs to mind: that of the oneness and unity of all that lives.  Of course, many belief-systems teach both of these concepts in the form of brotherly love.  Unfortunately, it stops short with their own kind – the human species.  How often do we hear of the produce from the cruelties of the meat and dairy industries being sold at church fayres, with the proceeds going to support animal-based  medical research, which helps neither animal nor human but brings great suffering to both ?

It is known, through ancient manuscripts, that Jesus was a vegan, yet, each year, Christmas is made into a satanic ritual with millions of turkeys as the sacrificial victims.  Our own Spiritualist philosophy is awash with words of wisdom from guides such as Silver Birch who have denounced the abuse and killing of animals, as not being part of the divine plan.  Unfortunately, this falls on deaf ears which have, for too long, been indoctrinated with the notion that  animals are here for our use….. rather than for their own spiritual progression, as light workers believe.

A light worker, as one would guess correctly, works with “the light”, or energy of  The Great Spirit.  They do this through channelling, visualisation, prayer and working positively on the material level to bring about a better world for all living beings.  Their idea of oneness stretches to incorporate the knowledge that we are all part of this energy .  Just as billions of tiny people we call cells make up the body of one’s self,  so we all form ever larger groups of souls to make up that which we call God.

We can see how, if these two laws of love and oneness are perfect, as Divinity requires,  it must follow that what is morally right  has to be right in every other way, including dietetically and environmentally and not favouring one being above another.  Therefore, when one walks the compassionate pathway in order to play a part in bringing an end to animal suffering, they not only help other creatures, but their own health, the planet and starving nations of the world, for, it is a fact that those who eat meat and dairy produce are at far more risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer than than those who don’t.  When we also take into account that it takes around ten times more land and many more times more water to feed one meat-eater than a vegan, we can see  just how much more of these commodities could be available to meet “third-world” hunger. Vast areas of rain forest, too, are destroyed to make grazing space for cattle who are destined to become beef-burgers for the over-fed and relatively rich.  On top of it all, the methane gas passed by billions of intensely- bred ‘livestock’ into the atmosphere is the leading cause of the destruction of the ozone layer – hence global warming.  This is officially the case now according to the United Nations report on climate change.

So, what is the correct diet for mankind ?  When pondering this question many years ago, “Spirit” prompted my consciousness with this idea :  everything which gives itself up naturally from the main body of the plant or tree is in line with the compassionate ethic.     Just as no discomfort is felt when we trim our hair or nails, an apple is plucked painlessly from a tree when it is ready to fall. There is no trauma felt by the main body of the plant . Foods included in this concept are: fruits, nuts, seeds,  vegetable fruits and certain of the beans, grains and petals.  These form the bulk of the vegan diet,  but, if followed strictly, would mean we had taken the next step on the path…  fruitarianism.

It is interesting to note how, today, this diet is promoted by angelic forces. The following is an extract from  the book “Healing With Angels” by Doreen Virtue PH.D :

“Many lightworkers feel guided to adopt a vegetarian diet.  They then gradually get guidance to become a complete vegan (no animal products).  After that they are guided to eat only raw and unprocessed fruits, vegetables,,nuts and grains.  Eventually, we are collectively moving toward a lifestyle of” breatharianism”, where we’ll receive all our nourishment from the prana that is in the air.  This will dramatically increase our life expectancies and ability to communicate telepathically.”

And centuries ago by the true Jesus in “ The Gospel of the Holy Twelve” which was found , hidden away for centuries in a Buddhist monastery, we read:

“See thou with thine own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and see thou the seeds therein, count ye them, for one melon maketh a hundred fold and even more.  If thou sow this seed, ye do eat from the true God, for no blood was spilled.  Nay, no pain nor outcry did ye hear with thine ears or see with thine eyes.  The true food of man is from the mother of the earth for she brings forth perfect gifts unto the humble of the land….”

If, indeed, our planet is taking a transition of some kind, perhaps it would be easier on us all to work in harmony, as dutiful cells of its wondrous body rather than as blood-sucking fleas who live on its back.  If, like rogue cells, out of control, we devour without mercy, our sisters and brothers- the animals, a dark and destructive energy envelops the aura of Mother Earth as a whole and beyond this to the astral realms,  where those whose darkness has been so dense, the light is obscured by their trauma.  Let us transform our cancerous attitude toward other creatures, by irradiating our own pathway with compassionate love and working as one for the benefit of all that lives.

Animals in Captivity

What the Guides Say…

on the subject of

Animals in Captivity

Today, many animals are abused in a way they never were before.  Arriving through  airports, once aptly named ‘The Gateways to Hell,’ all kinds of species,  torn from their families and familiar surroundings are bound for a life of cruelty, loneliness and terror. Many are used in horrific medical experiments while others are at the mercy of the businesses which are kept afloat by public demand such as zoos and the exotic pet trade  .

Through medium Frank Wright, a communicator from the other side spoke of the need of these wild creatures for our protection:

   ” Many are hunted, killed or trapped for pleasure, vanity or greed’ said the spirit, “causing some species to become extinct or near extinction.”

Sometimes for their body parts, these animals are exploited in a way which sees mothers brutally killed. Their orphaned young  are then sold and transported to a life of misery in captivity.

Frank’s spirit helper adds:

“…some of these creatures are used in various forms of entertainment, suffering deprivation in their environment and trained in unnatural acts through needless and wanton cruelty.”

If, instead of going to see animals perform amid the ‘glitz’ and  ‘glam’ of the circus ring, children were shown the true conditions in which they live and are trained, there would be a huge drop in ticket sales for ‘The Big Top’

Ankle-chains, inadequate caging and abnormal behaviour are not what any child would wish to see.  Severe confinement, violent training and the use of whips,  once legal in the U.K., still happen in some other countries of the world.   These are the ingredients of  ‘The Greatest Show On Earth ‘, which one psychic little girl discovered to her cost.

Now in spirit, Betty Shine was once known as the world’s number one counsellor and healer.

In her book, ‘A Free Spirit’, Betty describes how she was sensitive to the pain and suffering of all creatures from a very early age and that this was never more evident than when, at four years old, she visited a circus for the first time:

   “When the animals performed,” Betty wrote , ” I felt physically sick, and my heart filled with sadness at the sight of elephants, bears, lions and tigers performing tricks to entertain the public.  I remember crying all the way home.

   It  was the same when I visited London Zoo.  The sight of such majestic creatures pacing up and down on a concrete base, surrounded by iron bars, again tore at my heart.  Their humiliation and pain became mine.”

Captive animals are not only to be found in circuses and zoos but often in  tiny cages, as pets within the family home. Before being bought from the pet shop, these creatures would already have spent a miserable existence, suffering long journeys in cramped conditions, which made them unwell.  Of these, Betty added:

   ” Mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs are bought to entertain children who quickly become bored with the effort of looking after them. As a result, these little creatures can be left imprisoned in small cages day after day.  Unable to move freely, they show their deep, psychological distress by going round and round in circles.  These pets usually belong to families who show love for each other but who do not give a single thought to the torment that is going on within the mind and soul of the animal in their care.  People should know better.”

However, sometimes, people need these matters explaining to them before they see clearly the error of their ways, as is illustrated in one of the accounts from The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ.    Here, we read how Jesus captured not creatures, but respect , when he encountered a man preparing to sell a cage full of birds he had caught. Seeing how tormented with hunger and thirst the creatures were, he said:

   ” What thinkest thou, if one stronger than thou or with greater craft, were to catch thee and bind thee, or thy wife or thy children, and cast thee into a prison, in order to sell thee into captivity for his own profit, and to make a living ?  .. Let these, thy little brethren and sisters go forth into freedom, and see that thou do this thing no more, but provide honestly for thy living. “

From these gospel extracts we build a picture of how upset Jesus was at man’s inhumanity to other species. Upon witnessing youths ill-treating a sick cat, he said:

   ” Why doeth the stronger always prey on the weakest?  Tell ye, since Satan cursed the holy creation of God, for no thing is safe in the earth from unholy men, till the son of man cometh in all his glory and free every creature from the curse of dread and of fear. …. “

All those years ago the message of compassion for all that lives was brought through this gospel .  Is its suppression until recently one of the reasons mankind has progressed so little in these matters ?

Nowadays, spirit workers are ever more dedicated to bringing an end to the suffering of all creatures in our world.   Among them are deceased scientists and physicians now against vivisection, whose aim is to “help man understand the role of animals on Earth and also to help the animals.”  They call themselves Timestream.  Details of their mission can be found in  ‘Conversations Beyond the Light’, by Elton Davis, Ed.D., where it is written:

   ” If an animal is treated kindly with love, that animal will be a loving being.  But if an animal is treated cruelly that animal can be a cruel, heartless being with thoughts of revenge and hatred that will inevitably play out in some later life. “

One who himself is no stranger to the cause is Spiritualism’s beloved guide, Silver Birch. Speaking out oft-times against animal experiments, hunting and slaughter, he once said:

   ” It is not part of the plan that needless cruelty, torture and brutality should be inflicted on animals by the humans who believe that they have a superior consciousness, and are much greater beings.”

So, what is the plan, and how do we, as compassionate workers for Spirit in today’s world, fit into it ? Frank Wright’s guide offers some of the answers in the summary of his in-depth talk on animal abuse:

   ” So I now ask you why is there so much cruelty to the animal of your world ?  The answer being because you allow it to happen.  It can only occur and thrive because you do not care sufficiently and are indifferent to the suffering entailed and do insufficient or nothing to bring it to an end. 

   The problem is humankind made and must be resolved by humans.  Search your conscience and ask yourself in which way you participate in the condoning of any of the cruel practices of which I have spoken….  either by your actions or inaction.

   It is not sufficient to pray to the Great Spirit to bring it to an end if you are doing nothing yourself.  This is trying to absolve yourself of responsibility.  Spirit can only work through those accepting their responsibility and working to bring these evil practices to an end.

   Stop looking to others to do that which is your responsibility.  You may work as an individual or assist those who work collectively through varying groups and organisations.  So many things that are wrong in your world only exist because so many basically good people turn a blind eye to the problems and do nothing. That which you call the spiritualist movement should be in the forefront of the protest and actions against this cruelty, but where is their voice and their lead ?  Individual spiritualists with their knowledge that the Great Spirit is in all creation and is therefore interconnected and interdependent, should do everything within their means and capabilities.  Resolve to join the ranks of those who serve the great spirit in this way.”



  Elissa Rattigan.

 Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

The Farming and Slaughter of Animals

What the Guides Say…

on the subject of


The Farming and Slaughter of Animals



     “ All life belongs to the Great White Spirit, and no-one must take it, in whatever form it is.

   When the children of the Earth have begun to evolve into higher beings, all their gross desires will fall away.  When you can create the fox, or the chicken, then you can take its life away.  If it is true that you can kill the chicken and the fox, then it is right for man to kill his brother.

   Life does not belong to man.  It belongs to the Great White Spirit.  Whenever anyone takes it away, he must answer for it some day.

   One day you will understand the law of the father, which is that all things in the universe – animal, bird, fish or flower – are all parts of the Great White Spirit’s plan.  They are all there as parts of the creation of the Great Spirit.

   It was never part of the plan that man should consume his brother or sister in whatever form life manifested itself.  I do not have to tell you that animals who are slaughtered do not willingly accede, especially as some have sensitiveness and awareness.  This abnormal death, like all sudden shocks, involves a process of adjustment.”

     The above was taken from the words of Silver Birch, the famous spirit guide of Maurice Barbanell, during one of the many trance sessions at the home circle of Hannen Swaffer.

In latter years, other beings from the world of Spirit have emerged, with urgency, to bring awareness of the laws of oneness and compassion.  One with this wisdom comes through the mediumship of Bill Cox and is named Brother Joseph.  Through Bill, this gentle messenger has written several books.  In “ From Earth to Eternity.” he sets out, in plain language, how he felt about the double standards of certain platform mediums , when he said :

     “ It is surely hypocritical to pray for the suffering of animals to cease when you are contributing yourself to their suffering. ..”

After pointing out that those bred for the dairy industry are also eventually killed, along with those farmed for meat, he concluded,

  “You just cannot pass over the suffering by saying ‘We look to a time when man will understand.’ Those who pray for animals should themselves be showing the way and setting an example.”

   One who showed such example was Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, there is evidence to show that he was a vegan of the Essene sect.  This comes from ancient manuscripts written in Jesus’s own tongue of Aramaic. In extracts from The Essene Gospels, his words on the subject of  the correct diet for man are :

   “  Behold this melon, the fruit of the earth.  See thou with thine own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and see thou the seeds within, count ye them, for one melon maketh a hundred fold and even more.  If thou sow this seed, ye do eat from the True God, for no blood was spilled, nay, no pain nor outcry did thou hear with thy ears or see with thine eyes. Go ye thine way and plant the seeds of the good fruit of life and leave ye off from hurting the innocent creatures of God.”

    In an age where the vegetarian diet has proved to bring less risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer, we welcome Brother Joseph’s expanded teaching on this matter:

     Now it is not necessary for man to eat animals, but it is necessary for him to eat cereals and vegetables.  Fruit is another necessary part of his diet, and much more of this could be grown in place of fodder for cows.  It is gradually becoming known of the ill-health that results from drinking milk which is designed for calves…”

   Here it is worth noting that, in rural China, where the intake of dairy produce is almost nil, incidences of breast cancer are virtually unknown.

   Out of concern, the spirit went on to warn,

“ …  Do not be under any illusion ; the Daily Pinta is not so good for you as you have been led to believe.”

How sad it is for us to confess that our brotherhood of man has destroyed rain forests, indigenous peoples and the ecology in order to provide grazing land for the meat industry.  What makes this more of a tragedy is the fact that, if the land were used to grow crops, around eight vegans to every meat-eater could be fed from it, thereby benefiting the starving nations of the world.

Because the methane gas, given off by billions of intensely- bred cattle into the atmosphere, plays no small part in the destruction of the ozone layer, it follows that the demand for meat is a major contributory factor in global warming.

Rhamadan, guide of the late Ursula Roberts, touched on the threats we humans pose to our planet and everything on it when he was asked how slaughter was regarded on the other side.  The answer was not coated in  pseudo ‘non-judgement’ which is responsible  for the apathetic attitude of many spiritualists towards giving up eating animals. It is obvious that life, death and suffering cannot be shoved away in the ‘Matters of Opinion’ file when he says :

“ In the spiritual realm, it is regarded as a great wrong because man, by his interference with the natural laws of the animal creation, upsets the balance of nature. He breeds animals to his own desire, often in a spirit of greed, and with total disregard for the fear and feelings of the animals.”

The vibrational fall-out of these emotions must have a negative psychic impact on society.   Spirit guidance warned medium, Norah Bruce that,

 “Such vibrations are seized upon by the forces of darkness and are used to increase the turmoil of mind.”

To get an idea of the build-up to the releasing of this energy we must turn to the words of an anonymous helper from the Spirit realms.  They highlight the conditions in which animals reared for food live and die and are given through the mediumship of Frank Wright :

 “  Pitiful are these poor creatures.  Deprived of natural light and habitat and often unable to turn or lie down, they are in conditions of such squalour, that  it  degrades all humanity.  Diseases abound and some transferring to man.  Transported and killed in cruel ways with the end product being full of harmful chemicals, un-natural foods and toxins are created from the fear and terror they have experienced in their short, miserable lives. All those condoning this cruelty by purchasing and eating the products, share the guilt for the suffering of these creatures.”

In setting foot on the compassionate pathway, guilt is exchanged for a sense of purpose and a raising of consciousness. In the hope that humankind will be inspired to make the changes needed to benefit all life-forms, we end this compilation with words of upliftment  from Brother Joseph :

   “ Man has much to learn.  When he comes to realise that there is a great spiritual force between the boundaries of  earthly and spiritual existence, he will listen to the wisdom which will pour out  from that force, and there will be hope for the earth and mankind.”

Elissa Rattigan.

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.


What the Guides Say… 

on  the subject of 



     ” How can that which is cruel be right?  How can that which causes pain, inflicts torture, be right?  It is contrary to all that we teach.  It is wrong to experiment on those who are not capable of resisting. Your world cannot produce remedies for the diseases  which it has created by living contrary to the laws of The Great Spirit. There will be found remedies for all your diseases, but they will not be found by experiments on animals.”

These are the words of the renowned spirit guide, Silver Birch, spoken through his medium, Maurice Barbanell. On the subject of research into specific diseases, he was quoted yet again, this time by world – famous healer, Tom Pilgrim.  He assured us that his own guide, Dr. Robert Kosh, who had himself once experimented on animals and received the Nobel Prize for tuberculosis research, now agreed with the noble Indian when he said,

      “Man will not find a cure as long as he misuses animals in cruel experiments in his research laboratories.  This is not the way.  Never will health be found by the torture of creatures ….  Nature will provide the answer when man has learnt to live by the laws of the Great Spirit.”

In his book, “Autobiography, of a Spiritual Healer”, Tom adds,

      “As I’ve mentioned before, cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to heal, but progress is being made.  Dr. Robert has told me of the great efforts being made in the Spirit world to find ways of dealing with this scourge of mankind.”

However, the spirit teacher, Magnus, put the initial responsibility firmly back where it belonged, when, through an entranced Colin Fry, he advised:

     “If there is cancer upon the earth-plane, one must look at the causes of cancer, not at the cure.”

Holistic practitioners try to do just that, inspecting and treating the person on all levels of being, uncovering the root of the problem instead of merely suppressing the symptoms.

At the forefront of efforts to enlighten us all on these matters is Brother Joseph, a gentle messenger from the spirit side of life.  He facilitated several life after death accounts by ordinary people, through the trance  mediumship of Bill Cox.  In his book, ‘A Glimpse into the World of Spirit’, we meet Trevor, who was also a doctor in his previous existence.

Trevor had been opposed to alternative methods of treatment while on Earth because he could not prove them scientifically .  This mindset remained with him after his passing until he was taken back to the Earth plane to tour centres where such treatments were used :

    “I was taken to a centre where cancer is treated alternatively, to observe their work.  I saw acupuncture in action,  reflexology –  this form of  treatment really intrigued me – and also what is known as spiritual healing.  I followed six different people through their treatments and I was amazed to see how well they responded.”

Having felt he had somewhat failed patients in his past life, Trevor went on to study these practices, as well as orthodox medicine, while in Spirit.  From this, he gained the knowledge to help other medical people as they passed over into a new understanding.   However, one need not have passed to the world of Spirit before receiving this knowledge. It had been brought to the Earth many centuries before Trevor had lived there, by another well loved master, whose teachings are recorded in an ancient manuscript found in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet.   Here are his words from The Essene Gospel of Christ, Part One :

   ” …And Jesus did heal every ailment and disease among the sick, even teaching people the art of true health reform according to the natural laws of nature.  Yea, for he taught the people healing properties of plants, even every herb and grass of the field, and the power hidden in stones and the cleansing miracle of pure water.  And many were amazed and did believe and were healed.  And because of his great wisdom and understanding Jesus amazed entire households and helped many unto the holy way of life.”

Today, it seems, mankind has fallen a long way from the path of the “holy way” into a deep abyss, where modern medicine has become the new word of God.  The simple miracle cures of nature are taken out of context and made into the quick fix prescription drug for which the patient will pay heavily later.

   “All of this makes Modern Medicine killer number one…” writes Patrick Rattigan, N.D. of The British Anti-vivisection Association.

  “The fundamental reason for the health crises” he continues” is the vivisection which resulted in these lethal drugs and procedures being passed for use in modern medicine.”   He explains that

  “results cannot be extrapolated from one species to another” and warns that  “With vivisection, the human being is always the real experimental model, frequently with lethal results.”

It is awful to see others made more ill by the very treatment which is meant to cure them and all we can do is try to lower a rope into their dark hole of pain, pills, tests and surgery.  It is their choice whether to haul themselves up into natural light or sink further into the abyss, where, every twelve seconds, an animal dies. This welcome death follows a life of being electrocuted , burned, force-fed noxious substances, psychologically disturbed, planted with tumours and cut open, sometimes with no anaesthetic and without adequate pain relief on recovery . Kittens will have had their eyes sewn up for blind research while, in burns study, conscious pigs will have had their skin blow-torched until it can be peeled off like crackling.  Primates have lived with electrodes implanted in their brains and dogs undergone heart transplant surgery.

It is no wonder, then, that an emotional account of how animal experimentation is viewed on the other side was given through medium Frank Wright.  Counting it as the gravest of all the abuses that had been mentioned in his speech, the spirit helper said,

   “The final animal cruelty of which I speak,  is that of experiments on defenceless, innocent creatures in laboratories.

   Those who designate themselves as spiritualists will know that animals have a soul and are therefore sentient beings, feeling pain and experiencing terror just as you do.  The pain, torture and mutilation inflicted on these poor creatures is truly sinful.

   There are always tears shed in the world of spirit when we witness cruelty to any members of the animal kingdom but never as many as are shed when we witness this unbelievable cruelty.

   When mistakenly practised in the name of medicine, it is just as vile as when practised for any other reason.  I tell you that no cure for diseases will come from these evil practices and all those associated with this work, directly or indirectly, will have to atone for their actions.  And, as animals are unlike humans physically, it is the first humans to take new medicines who remain the guinea pigs.

If you were to witness the scenes of torture and mutilation in these places, you would recoil in horror.  The cries of pain, screams of terror and the visions would never leave your memory.”

   It is true that the witnessing of these scenes leaves an indelible mark on the psyche but its impact on our soul  gives birth to a powerful motivation…one that some day will see the closed doors open and the cages emptied of our biggest mistake and our greatest shame.

Elissa Rattigan.  

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

Our Spiritual Duty

What the Guides Say…

on the subject of

Our Spiritual Duty to Animals


” Every creature is responsible for its own destiny.  By this, we mean that creatures who dwell in lower levels than man can determine how fast the mind within them rises towards individuality.”

More and more today, Spirit teaching is such as to suggest  that, having taken on the responsibility of caring for our adopted animals, we have a duty not only to ensure their physical and emotional well-being, but to nurture their spiritual and mental growth also.  If we aid the development of these faculties, we afford them the experience on their pathways in which to learn and grow.

As the above quote from the returned  Sir Oliver Lodge implies, this, in no way suggests our superiority, as the process is a two-way one.  The words of spirit communicator,  W.H. Myers reminds us of this truth, when, In ‘The Road to Immortality’ we read :

“Animals are not lower in creation than we are.  They are merely less complex.” 

We must remember that we are in this experience with them and as we provide other species with new stimuli, we can learn much from them to deepen and widen our understanding of spiritual and universal law. As our animals often put us to shame when displaying the art of self-less love, those who live independently of us in the wild have much to teach us about resourcefulness and survival skills. During a taped trance session, Colin Fry’s guide, Magnus, stated that all creatures have a life-force, with the more highly evolved gaining individual consciousness. He said that others come under a group consciousness and, while in the flesh, follow a structure and system humans would do well to admire. He further explains :

    ” Take, for example, the termite.  In the morphic world, they exist as a colony.  Individually, they are of  very little importance but collectively, they make up a body.  Do you understand ? When the species individual’s morphic existence expires, then that  part of their consciousness, their life-force, moves into a stage of spirit where the species is a collective consciousness.  They do not have individuality because they never have had individuality.  They have always been a component of the species.”

Before we humans begin to feel ‘special ‘ again, we must be reminded that Silver Birch described each of us as a diamond with many facets, when trying to explain the fact that we are made up of several selves.  Beyond this, there is the wisdom that we, as individuals, just like the termites, are all only small parts of one whole, The Great Spirit.  We are each but a tiny cell in a great body, interdependent on each other in the wider scheme of things. Magnus reiterates this truth when he goes on to say that all life is a continuous process, here and through all the stages of spiritual existence.  He explains that, just as ‘lower’ species work for the earth in the morphic world, they are workers for Spirit in the Spirit world.

When asked if worms, spiders or flies, which some  disliked, were to be found  in the Spirit world, Magnus  assured  the questioner that nothing was repulsive to those of higher consciousness. He explained that flies, for instance, had a spiritual function to perform there, just as, on Earth, they were important to the necessary process of decay.

At this point, it is worth noting the views of those, who, although not guides, in the normal sense of the word, came back to share with us their experiences of life in the Spirit world. Through the means of the Leslie Flint direct voice tapes, Douglas Conacher, publisher of religious and philosophical books while on earth, communicated his findings as regards the wisdom of animals in his realm of abode :

” We learn a lot from animals.  They are a part of the scheme of life and should have respect and regard;  one should always have love and affection for them.  And it is not only domesticated animals that exist here by any means, because there are many forms of animal life, which in their own fashion and their own way are quite developed; they have feelings  and emotions and great understanding, even when on Earth.”

To illustrate Douglas’s point, we turn to  Hans  Reuch’s book, ‘SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT’, in which a true tale is told about a miner meeting two rats on his journey home from work:

     ‘The man took a stick and killed one of them and then noticed that its friend was blind and had been led along by a straw in its mouth by the other rat!’

Here, not only intelligent thought had been employed but self-survival had given way to compassion…….. and this from  what is usually referred to as filthy  vermin!

A wise entity and metaphysical teacher named Seth described himself as ‘an energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter.’  A long-winded way to describe a discarnate being, perhaps, but it helps explain the multiplicity of the self, and the unity of all souls in The Great Spirit, regardless of species.

Seth points out:

 “Animals, as any pet owner knows, have their own personalities and  individual ways of perceiving the reality available to them.  Some gobble experience.  Their consciousness may be immeasurably quickened by contact with friendly humans, and emotional involvement  with life is strongly developed.

   The mechanics of consciousness remain the same.  They do not change for animals or men.  Therefore there are no limitations set upon the development of any individual consciousness, or growth of any identity.  Consciousness, both in the body and without finds its own range, its own level.  A dog, then, is not limited to being a dog in other existences.  Consciousness must by its nature change, and so identities must also change – not one blotting out the other but building upon it while each succeeding step is maintained and not discarded, you see. “

With this and much more evidence to suggest that other species have a mind and spirituality of their own, we should offer them  stimuli along with our love, for, behind the language barrier, we have all the same need for support on our pathways.  It should be that we move each other on to new experience and understanding, preparing the ground for the birth of a new facet of our identity. Although other creatures are not dependent upon a relationship with us for their individual survival in the Spirit world, they benefit from it, should it be supportive and communicative.

As usual the words of the highly regarded guide, Silver Birch, touch the understanding like no other :

 “If man were aware of his responsibilities to all creation, as higher beings are aware of their responsibility  to man, the animal evolution would be accelerated and become more individuated.  …

    All life is one.  You cannot divide life into water-tight, rigid compartments.  All aspects of life, man and animals, must move forward together.  The animals cannot be left behind while man makes his evolutionary ascent.”

And for those who wouldn’t dream of leaving their animals behind but need reassurance that the ascent will not be made without them, we end with words of Magnus :

     “Animals and creatures have their own vibration.  Much certain of your domestic pets is that they have their vibration elevated and strengthened by being in the company of humankind in the morphic world. ………..  And, therefore, when you move into the stage of spirit, yes, the pets and domesticated animals that you have shared the bond of love with will indeed be waiting there for you.”

 Elissa Rattigan.

 Animal Rights inSpiritualism.

What Jesus Said

Extracts from The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ. 


on the subject of 



   “And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his own tomb.  For I tell you truly, he who kills, kills himself, and whoso eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats of the body of death….he who kills a beast without a cause, though the beast attack him not, through lust for slaughter, or for its flesh, or for its hide, or yet for its tusks, evil is the deed which he does, for he his turned into a wild beast himself.”


Recorded above are the words of a truly vegan Jesus, but none that are commonly accepted by Christian authority as being attributed to him, or that may be found in today’s ‘good book’.  The simple reason for this is that they are taken from among the few documents that were hidden away from the prying eyes and treacherous hands of yesterday’s ‘correctors’.  These were certain scholars, appointed by the religious authorities of Councils such as Nicea, in the year AD 325,  to alter scripture in accordance with orthodox interest. For ‘orthodox’, one would be tempted to substitute ‘vested’, in relation to livestock farmers and rotund priests with a taste for flesh, as Jesus’s teaching concerning the treatment of animals was unashamedly scrapped.

This original manuscript dates from the third century A.D. and was found in the Vatican library in 1930 but another, now known as the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, was also lost to us for centuries. Although, it is thought many such records were mercilessly  destroyed, this one, written  in ‘the master’s’ native tongue of Aramaic, was found, preserved,  in a  Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

All those years ago the message of compassion for all that lives was brought through this gospel.  Is its suppression until recently one of the reasons mankind has progressed so little in these matters?

Today, many animals are abused in a way they never were before, torn from their families and familiar surroundings, bound for a life of cruelty, loneliness and terror.  Sometimes for their body parts, wild animals are exploited in a way which sees mothers brutally killed.  Their orphaned young are then sold and transported to a miserable existence in captivity.

One such destination for these unfortunate creatures is the circus. Big business of this sort is kept afloat by public demand. If, instead of going to see animals perform amid the ‘glitz’ and ‘glam’ of the circus ring, children were shown the true conditions in which they live and are trained, there would be a huge drop in ticket sales.  This form of entertainment has been banned for the most part in the U.K. but can still be found in other places of the world.

What would the Essene Christ have to say and what would he do, were he to appear at such an event?  How would he react upon visiting a zoo or even the home of a caged pet rabbit? To speculate on this conjures scenes reminiscent of when he entered the money-lenders temple and, from  the following  extracts, we build a picture of just how upset Jesus was at man’s inhumanity to other species :

   And as Jesus was going to Jericho there met him a man with a cage full of birds, which he had caught, and some young doves.  And he saw how they were in misery having lost their liberty, and moreover being tormented with hunger and thirst. And he said unto the man, “What doest thou with these?” And the man answered, “I go to make my living by selling these birds which I have taken”

   And Jesus said, “What thinkest thou, if another, stronger than thou or with greater craft, were to catch thee and bind thee, or thy wife or thy children, and cast thee into a prison, in order to sell thee into captivity for his own profit, and to make a living? Are not these thy fellow creatures, only weaker than thou? And doth not the same God, our Father-Mother, care for them as for thee? Let these thy little brethren and sisters go forth into freedom, and see that thou do this thing no more, but provide honestly for thy living.”

    And the man marvelled at these words and at his authority, and he let the birds go free. So when the birds came forth they flew unto Jesus and stood on his shoulder and sang unto him. And the man inquired further of his doctrine, and he went his way, and learnt the craft of making baskets, and by this craft he earned his bread, and afterwards he broke his cages and his traps, and became a disciple of Jesus.

    And Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem, and there came a camel heavy laden with wood, and the camel could not drag it up the hill wither he went for the weight thereof and the driver beat him and cruelly ill-treated him, but he could make him go no further. And Jesus seeing this, said unto him,

   “Wherefore beatest thou thy brother?” And the man answered, “I wot not, that he is my brother, is he not a beast of burden and made to serve me?”

    And Jesus said, “Hath not the same God made, of the same substance, the camel and thy children who serve thee and have ye not one breath of life which ye have received from God?” And the man marvelled much at this saying, and he ceased from beating the camel, and took off some of the burden and the camel walked up the hill as Jesus went before him, and it stopped no more till he ended his journey. And the camel knew Jesus, having felt of the love of God in him. And the man inquired further of the doctrine, and Jesus taught him gladly and the man became his disciple.

   And one day as Jesus travelled through a small village with some of his disciples; he noticed a crowd of no-gooders, those of a certain kind who search for evil things to do. And they were torturing a sickly cat, which they had decided to shamefully treat, for they could find nothing better to use idle time, they being lazy and unworthy young men. And Jesus seeing this mean cruelty, commanded them to leave off from tormenting the poor beast and he began to reason with them, so as to make them realise their evil, but they listened not for the holy law was not found in them but only hardness of heart; and they reviled Jesus for his interference with their pastime.

    At this Jesus said unto them:  “This good earth which my father-mother made for joy and gladness, ye have made into the lowest regions of Hell with thy evil deeds of violence and cruelty.  Why doeth the stronger always prey on the weakest?  Tell ye, since Satan cursed the holy creations of God, no thing is safe in the earth from unholy men, till the Son of Man cometh in all his glory and free every creature from the curse of dread and fear.”

    And at hearing these words the young men fled from before his face, but one did return and defied Jesus further, and spake harsh words, yea, even threatening Jesus with harm.  Hence, not responding to the sound counsel of Jesus, Jesus put forth his hand, and the young man’s arm withered.

  And the next day, the mother of the young man came unto Jesus and prayed that he would restore her son’s withered arm.  And Jesus, discerning that the woman was of good heart, and the young man without maturity, spake unto them of the law of love and the unity of all life in the One Household of God.  And they both listened unto Jesus’s words with sincere hearts…and Jesus again stretched forth his hand, and healed the withered arm of the young man.

In the U.K. today, the barbaric practice of hunting with dogs has been banned by law but this is no thanks to the Christian Church, who, in some cases, allowed this satanic-like ritual to take place on their land. How different things may have been had the following words remained intact within the regular bible:

    And as Jesus was going with some of his disciples he met with a certain man who trained dogs to hunt other creatures.

   And he said to the man, “Why doest thou thus?” and the man said, “By this I live and what profit is there to any in these creatures? These creatures are weak, but the dogs they are strong”. And Jesus said, “Thou lackest wisdom and love. Lo, every creature which God hath made hath its end, and purpose, and who can say what good is there in it, or what profit to thyself, or mankind?  And, for thy living, behold the fields yielding their increase, and the fruit bearing trees and the herbs; what needest thou more than these which honest work of thy hands will not give to thee? Woe to the strong who misuse their strength. Woe to the crafty who hurt the creatures of God. Woe to the hunters for they shall be hunted”. And the man marvelled, and left off training the dogs to hunt, and taught them to save life rather than destroy it. And he learned of the doctrines of Jesus and became his disciple.

   And as Jesus entered into a certain village he saw a young cat which had none to care for her, and she was hungry and cried unto him, and he took her up, and put her inside his garment, and she lay in his bosom. And when he came into the village he set food and drink before the cat, and she ate and drank, and showed thanks unto him. And he gave her unto one of his disciples, who was a widow, whose name was Lorenza, and she took care of her.

   And some of the people said, “This man careth for all creatures, are they his brothers and sisters that he should love them?” And he said unto them, “Verily these are your fellow creatures of the great Household of God, yea, they are your brethren and sisters, having the same breath of life in the Eternal. And whosoever careth for one of the least of these, and giveth it to eat and drink in its need, the same doeth it unto me, and whoso willingly suffereth one of these to be in want, and defendeth it not when evilly entreated, suffereth the evil as done unto me, for as ye have done in this life, so shall it be done unto you in the life to come”.

How difficult it appears to be for many to grasp these simple truths of brotherhood with all life and how sad it is for us to confess that our brotherhood of man has destroyed rain forests, indigenous peoples and the ecology in order to provide grazing land for the meat industry.  What makes this more of a tragedy is the fact that, if the land were used to grow crops, around eight vegans to every meat-eater could be fed from it thereby benefiting the starving nations of the world. Moreover, because the methane gas, given off by billions of intensely-bred cattle into the atmosphere, plays no small part in the destruction of the ozone layer, it follows that the demand for meat is a major contributory factor in global warming.

Believing that, in the beginning, this world was made perfect, fashioned by the creative force of what most of us call God, we must realise that every living creature plays its part in the maintenance of this beautiful manifestation we know as our planet.

No, this does not mean an adherence to the laws of the jungle but that we are each but a tiny cell in a great body, interdependent  on each other in the wider scheme of things – all parts of one whole in the Holy Spirit.

We destroy flies believing they are a threat to our health but it is known they are an important part of the decaying process for the Earth and without them to complete their work we bring more destruction on ourselves in the long run. It is not only the creatures of land and air we exterminate at our peril.  The following words were reported in the Summer 2005 Viva magazine as part of an article on the cruelties of  fishing :

‘ The greatest threat of all may turn out to be our interference with a delicate eco-system that provides most of the worlds’ oxygen from phytoplankton.  Destroy that and we destroy ourselves.  Yet Government still encourages the devastation of our oceans by promoting fish…. as a health food .  It is anything but.’

Over two thousand years ago Jesus tried to explain how the simple laws of the universe  worked out in the divine plan for all its creatures. How eerie the echo of his words in today’s factory-farmed world of killer virus, polluted atmosphere and  unnatural climate change :

    And on another day, the question of eating dead things was again presented, and some of Jesus’ newer disciples gathered around him and asked: “Master, ye do indeed know all things, and thy wisdom of the Holy Law excels all others, tell us, therefore, is the eating of sea creatures lawful as some say?”

   And Jesus looked upon them with sad eyes, for he knew they were yet unlearned men and their hearts were yet hardened by false doctrines of devils and he said unto them:

    “See ye the fishes of the sea, as we stand beside the seashore and look upon the waters of many lives. Yea, the water is their world, even as the dry land belongeth to man I ask ye, do the fishes come unto thee and ask of thee for thy dry land or of its foods? Nay, nor is it lawful for thee to go into the sea and ask for things which belong not unto thee for the earth is divided into three kingdoms of souls – one of the land, one of the air, and one of the sea, each according to its kind. And deposition for the Eternal Being hath given unto them each the Spirit of life and the Holy Breath, and what He giveth freely unto His creatures, neither men nor angels have authority to take back or claim as their own.  For behold the fisherman, how he takes not what is his own, a thief he is, he stealeth the treasures of the deep and disrupts the holy life of the blessed, for hath not God blessed the sea creatures in the age they were created, and said unto them all: ‘Yea, it is good and holy, let them have life and bring forth after their kind and let them rejoice in their watery home and sing unto me songs of praise and of much joy and peace.’ ……..

    “And most truly I tell ye, Satan, like the fisherman, casts his hooks into ye, for the evil one lies in wait, wishing to seize thee, that he might swallow thee up and rejoice at the catch. For Satan, likened to a fisherman, places many foods before thy eyes, wishing to make thee desirous of them, even if only to taste a little, so that he may seize thee, and bring thee out of light into darkness.

   Wherefore, I say unto thee, do not be touching the food of Satan, for the wicked one lies in wait for the unwise and the unlearned with many hooks and traps and every kind of net, for if ye be tempted with a single unlawful  food, it is necessary for ye to desire all others, and finally, then, such unlawful things become the food of death and Satan is victorious.

   Wherefore, be ye not deceivers as fishermen, men of trickery, nor be eating the catch thereof, for many are they who Satan ensnares with the taste of unlawful things and maketh them partners in death.” …

In an age where the vegan diet has proved to bring less risk of heart disease, colitis, eczema, asthma and some forms of cancer, it is worth coming to grips with what Jesus has to say on matters of health reform, for when man sets foot on the compassionate pathway, he finds that what is morally right is also dietetically correct and that all things find balance on the scales of love:

      “ And if you cease not offering and eating of flesh and blood, the wrath of God shall not cease from you, even as it came to your fathers in the wilderness, who lusteth for flesh, and they ate to their content, and were filled with rottenness, and the plague consumed them.”

    … And on hearing these things, a certain Sadducee who believed in the holy things of God asked Jesus, “Tell me, please, why sayest thou, do not eat the flesh of animals? Were not the beasts given unto man as food, even as the fruits and herbs ye spake of ?” And Jesus answered him and said, “Behold this melon, the fruit of the earth.” And Jesus broke open a water melon and said unto the Sadducee, “See thou with thine own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and see thou the seeds within, count ye them, for one melon maketh a hundred fold and even more. If thou sow this seed, ye do eat from the True God, for no blood was spilled. Nay, no pain nor outcry did ye hear with thy ears or see with thine eyes. The true food of man is from the Mother of the earth for She brings forth perfect gifts unto the humble of the land. But ye seek what Satan giveth, the anguish, the death and the blood of living souls taken by the sword. Know ye not, those who live by the sword, die by the same death? Go ye thine way, and plant the seeds of the good fruit of life, and leave ye off from hurting the innocent creatures of God. For I tell ye, man needeth male and female beasts for the food he so lusteth after, but every plant and tree, God so giveth, beareth its own free seed for food. Depend ye not on the things unnecessary to your soul. Plant ye the good seeds of the melon, wherein ye saveth from season to season and waiteth for the soil like sleeping man awaiteth the sunrise; for the seed was made for the morrow’s meal, but the animals for the joy and pleasure of God and man. 

   … And Jesus did heal every ailment and disease among the sick, even teaching the people the art of true health reform according to the natural laws of nature. Yea, for he taught the people healing properties of plants; even every herb and grass of the field and the power hidden in stones, and the cleansing miracle of pure water. And many were amazed and did believe and were healed.

   And because of his great wisdom and understanding Jesus amazed entire households and helped many unto the holy way of life. And Jesus did teach the clean diet of man and beast, and taught even the Holy Law on health that all may know and learn true salvation. And he named every fruit that God had given unto man as food and every vegetable that God had given unto the beasts and birds of the earth. Yea, even of the fishes did Jesus spake of and told every household with ears sacred truths of the holy way. And many were the listeners who obeyed his words from that time on.

Today, it seems, mankind has fallen long from the path of the ‘holy way’ into a deep abyss, where modern medicine has become the new word of God.  The simple miracle cures of nature are taken out of context, synthesised and made into the quick-fix prescription drug for which the patient will pay heavily later.

“ All this makes Modern Medicine killer number one…” writes Patrick Rattigan N.D. of the British Anti-vivisection Association.

“ The fundamental reason for the health crisis” he continues “is the vivisection which resulted in these lethal drugs and procedures being passed for use in modern medicine.”  He explains that “results cannot be extrapolated from one species to another” and warns that “ With vivisection, the human being is always the real experimental model, frequently with lethal results.”

It is awful to see others made more ill by the very treatment which is meant to cure them and all we can do is try to lower a rope into their dark hole of pain, pills, tests and surgery.  It is their choice whether to haul themselves up into natural light or sink further into the abyss, where, in UK laboratories alone, every twelve seconds an animal dies. This welcome death follows a life of being  electrocuted, burned, force-fed noxious substances, psychologically disturbed, implanted with tumours and cut open, sometimes with no anaesthetic and without adequate pain relief on recovery. Kittens will have had their eyes sewn up for blind research while, in burns study, conscious pigs will have had their skin blow-torched until it can be peeled off like crackling.  Primates have lived with electrodes in their brains and dogs undergone heart transplant surgery.

It is true that witnessing these scenes, captured on film, leaves an indelible mark on the psyche but its impact on  our soul  gives birth to a powerful motivation…one that some day will see the closed doors open and the cages emptied of our biggest mistake and our greatest shame. To follow in the way of the true Jesus may mean a huge shift of mindset and the courage of our own convictions, not those fed to us by a source  which, in part, has been altered by man-made dogma.  Being able to accept the bible accounts which have a definite ring of truth while rejecting the ones that don’t, doesn’t mean we will lose our souls to the devil in the process.  I am sure the only requirement needed to partake in his evil is that we do nothing about the laboratories and factory farms from Hell.

   Don’t turn away from any of the issues raised in this document. In them bleeds the sacred heart of the Humane Christ. 




Elissa Rattigan



Newsletter 2012

Animal Rights in Spiritualism – Newsletter 2012.

Dedicated to Clive Morris, Jamie Bunce, Enemy Phillips and Robert Yorke who played special parts in raising awareness of the abuse and also the spirituality of those dear creatures we share our world with.

Hello Everybody and Season’s Greetings,

Most will now have heard that the the badger cull, wrongly thought necessary to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis, will now not go ahead, at least until next year. However, we must be ready to fight any recommence and a good site to check for such news is It is also useful to know that The Observer newspaper published a letter, signed by prominent scientists, claiming that the disease would be increased were the cull to go ahead.

On a dark but more humorous note, Albert Gould, our Oxford contact, who lives near the first area to have been granted a licence to cull badgers, informed me that activists had been warned that, should they try to sabotage the event, one of the legal charges that could be brought against them was one of “disturbing the badgers” ??!!!

Round the Areas.

Let us begin by sending our heartfelt thoughts to Melody and Kate Morris in Essex , on the passing of Clive, on December 10th, last year. A dedicated and inspiring supporter of A.R.I.S., Clive best described himself as Astrologer Extraordinaire, with his thought- provoking charts relating to planetary rule of individual animal and vegetable species. A lways a willing helper , we will sadly miss him but I’m certain he’ll be working for animals in the Spirit World.

Our lightworking circle here in Chesterfield, seems to be developing toward animal/ human spirit rescue while Patrick’s talks/films on the effects of the vegan diet in the treatment of disease have directly helped some who attended the events and benefited Hillside Animal Sanctuary and the Sea Shepherd through donations we collected there and on the leafleting stalls.

During the summer, Therese McElwee in Surrey led a group to pray for abused animals while Lorraine Drake in Devon, has been busy with campaign work for the ‘Uncaged’ anti-vivisection group.

Simone Phillips, who has been an essential help over the years with the technical side of the website has recently informed me that her cat, Enemy, has passed over. Simone, a true Spiritualist, is coping well with this in the knowledge that Enemy is now free of pain and in a place of love , light and happy cat ‘hours’. When we truly trust in survival of the spirit, it is easier to bear such passings by opening our hearts to those desperate to greet us instead of mourning, for too long, the loss of their outer shell.

This year seems to have flown. It appears to have manifested itself as a year of karmic payment, with issues to do with the ‘Hillsborough Disaster’ and the late Jimmy Saville’s alleged abuse of children now being seen in a new light by the authorities.

It is interesting to note that most who commit violence towards human children and adults, also have a history of cruelty to animals, starting in their childhood. Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler, who killed thirteen women, used to trap animals in boxes then shoot arrows through them. It is also said that those who use violence towards animals are five times more likely to have been arrested for crimes against humans.

So, we must ask ourselves, “What does this say about those who have been caught on undercover film, systematically tormenting and beating animals in slaughterhouses, farms, circuses and laboratories?” The link between the two should surely be checked by those official bodies dealing with crime rates .

For more information on this subject go to the Google link “The Link: Cruelty to Animals and Violence towards People.”

Speaking of cruelty to animals and that of vivisection in particular, do those of you who have supported A.R.I.S. from its beginning remember the article about .Jamie the Beagle who escaped further suffering in a laboratory when , upon its closure, he was lucky enough to be sent to a sanctuary ? Although still in the body, this traumatised dog communicated with his new ‘mum’, A.R.I.S. Member, Ruby Bunce, through an international medium. After giving heart-rending information regarding his time as an experiment, his accurate descriptions of his new home environment and comforts, so lovingly given by Ruby, were powerful evidence of animal love, intelligence, integrity and communication.

Sadly, Jamie passed over in July. I’m sure, as a figurehead of our group, you would all want to join with me in sending loving thoughts not only to Jamie in Spirit but to Ruby who cared for him over the years . Both Ruby and her sister, Rita are now in their eighties and having helped look after ten cats, Rita is still able to stay outside late into the evening , feeding all the needy wild and stray creatures.

Let us honour Jamie’s survival and progression in spirit by dedicating Part One of the following article by another devoted supporter and animal communicator, to his memory:


by Maggie Keynes

People have brought animals into their surroundings for millennia; firstly hunting them for meat and clothing, then “domesticating” them as livestock, working animals and companions. We are surrounded by wild animals and birds, and some of them are fortunate enough to be given suitable food by those who accept that so much of animals’ habitats have been destroyed and wish to redress the balance a little. The animals and birds recognise this, often appearing just before feeding time, and sometimes becoming quite familiar, as much as their wild heritage will allow. Having studied animal communication for some years, I know that each animal is an individual spirit, and just like us, they survive physical death. Animals who have gone to Spirit before us, and whom we have loved in life will be there to meet us when we pass over, along with our dear friends and relatives. Animals who have never been close to us will join their own kindred spirits, but each as an individual. I do not subscribe to the idea of “group souls”, meaning that insects for instance, have only one spirit between them (!) Everyone living in this amazing world is a spirit having a physical existence, and when the body is no longer able to survive, that spirit lives for ever; as mediums we can communicate with them, and each spirit can communicate with another if they so wish. Remember “free will” also applies in the Spirit world.

No doubt we all know someone who talks to their animals. Do animals understand our language? Of course they do, how else would they respond? They understand many of our words through repetition, followed by kind action, the important ones being “food”, “walk” and “I love you”; not to mention the word “Vet”! How many animals (especially cats) with a veterinary appointment suddenly happen to go missing just before they are due to be taken, only to reappear when the relevant time has passed? Many vets understand this, and often hold “first come, first serve” appointments.

Animals communicate with us, too (hence the missed vet appointments!). They are watching us all the time to see what we are going to do next, and I believe they also pick up our thoughts very easily, even when they are dozing. The renowned author, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, has written a book entitled: “Dogs who know when their owners are coming home (and other unexplained powers of animals)”, ISBN 978-0-09-925587-1. This book gives an amazing insight on how dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animals are so tuned-in to energy-waves of the natural world they “pick up” telepathically not only our thoughts, but the thoughts of other people, other animals, and imminent events: for instance, earthquakes and other dangers, especially air-strikes during the war years. Many of you will have seen that wonderful cartoon drawing – author unknown – where a person is sending the thought to his dog, who is just a couple of metres away: “Come here”, and similarly, the dog is replying: “No”!

Many people believe that thoughts create a vibration in the web of the Universal energies which surround us, and these vibrations can be accessed, especially if we (and animals) are in that frame of mind, often called Alpha, which can be translated as “relaxed concentration”. For instance, an animal in trouble will send out signals of distress, and there are many instances of an injured, mistreated or lost animal being discovered because “I just felt drawn to that area”. As Spiritualists of course, we are also aware that the Spirit world will intervene in a positive way, if asked.

I remember once being ready to move house and my Siamese cat had somehow escaped outside, no doubt because he knew he was about to be transported to another home and wanting to investigate his rather large countryside-territory one last time, he was certainly not within calling distance. Having searched for what seemed ages, I sent up a desperate plea to the Universe, to Spirit and to him, visualising him returning quickly, and by the safest route possible. He did, within ten minutes! Now, I know my thoughts were received, as I had been told a long time before by one of the local farmers that my cat often visited his property well over half a mile away, much too far away for my voice to be heard.

Another time, another of my cats was very ill with a stomach tumour, and I had taken him to the vet, who subsequently rang me to offer the advice that my cat should be euthanased whilst he was under anaesthetic. Sadly I agreed, as no amount of healing or veterinary treatment would have saved him. About two weeks later, I was sitting quietly with his feline friend, and was suddenly aware of a sensation of immeasurable sadness, an emotion without words or tears invading my senses, so powerful, that I turned to look at my cat, who was staring at me. I realised this emotion was coming from him; he was mourning the absence of his dearest friend, and this bereft little cat was communicating the desolation of his loss to me, asking me in all his sorrow not only to help him cope, but to understand his grief.

So you see, by communicating with our animals, we can help them not only to be safe, but to be able to assist each other in times of distress, and allow them to understand that we as humans are “on their side” as it were. Of course, we should not burden them too much with all our own emotional baggage; that would just be so unfair to them, but to know we can ask them to empathise with our ups and downs, just as we do theirs, is a wonderful way of interacting with them, for believe me – they know us well.


Part Two of Maggie’s article teaches us how to communicate with our animals and will be printed in next year’s issue. Please note – part 1 as well as 2 may not be published by any other media. Please  Contact Maggie through A.R.I.S.


It would appear that animals are not the only living beings we may learn to communicate with but plants also have a lot to say to us, under their breath, so to speak.

This captivating subject was aired in Tony Ortzen’s editorial in the issue of Two Worlds Magazine. Here is an excerpt from it. I’m sure you will be touched by the sensitivity our leafy friends in their empathy and sympathy for others:


MANY years ago, a fascinating book came out Called “The Secret Life of Plants,” amongst those featured was Cleve Backster, an interrogation specialist with the CIA. One of the book’’s claims is that plants may be sentientdespite their lack of a nervous systemand a brain.

Mr Backster conducted research which led him to believe that plants can communicate with other life forms. After attaching sensors to plants, he discovered that they reacted to harm, such as cutting their leaves, and to harmful thoughts of humans in proximity to them.

He also found that plants were aware of each other, mourned the death of anything –– even bacteria killed when boiling water is poured down a sink –– and strongly disliked people who kill plants carelessly or during scientific research.”

All this recently came to mind when a “Sunday Times” article reported that scientists have discovered plants can respond to sound and even generate their own clicking noises.

Researchers at Bristol University who carried out experiments with corn,” wrote Hannah Summers, “detected “clicking coming from the roots. They used a loudspeaker to play a continuous noise at a similar frequency to the clicks and found that the plants grew towards it. The clicking sounds are inaudible to humans and detectable only with lasers.”

Biology professor Daniel Robert said, “These very noisy little clicks have the potential to constitute a channel of communication between the roots.””

At the end of his article, Tony finished with:

Fascinating stuff. But as a virtual vegan, I’’m now a little concerned that a tomato, cucumber, potato, pepper or peach might screech as I bite into them……”

It didn’t stop him putting together the following gastronomically delightful article for our newsletter, though:

Tony’s Trattoria by Tony Ortzen.

A COUPLE of months ago, I celebrated working for the Spiritualist movement full-time for forty years. One of the greatest aspects about Spiritualism is that as well as offering demonstrable evidence of human survival after death, this same vital principle applies to animals, too. Spirit cannot be destroyed and is the very essence of life and so-called death.

Sadly, very few Spiritualists are vegan or vegetarian. Strange, is it not, how so many of our colleagues will weep buckets when a much-loved pet passes on, then settle down for a ham sandwich or beef casserole? A vegan diet does not automatically make one more spiritual, but it does engender great warmth, love, compassion and concern for all forms of life.

To that end, here’s some great news. Tesco has recently expanded its range of Free From products, which now includes various vegan goodies. At my local store, for instance, one can now find Tesco vegan hard Cheddar cheese, spreadable Cheddar cheese and vegan cream cheese (one with garlic, the other with chilli). And that’s not all. The chain is also promoting its own brand of vegan crème caramel (four to a pack), individual vegan jellies (with some fresh raspberries in the middle) and some new flavour soya yogurts.

Also look out for soya milks containing almonds, hazelnuts and rice. On top of that, my nearest Tesco is now stocking a fabulous vegan lemon cheesecake. Found in the freezer section, it’s made by Food Heaven. See Before I forget, a terrific site worth visiting is which offers a broad range of vegan food by post. Sent overnight, chilled items are kept cool by some ice cube-like strips.

Both the farming and dairy industries are incredibly cruel and callous. Type Day old chicks minced alive into Google and you’ll find some truly terrible stories of the brutality inflicted on totally innocent sentient creatures. As we know, calves are torn from their mothers so humans can drink the milk which is rightfully theirs. Similarly, type Calves killed into Google for an array of shameful and sickening statistics.

With Christmas Day fast approaching comes the annual problem of how to decide upon an easy to prepare but delicious vegan lunch. Look no further! Here’s a suggestion from a fictional Tony’s Trattoria. It’s easy on the pennies, but great on the palate. All the ingredients are readily available from major supermarkets or health food shops. Aprons on? Hands washed? Let’s get cracking in the kitchen… and go easy on the sherry whilst cooking!

Parboil some peeled, chopped lengthways sweet potatoes. Once drained, place in the oven covered with olive oil, lemon juice and brown sugar. Slice a tin of Nuttolene (available from Holland and Barrett, for instance) down the middle, so the two halves resemble a half moon shape.

Drizzle some olive oil over this peanut-based vegan loaf along with a sprig or two of fresh rosemary and pop in the oven. Nuttolene is already cooked, so only takes about 20-30 minutes to brown on top, and is nice served with some redcurrant sauce. You can also put some already boiled parsnips in the oven to roast gently to a golden glow.

Fresh Brussels sprouts are transformed if, just before serving, you add some chopped chestnuts and vegan margarine, then grate nutmeg over the top. Garlic mushrooms are also easy. Merely wipe clean some button mushrooms and gently fry along with lashings of fresh garlic. To complete the festive feast, how about some red cabbage and apple? Most supermarkets sell this ready prepared. Meanwhile, to add another splash of colour, the previous day you could always cook carrots and swede together, mash with vegan margarine and reheat on Christmas Day with some tongue-tingling freshly milled black pepper on top.

As for stuffing, many supermarkets sell a wide range of vegan varieties, which are easy to jazz up with a few pieces of chopped apricot, diced walnuts, lemon zest and extra herbs, such as thyme.

Now to my secret recipe for vegan gravy. Stir a few teaspoons of cornflour and olive oil over a gentle heat for two to three minutes. Gradually add some made up vegan stock, a little Marmite and soya sauce, stirring all the time. At the last moment, add some of the retained water from the Brussels sprouts and parsnips along with some dried mixed herbs.

To pudding. Many shop-bought Christmas puddings are entirely vegan. Once heated up, light with brandy, then serve with vegan single cream, sherry sauce or vegan Swedish Glace vanilla ice cream.

So there you have it – a wonderful Christmas cruelty-free feast with no death or destruction. Not for us the turkey raised in concentration camp-type conditions or many other forms of animal-kind which have been reared in equally appalling circumstances and then summarily executed. Let’s all have a wonderful Christmas and peaceful New Year along with the hope that an ever-increasing number of people will eschew a meat-based diet and go for compassionate cooking on each and every day of the coming year and far, far beyond…

Tony Ortzen edits “Two Worlds,” Spiritualism’s 76-page independent monthly magazine, which was founded in 1887. Two free copies are available to download at If you would like a sample copy sent by post, please e-mail your name and address to or write to “Two Worlds,” PO Box 55307, London SE16 6WW. An annual UK postal subscription is £22.95. If you decide to take out a subscription, please mention you are an ARIS supporter and “Two Worlds” will give you fifteen months for the price of twelve. (This offer only applies to new subscribers.)

Pat’s Points: Dog Vaccination by Patrick Rattigan. N.D.

I have been breeding for 47 years and showing for 37 years. You could not give me a dog if I knew it had been inoculated.’ Mr G Messenger Fauna Mag. 11 The UK dog cancer plague is far more out of control, per head of population, than even human cancer occurrence. Figures from the Canine Health Census showed that, of those dogs whose owners had reported cancer amongst their animals, 31 percent occurred within three months of vaccination. Of those with a cancerous tumour or other growth at the vaccination site, 67 percent were within three months. Other three month vaccine/disease correlations included: diarrhoea – 68%, allergies – 55%, auto-immune diseases – 55%, colitis – 57%, epilepsy – 65%, loss of appetite – 80%, nervousness – 55%, skin problems – 46%vomiting – 72%, weight-loss – 63%, behavioural problems – 55%, encephalitis – 75%, kidney damage – 40%, lameness – 52%, liver damage – 47%rear-end paralysis – 64%, nasal discharges – 84% …

Honest vets speak out –

“The first thing that we must change with routine vaccinations is the myth that vaccines are not harmful. Veterinarians and animal guardians have come to realise that they are not protecting animals from disease by annual vaccinations but, in fact, are destroying the health and immune systems of these same animals they love and care for.” Charles E Loops DVM Pittsboro NC.

“I believe that poor diet and vaccinations are responsible for most chronic diseases. Acute ‘diseases’ are discharges of toxins and energies from the body… By preventing these discharges, vaccines result in chronic disorders. Injected vaccines by-pass normal defences.. They implant mutated micro-organisms, preservatives, foreign animal proteins .. directly into the system… vaccine labels say they are to be given to healthy animals only. If they were truly healthy they would not need them. Those who are not healthy are the most severely damaged.”

Russell Swift DVM Fort Lauderdale FL

“The idea of annual vaccines is really questionable… .. there is no basis for the practice. There are a lot of chronic conditions that develop some time after.. chronic ear infections, digestive problems, seizures, skin problems and behavioural problems. Stephen R Blake DVM San Diego CA

“The increasing problems with allergic, immunological and chronic debilitating disease seen today have been attributed by some veterinarians and scientists to introduction of modified live viral vaccines about 20 years ago. The MLV vaccines… multiply in the host and shed viral vaccine viral agents into the surroundings.” Jean Dodds DVM Santa Monica CA.

“The most common problems I see are that are directly related to vaccines… are ear and skin conditions.. chronic discharge and itching .. behaviour problems … fearfulness.. aggression … these begin shortly after vaccination and are exacerbated after every vaccine.

I see the overall health and longevity of animals deteriorating. The bodies of most animals have a tremendous capacity to detoxify poisons but they do have a limit .. we overwhelm the immune system with toxins from vaccines poor quality foods, insecticides, environmental toxins.” Pat Bradley DVM Conway AR.

“Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do to our animals. They cause all types of illnesses .. there is no need for annual vaccinations .. they definitely cause chronic diseases. As a homoeopath it is almost impossible to cure an animal without first addressing the problems vaccines have caused.”

Christina Chambreau DVM Sparks MD.

“In an ideal world you probably wouldn’t use vaccines at all : you’d use nutrition and perhaps homoeopathic nosodes. If an animal already has problems ,, these problems are contributed to by vaccines. So I don’t want to give them any more.” Michael Lemmon DVM Renton WA

” .. our society is is in the grip of a health panacea .. fuelled by the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Vaccinations have become the modern day equivalent of leeching .. introducing foreign material via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is extremely upsetting to the body’s defence system. In response …. there have been increased autoimmune disease, epilepsy, neoplasia, .. behavioural problems in small animals …cancer, respiratory disorders and auto immune disorders have escalated alarmingly.” Mike Kohn DVM Madison WI

” .. vaccinations have the ability to block response to a .. remedy … vaccination of the parent is sufficient to confer chronic vaccine disease on the offspring .. Vaccinosis .. results in mental, emotional and physical changes that can .. be a permanent condition .. because .. of repeated vaccination acute diseases such as canine distemper have changed form to appear as a great variety of chronic diseases. Students are told how wonderful vaccines are .. the attitudes .. people now have about vaccinations are the same ones people used to have about bleedings. The prominent doctors, all the important authorities, agreed they were absolutely beneficial We look back with amazement that so many people bought the idea for so long .. we will be doing the same thing some day when we look back at the practice of vaccination.” Richard H Ptitcairn DVM PhD

Animal and human vaccines are “safety-tested” on animals : as experimental results cannot be extrapolated from one animal to another of the same species, let alone from rat to dog or monkey to man, the tests are totally irrelevant. The vaccines contain a wide range of toxins : animal-derived proteins and viruses, mercury, gelatine, formaldehyde, aluminium, carbolic acid, antibiotics, squalene .. this is injected directly beneath the skin, by-passing most of the immune system. Because of the ingredients and the method of administration, nothing is in the same class as a destroyer of animal and human health, as vaccination.

Living Within a New Era of Understanding.

by The Cosmic Brotherhood,

through the mediumship of

Richard Marshall.

As we have said before, great change is about to befall the Earth and it is imperative for humans to change old ideas, as well as habits.. The brotherhood of not only humans but of all living things is a pre-requisite that shall bring forth a new spiritual dimension for all concerned. The time is fast approaching whereby all who share the Earth shall be joined together as brothers and sisters, each acting as a tiny link attached to a very large chain, anchored within the very depths of the Earth. All it takes to break this connection is for one link to fail at its weakest point then what follows next is chaos as, gradually, in turn, others begin to fail. You see, the strength of this chain is governed by equally strong links within its fabric. However, all its strength shall weaken as events take hold. This is why we must act now to strengthen, not only our bond with each other but also our connection throughout the universe. It would be a false notion, would it not, if we were to somehow believe that life could not possibly exist elsewhere in the universe, other than on Earth. You see, as the vibrationary rate of the Earth heightens to accommodate change, a new era of understanding shall be the order of the day, where wars shall cease as a consequence, where the intolerence of religion and the indifference of man shall no longer exist within this environment. A new dawn of understanding is coming and it is the responsibility of each individual soul to prepare themselves for this event…

Other worlds are watching to see how humans prepare themselves and to what degree they adapt to this new force. You see, those living in these other worlds, whilst declining to help in the current climate of the Earth, due to its lapse into degradation and chaos, shall, none the less, assist humans once this event of major proportions has taken place. It shall not be the first time that this has happened during the life-cycle of the Earth Spirit. You see, in ages past, when other great occurrences have befallen your world, other beings from elsewhere in the solar system have come into contact with humans to lend a helping hand. How do you think that, at certain times in Earth’s history, there were societies that flourished far beyond all others? Many of these societies were more technologically advanced, for their age, than those who dwell upon the Earth today. The reason for their demise, however, lay within themselves. Each time these visitors come, they teach us the true art of knowledge and as a consequence,the experience is extremely beneficial to all concerned. When these highly intelligent beings leave us, once more, to our own devices, over much period of time, the knowledge given to benefit all becomes de-based and corrupted beyond all recognition of its origins. Yet, despite this, they shall return once more, so that we may build a new world, as we let go of the past.

All Life is Sacred.


If I was an animal, a tree, or a child,

I could be free. I could run wild.

The body is different. The soul is the same.

We all feel joy and sadness and pain.

The animal and baby have spiritual eyes

Reflecting God’s beauty, just like a blue sky

But humans do capture, distort and corrupt

The beauty of nature, a babe, or a pup

Torturing, murdering, selling for greed,

Devouring, as they greedily feed

On blood, on flesh, on sinew and brain.

On this fair planet, evil does reign.

‘Veggies’ campaign to stop all killing

But where’s the help? How many are willing

To save a baby, to save a child

And all God’s animals, tame or wild?

Karmic lessons are on their way!

Too late to change? Let’s try, anyway!

Communities form and grow their food.

Will man change his heart and mood?

When all life unites, we will be free,

When thinking of ‘you’ instead of ‘me’

Interplanetary rescues may take place

But only of a Spiritual race…

The tiny few –

Of me? Of you?


A Message Regarding Animal Abusers,

channelled to A.R.I.S.

from the One Earth Mission guides

through the mediumship of

Mandel Rheems.

Let us recognise that with any great saint there also lies a great sinner. Where there is truth, we will also find lies. This is a dual universe. But, if we speak from the truth and the wisdom within, without judgement at all, we will be accepted more fully, than if we alienate ourselves from the evil-doers. If we can surmount their evil, then they will have no power. They will understand, through the power that is released in our words and the love and forgiveness we offer them.

As we speak for those beings that are so unfortunately suffering at the hands of the evil-doers, the only way that we can free them from pain and set them free forever is through forgiveness, mercy and truth. So, let the few words we say be a means to help us come together in that great task ahead of liberating the beloved animals, the plants and minerals and all living beings of nature including the elemental forces, from the bondage and abuse of ignorance and fear.

We all bless you from those who are committed to this Mission, One Earth and if we can aid further in this project, then we are here to offer guidance in humbleness and truth..


Animal and Human Healing List.

Please let us know if you have an addition to the list of names below or if you wish to be remove from it.

Sharon Jones, Sian Winstanley, Sue fox, Carole Neale-Eyre, Lucy Rattigan,Tony Ortzen, & Ruby Bunce and sister, Rita, Leisha & Philip Yates, Philip’s mother, Mike & Oriel Blissett, Peter Spillet, Pat Taylor, , Ayala, Barnaby, Solo, Hetta, Janet Williams, Pamela Williams, Sylvia & Brian Lydyard, Judy, Denise Bottal’s mum, Shirley Mahoney, Socks, , Alison Nichols, Sylvia Murphy, Phyllis White, Shadow, , Phyllis James, Joan Birch & friends, Roger Raynes, Betsy, Poppy, Lucy, Margaret Towler & Kevin, her cat, Vivienne Brocklehurst, Gina Szwelicka, A.J., Sian Winstanley, the Alan Berry family, Bangers, Don & Tracie Gwillim, Annie, Dalcin Stacey, P.R., Pina Marsala, Patricia Thompson, Lucy, Dr. Carling, Albert Gould, , Richard Marshall, Simone & Gerard Phillips, Juliet Gale and cat, Monty, Charlotte Orr, Margaret Slack, Elaine.Hall, Mary & Zoe Ashton, Jennifer Preston, Vivien White, Kate Berridge, Pippin and all in need.

We Are Greyhounds.


By Alistair Hamilton.

We are greyhounds who served our masters well.

We won many a race and made their bank balances swell.

Now many of our kind have left those racing days far behind

With younger dogs taking our place, we have long had our final race.

Our working life is over and times are really hard.

We are feeling down, here, in the knacker’s yard.

So, next time you place a bet, just think of what we do.

We are greyhounds and we die to entertain you!


NB: Every year tens of thousands of greyhounds are injured, abused, neglected, starved and killed.

The average retirement age for a greyhound is 3-4 years old and they can live for 16 years. Every year, 10,000 dogs leave registered racing, but the Retired Greyhound Trust only organises homes for just over 3,000. Some of the remaining 7,000 dogs may find good homes, but others may be drowned, poisoned or shot. “

Animal Aid.

For further information,Contact Animal Aid at The Old Chapel
Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. TN9 1AW Tel: +44 (0)1732 364546 or email +44 (0) 1732 364546

We offer many thanks to Alistair for benefiting A.R.I.S from the sale of the first and second editions of his poetry, the total raised being £190.59.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who help our group, whether it be of practical or moral support .

In the past, Kate Berridge, who blessed our newsletter with her animal communication stories, is one such supporter. Sadly, she lost her partner, Robert Yorke, on the 26th April, this year. To help her recovery through work, Kate, a versatile healer, hopes to run a course on Celtic Healing techniques in Nottingham from February to October of next year.. 

With Christmas coming up, readers may be interested in handmade cards, specially designed for the individual preference. A.R.I.S. Supporter, Nicky Low, will create beautiful specimens . Purchasers can choose the theme, whether it be animals, angels or something more unusual.


At this point, I would ask that if anyone wishes to have a free batch of our “Aims & Policy” and “What the Guides Say…” leaflets for their local Spiritualist church, to get in touch with me at H.Q. I do send them to churches/centres anyway, but it is good to have an A.R.I.S. contact as go-between. ‘Churches’ do not have to join A.R.I.S, only to read our message. Among those ones who have supported A.R.I.S. at one time or another are Clarkson St. , and Whitham Road, Sheffield, both displaying our leaflets and providing healers for our fund-raising event.

Ethics of Crystal Purchaseupdate.

Further to my comments in last year’s newsletter regarding the use of our planet’s crystals, I have since gathered some interesting information helpful to those wishing to purchase new crystals for their spiritual and healing work.

Upon visiting my local ‘New Age’ “Aladdin’s Cave” or rather Curious Goods, 4, The Shambles, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, owned by vegetarian, Jonathon Kudibal , I was informed that most crystals sold are a by-product of copper mining and would be pulped if there weren’t the demand for them from buyers like himself. He told me that Lemurian crystals are also the ones to buy if there are any concerns regarding the welfare of our mother, Earth.

If you live in the area or are visiting the Peak District on holiday, do pop in to the above. It is a shop filled with natural scents , truly beautiful gifts, spiritual books, healing music and a wonderful atmosphere. A mine of information on spiritual matters, Jonny is always willing to answer any questions according to his experience.



Because of our usual focus, quite rightly, on the cruelty of the turkey business prior to Christmas, we sometimes forget that beast of so many burdens throughout the ages ; a beloved feature of the church crib – the donkey. Along with the Ox , this animal was , according to Christian history, blessed to share the birth-place of the Christ. Yet, during this celebratory season, both creatures continue to be cruelly exploited, as they are all year round, no more so than in the case of the donkeys of ‘The Holy Land’.

Here, in the land where Jesus was born, these noble beings are callously abandoned by the wayside when they can no longer carry heavy loads or serve their masters, Jewish and Palestinian alike. Here, they may die of thirst or be tortured by sadistic youths, who have been known to cut off their ears.

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land, is a charity set up by a British woman who now lives there with her Israeli husband. Lucy Fensom has not only set up sanctuary for these dear animals but educates their owners as to their proper care. Lucy also has a team who give basic help and advice on treatment when the donkeys are ill. She is struggling to keep this project going financially and without her, there would be a hopeless situation.

For this reason, her charity is on the A.R.I.S. ‘Special’ list and was the one to benefit from our stall takings at The Imperial Rooms, Matlock on the 10th November, as part of the “Xmas Feelgood Fayre” organised by Caron Jones.

We can only help in these ways which sometimes seem inadequate, considering the enormous task of ridding animal cruelty in all its aspects but “every little helps” as the saying goes. Therefore, if this cause pulls at your heartstrings at this time of year, do contact: Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land, (U.K.address) The Old Dairy, Springfield Farm, Lewes Road, Skaynes Hill, Haywards heath, West Sussex, RH17 7NG. Tel: 01444831172

Speaking of sanctuaries, I do hope any supporters who ordered books from Hugletts Farm Animal Sanctuary received them. I say this because I have still not received mine, a year later, the reason given that they were lost in the post. The last I heard, Hugletts were putting in a claim for the lost books at the post office.


The animal shall not be measured by man.

In a world older and more complex than ours,

they move finished and complete,

gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost

or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.

They are not underlings; they are other nations caught , with ourselves, in the net of life and time; fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the Earth.”

Henry Boston.

Elissa Rattigan A.R.I.S. 1, Quarry Bank Rd. ,Chesterfield S41 0HH.

Tel: 01246 230474 email : Website. :