Book Review

Book Review.

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh

by Jackie-Jones-Hunt.

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh will prove to be a valuable asset in our work, with its painstakingly researched information.

Through its content, we now know that not only Jesus’s teachings regarding animals were suppressed, but also those of Confucius, Pythagoras and other ancient spiritual philosophers, who brought a message so unambiguous that it is infuriating to recall no mention made of it in lessons on the subject during our school years.

Much more than a book, it appears to have been brought, at this time, as part of the Divine Plan.

Producing a captivating and thought-provoking work, Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD also provides , through her heart-rending account of her beloved dog, Edward’s life and death, remarkable evidence to sceptics that our animals not only communicate with us from the Spirit World but do so with the same love, understanding and intelligence of their human families .


Elissa Rattigan.

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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