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Animal Rights in Spiritualism  – Newsletter 2010

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Dedicated to Beano Winder , Storm McElwee & Cassie Murphy – dogs, Amy Reeves – sheep, Ashley, Jodie & Hayley Reeves – geese. Also, campaigners, Margaret Woolford & Desmond Mitchell. All now in spirit.


A fruitful  year to you all,


               Some of you may have noticed the evolving face of our group, A.R.I.S., as we focus our attention on the world-wide web.  This does not mean that we aren’t just as dedicated to serving our non-internet supporters in the same way as usual. It does mean that we may reach those parts of the world where our message is needed most.  Therefore, there is now a forum and chat room linked to our website, whereby people can post comments and questions relating to our policy and aims.

We also have support from Irene Pedley,  a spiritual medium, here, in the North, who, although not part of our  A.R. movement, will bring her abilities to our venture, as we plan for an  online development circle. With the airing of  important documents such as  “The Essene Humane Gospels and the ‘Silver Birch’ teachings”, alone, I think we have our work cut out for the foreseeable future.

However, an integral part of this project involves groups of guides who have pledged their support for our mission and have something helpful, as well as informative, to say.  They will answer any questions, deemed appropriate, through their mediums, Richard Marshall, our own A.R.I.S. member and Mandel Rheems of the ‘One Earth Vision’ community.

This newsletter hereby publishes  universal messages brought to us from both these groups of guides, who, I am pleased to inform you, have personally committed themselves to helping our cause, wherever they can.  The fact that both communications, this time round, involve the evolved Jesus, in no way means that A.R.I.S. has a special leaning towards Christian Spiritualism or any other spiritual doctrine.   All that matters is that our cause is championed through spirit teaching of truth , compassion and righteousness, regarding all life forms.

Excerpts from the

Sananda & Ezra,


as channelled through the mediumship of

Mandel Rheems.

   Greetings.  Sananda here, with Ezra by my side.

   To take away the life of another that we may live, to some may seem worthy, but to us, we see as barbaric – of the dark ages.  We have no right, as a human race, to take upon our shoulders, action, thought and deed to seemingly believe that we are a superior species that can exploit and use other species for our own ends.  Incorrectly, humanity has chosen that path, simply to be nourished, seemingly, by animal flesh.  Of course, there are other aspects of this life-cycle, such as plants and other life-forms, but blood letting is a barbaric way that even in religious movements, animal sacrifice is so often offered in the name of the gods, or for power, such as in Voodoo and other religions of the darker areas of the psyche of humanity.

   ..The blood-letting, the barbaric way of living and apparent belief that you have to torture and sacrifice other beings and that compensation would come to humanity through this means, is indeed based in much greed and selfishness of the human race.

  O.K. I introduce myself as Sananda, a high aspect, who seeks to bring the Christ power, wisdom and upliftment to a fallen humanity, to bring forth knowledge and understanding of what we call the beast of burden and all the harm through the thousands upon thousands of years we have meted out to our fellow brethren of the animal species.  For so long , suffering has been continuing. The karmic implications of this are indeed tremendous.  Mankind, humanity, must grow up, must grow to understand that the way of brutality, the way of abuse cannot but bring the negative karmic repercussions.

  We, among many, of those who come to serve in this mission, seek to work by the side of all those to bring a voice to the voiceless, the suffering of our fellow brethren in the darker realms, which our Earth has been a part of for so long now.  We must work together on many levels to bring forth true change for the better for our animal brethren, for they are most closest to us in the scheme of things and it is barbaric to continue to exploit and abuse these, our beloved animals and the spirit of the animal kingdom.

   I will now allow Ezra to say a few words.

   Ezra:  Greetings. Thank you, Sananda.

  ..So much there is this thought of human suffering. It is looked on as a deeper suffering than life around us.  When we consider a cancer victim who is using therapy that has been operated on animals for to achieve, eating a ham sandwich yet praying to God to be healed, or we pray for that individual as we enjoy our sandwich of chicken, does it make sense that humanity has not learnt the basic lessons of the force of will and hierarchy to consider that we can take the life of other life-forms, that is not so important as the sickness that mankind carries, so much because of misdeeds of the past. 

    Of course, we wish to ease all suffering but all life is one and it cannot change that value of where we stand.  In the spiritual dimensions, the idea of suffering has become obsolete.  …The divine does not wish for us to continue to go through these cycles of suffering and peace.  Peace is the absolute.  All we need to do is to begin to live in peace with ourselves and all life around us, then  we will begin to grow and blossom.

  As we approach 2012..,.  I would say, as you approach 2012 , those upon the Earth, they look around us and say,  “How can things get worse?”  But it will, but not to the degree of the destruction that is prophesied by so many. There will be changes but they can only be slow  but lasting changes.  That is the awakening in the consciousness of humanity.  If we can reach the heart of humanity and convince… and can convince   those in power to the way of compassion and love and the sacredness of life, then we will begin to see positive changes and this movement has already begun to a large extent through the use of what we call the internet and mass media.

  We need positive visions not negative images.  We need to introduce people to the way of love.  We need to show the way by example of how we can live with a meat-free diet.   We need to show individuals that the suffering of the animals  species and animal kingdom can only bring the degradation of the human spirit, the degradation of that which is the very essence of our natures, for all life is one and we from the higher realms recognize this and work to help humanity and all life on Earth.

    .. So, where we can show the way forward, for many, that life is worth fighting for, is worth speaking out for and those who suffer indignities, fear and strife, whether it be human, animal, plant or mineral, all life must be respected and cared for, then we will find the cures naturally from the herbs and other means and also through spiritual guidance channels. Channellers, such as Mandel and others, will be able to bring forth information of new cures, certain treatments through the crystals and other means. Colour healing, reiki, other forms of spiritual healing – all these are possible to go further to develop but they are at the early stages, for we are beginning to learn of our powers that they must in the end be used for the good.

Copyright Mandel Rheems 2009.

Over the years, in the newsletter, readers may have noticed poetry by A.R.I.S. member, Alistair Hamilton.  I am delighted to announce his publication of many of his works in a book entitled, “Reflections for Mind, Body and Spirit.”

Alistair will kindly donate any profits from sales of this work to Animal Rights in Spiritualism.  A big “Thank you.” On behalf of all of us in the group, Alistair!

A Turkey’s tale.

By Alistair Hamilton.

“ I’ve never hurt anyone, so how come I’m in this mess,

Outlook bleak and filled with distress,

Cooped up in this shed and feeling sore –

Not just me but many, many more?

We never see daylight

And we all look a sight.

Christmas comes but once a year

But for all us turkeys it brings no cheer,

Waiting, day by day, to receive our fate,

‘til one day we land on someone’s plate.”


Year in , year out, the slaughter goes on

And will continue ‘til something is done.

The same goes for our other domestic friends.

Will you humans ever stop the trends?

Only then will love prevail,

To give a happy ending to the turkey’s tale

   Liverpool contact, Susan Taylor, is now producing  home-made, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, candles.  For purchasing information, please phone or write to Susan.  Her details may be found on the ‘Area Contacts’ page of this newsletter.







      Healing List.

Please let us know if you have an addition to the list of names below.

Tony  Ortzen, Jamie & Ruby Bunce, Rita, Leisha & Philip Yates, Philip’s mother, Mike & Oriel Blissett, Peter Spillet, Pat Taylor, Hawick Animal Friends, Ayala, Barnaby, Solo, Hetta, Janet Williams, Sylvia Lydgard, Judy, Denise Bottal’s mum, Shirley Mahoney, Socks, Kalyani’s mum, Alison Nichols, Sylvia Murphy, Phyllis White, Shadow, Colleen McDuling & her hamster, Phyllis James, Joan Birch & friends, Roger Raynes, Betsy, Poppy, Lucy, Margaret Wills, Margaret Towler and Kevin, her cat, Vivienne Brocklehurst, Lassie, Gina Szwelicka,  A.K., Lorraine Drake, Sian Winstanley, Lassie,  the Alan Berry family, Diane Kuhle & granddaughter, Carole Neale Eyre, Sylvia O’Neill, Bangers, Don  & Tracie Gwillim, Dyc Browning & dog, Annie. Dalcin Stacey, P.R., Pina Marsala,  Sylvia Murphy, Patricia Thompson, Lucy, Dr. Carling, Albert Gould, Mandel Rheems, Richard Marshall, Simone & Gerard Phillips and all in need

As we press on with our endeavours, we are assured that our spirit friends will guide Patrick’s “People for Natural Health” group (linked to the British Anti-vivisection Association) as it looks for premises in the North Midlands in which to hold a free, holistic cancer support centre.   Having appealed for other therapists to join in this effort, we are to hold a meeting aimed at gaining practical support, on Sunday, May 9th in  Dronfield, Derbyshire.

At this centre, we will be able to display A.R.I.S. and other informative literature for people to browse through and take away, after receiving healing .

As part of this natural, non animal based health campaign, A.R.I.S. plans to hold events to raise money for animal sanctuaries and groups who need it the most. We  also will focus our attention on the medical research charities.  Here, we’ll highlight the amount of money received from gullible customers who frequent  shops used to raise funds for such research. Do these supporters know that their hard earned cash is then used to torture animals in order to bring about cures – cures, which we understand, cannot be found by those means?  Are they in any way aware of the futility of a science applied in this way and its effect on medical progress?  It is our job to make sure they are well informed and have recourse to the truth, along with holistic treatment for themselves and loved ones.

Patrick will now explain more fully why such  centres would be vital to the abolition of vivisection and to our sick nation’s health in :


Pat’s Points.

   An Early Day Motion, before Parliament, calling for a scientific evaluation of animal experiments with regard to human health, had, the last time I looked, attracted 46 signatures : this was after 3 months and out of a total of over 640 MPs.

Clearly, no such evaluation will take place, in the foreseeable future , and with very good reason : vivisection is, scientifically, total nonsense and no vivisection supporter would want the reality made available to a wide audience. This leaves the AV movement in an even bigger limbo than  usual.

The only way forward, as far as I am concerned, is the practical promotion of human-based therapies and the increased assault on the animal-based treatments, by comparison.

As “cancer research” is the flagship of vivisection, cancer treatment will be the focus. I intend to expand my free service to cancer sufferers and, I hope, to do this at a centre somewhere in North Derbys. – or wherever – irrespective of any “Cancer Act”.

The infamous 1939 Cancer Act, set up to protect The Cancer Business from attack by honest individuals, has been used to  prosecute people or shut down organisations, including the very successful Naturopathic Cancer Therapy Trust, run by my friend, the late Chris Ashton. Chris was a hospice volunteer who decided that a situation where no “rage, against the dying of the light” was standard practice, was not acceptable. Chris showed that there was a better way than the “cut, burn, poison, hospice, cemetery”  style of cancer management.

“Cancer Research” is the ultimate crime : simply because of the numbers involved.

Promoting therapies which kill the patient much faster than the disease does : the suppression of safe, effective treatments : the protection of industries, driving the cancer plague : the collection of billions of pounds/dollars to finance animal-torturing fraud and try to pass it off as research .. have resulted in countless millions of deaths of sentient beings.

Still we see the gigglies, in their pink bunny costumes doing their “Race for Life” for the £500 million-per-year “Cancer Research UK”

In the early 1930s, Dr Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize – in the days when this meant something – for his work on cancer’s basic mechanism : simplified, cancer is an oxygen-deficiency disease. This is the basis for all successful cancer treatments, whether the therapists involved know it or not : remove the oxygen-inhibiting carcinogens : provide oxygen-rich therapy – alkalising nutrition etc : increase the oxygen metabolism capacity.

This needs to be done on all of the planes – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


The Holistic approach to

the Cancer patient.

With a view to forming a support group for Nth. Derbys., an event with  film, talk & discussion is to be held at:  Gosforth Lodge, Cliffe Park, Calywhite Lane,  Dronfield  S18 2XP on Sunday May 9th  1pm – 4 pm.

The nature of cancer: the work of Dr Otto Warburg, the “War on Cancer” and the naturopathic way, the vegan diet, ESSIAC, prevention ..FILM-extracts – Dr. Lorraine Day’s recovery from breast cancer   :  The Hoxsey treatment


Pat Rattigan

People for National Health


tel  (01246) 230474


Patrick Rattigan N.D. (1974)


Who Are The Cosmic Brotherhood and What Reason Is There Behind These Communications ?


The Cosmic Brotherhood.

 through the mediumship of

 Richard Marshall.



   Well, let us begin with the question of our “brotherhood”.  You will no doubt have heard of the disciples of Jesus and this is  who we are and how we come to you.  As when on Earth, it has become our mission to speak to the hearts and minds of mankind as a whole.  We are simply intermediaries between God, the creator of all things and our dear friend, Jesus.  Our role, within the context of things received so far, is to draw a much wider audience into this domain, so that we may impart to you the knowledge required to enable humanity not only to progress spiritually, as we have done but also to give you the necessary tools  that will serve you well as you face that which is to come.

    Jesus, in his wisdom, has known for a long time that he is far better placed to help humanity now, than he ever could if he were to return amongst you.

   Before each communication is given, there is much to be discussed and all are open to suggestions or gentle persuasion.  We meet with Jesus on a regular basis and it is he who lays down the foundations for each communication that we give collectively.  Only when a concensus is reached where upon all are agreed on subject matter and wording, do we contact our medium with a request to make a written statement of our collective views and our opinions.  Our sole purpose is to engage and also, to debate with, souls now residing upon the Earth.  We wish to dissuade humanity from its constant selfishness towards those considered to be less than deserving.  It has also become necessary to repeatedly warn against inflicting suffering upon, not only the weak of your world but, more importantly, those without a voice.

   Great change shall soon be visited upon all who dwell upon the Earth and as a consequence, we need to work together, so that awareness shall be heightened, as a result.  A time of much confusion lies ahead.  So, what can be done to ease this transition?   The only way that this is to be achieved is through much effort and sacrifice.

   We must end our judgemental attitude towards others.  We must stop exploiting the Earth, including those that have no voice.  Those souls who, like us, abhor the mistreatment metered out to vast numbers of the world’s creatures, shall find it easier to adjust than most.  You see, to begin with, when a soul eats the flesh of an animal that has endured much suffering, as well as fear, before arriving on the dinner plate, that particular soul, with each mouthful partaken, will in fact be consuming that fear and suffering in large quantities.  The more regular the consumption of flesh, the more regular the dose of these unwanted, negative energies.  Why do you think that, in your world, many of those souls who eat the flesh of an animal, end up with physical ailments?  It is because they are a party to this suffering and, as a direct consequence of their lust for meat, a life has been taken that was not theirs to take in the first place.

   Many of your scientists, also, will be held to account for their behaviour toward their fellow brethren.  It is a sad fact, indeed, that, many souls working either in laboratories or in food production involving meat, enjoy their work so much, that they seem to derive much pleasure over the fact that they wield so much power on the matter of life and death.  This is why it is so important that there are others who do care and are willing to speak for the animals, despite difficulties.

   The task that we have been given is not an easy one.  We have a duty to all who will listen, to encourage them to change old habits as well as ways of thinking, because those souls who think only of themselves and who abuse that which God has created, shall suffer the consequences, unless they change their words and attitudes.   So, you see how important it is that these teachings are spread far and wide.  We must create an opportunity for change amongst those souls who are willing to alter course and steer towards a new direction that shall enable them to better weather the storm that is brewing in Mother Earth’s direction.

Copyright Richard Marshall  25.09.2009.  



   There are over sixty communications by The Cosmic Brotherhood.   Although our main interest in them is the animal rights factor, some are concerned with the well being of our planet, explaining why we should not take crystals from the Earth or cut down trees, while others give valuable tips regarding the art of meditation and self-awareness, leading to spiritual and psychic development.

All writings will eventually  be  available to read on our forum,  but only two will be published each year in our letter. More are available  on request to platform mediums wishing to read them out during their ‘philosophy’ slot at Divine Service, or to those wishing to give a talk on behalf of the animals.  Please send an A5 s.a.e. with your clear request.

So to the past year:

I recently attended the World Day for Animals in  Laboratories  march and rally, which concluded in  a vigil outside the proposed site for a new  ‘super lab’, situated next to St. Pancras station.  Planning permission has not been granted yet, but should the  organizations involved , which include the ‘lovely’ Cancer Research U.K., receive the go-ahead, protests will begin ‘big time’, in  early June.

December’s International Animal Rights Day, saw Surrey contact, Therese McElwee  hold a prayer meeting and slaughterhouse vigil.  She was joined by   Medium, Jane Bateman, who gave a talk of her own this Mother’s Day, during which she asked the congregation to become vegetarian for a week .  Thanks to Surrey readers who support  Therese and Jane in their constant efforts for our animal brethren. Please contact Therese regularly, regarding  future plans.

Our “Vegan Spiritual Gathering” at Derbyshire’s Unstone Grange, last July,  was very successful, not only in terms of raising £1050 for the three charities: Home and Abroad Animal Welfare, The Retreat Animal Rescue and Vegan Prisoners’ Support Group, but also in terms of customer satisfaction.  I don’t think I have seen a happier bunch of people in a long while.

We were tucked away in that grand old house for the weekend and Saturday night saw us piled into the room designated for daytime healing, with only ourselves, fine wine and an open, log fire for cheery company.  As most of us didn’t retire until well into the early hours, it was plain to see that communication was in full flow and that the world would be put to rights by morning.

All this took place after Chef Patrick’s scrumptious, vegan food at lunch and dinner, followed by a hilariously funny and emotionally stirring evening’s entertainment, courtesy of  “The Lucid Lurchers ,  whose C.D. sales will continue to make money for the charities involved when they become ready for sale.

Particular thanks go to those  who gave one hundred per cent of themselves  with  the seemingly never ending kitchen tasks, especially Lorraine Drake, who came all the way from Devon.

The workshops , talks and demonstrations went down a treat and when I say “treat”, my mouth still waters at the memory of seaweed rolls and  veggie-burgers at the raw food cookery session.

The talks on Cancer Truth and Angels were very mind-awakening and popular, respectively, while the Emotional Freedom Technique session greatly enhanced at least one person’s life that I know of.

The demonstrations and private readings were of high standard and many benefited from healing, especially the animals, some of whom had more than their say, both outwardly and inwardly,  during the Animal Communication Workshop.  Yes, I can hear your wistful sighs as you wish you were present at that one.

One who was also disappointed that she couldn’t attend the workshop, as planned, was the A.R.I.S. member originally booked to lead it.   Her communication experience, as regards our brothers and sisters of other species,is astounding, as was made plain to us through her stories already printed in previous newsletters.  Here is the last of   :

Three Encounters with Wise Animals

By Kate E. A. Berridge, Healing medium, teacher of healing, animal – whisperer and dog/cat nutritionalist


   My first life-changing encounter with a wise animal was as a small child, aged four and a half when I met a snake. My dad was in the forces, so we lived in Cyprus, which, was scorching hot. I had an argument with my big sister and ran off to hide under a large, shady bush.

As I sat cooling down, a beautiful brown and sandy-coloured snake slithered from under a stone, laid herself out just in front of me, unafraid, and proceeded to shed her skin. I have no idea how long I was there but as she changed I felt myself leaving my own body and standing next to it, staring at myself.

All of a sudden, I was the snake – I had entered fully into her experience. I could feel the cool sand, the new skin and the uncomfortable sensation as the old skin was shed. And  such a deep, inner strength.

   As the snake, I was acutely aware of the magnetic power and pull of the Earth and the friendly, living nature of the bush. It’s hard to explain but from then on, I have been able to deeply emphasise with other living creatures and to share in their emotions and physical sensations. Now I see my meeting with the snake as an initiation into spirit and into an awareness of the sacred circle of all life, beyond the merely human, as we are all connected and made of the same soul-material.

There was no one to tell about this awakening, I was too young to find the words but I went home with the snake-skin and my mum let me keep it for ages, until it finally fell to pieces.

Our ARIS 2011 calendar  will be available from October of this year, at a small donation of around £1.50 inc. p&p, made payable to A.R.I.S.

It includes, in its compilation, members’ entries to our calendar competition of 2007 and contains  interesting, true stories of  animal spirit communication between the worlds, Initiation gracing the October slot.

This would make a nice gift for Christmas, so make a note in your diary to order early autumn .

One of the Few.

by C. Neale Eyre.


A  flame is growing in the hearts of man.

The strongest flame is in but few

But it’s growing e’en in others too.

It’s a flame to cleanse the world of greed

And banish every evil deed.

It may oft’times falter, it may subside,

Dampened by a flowing tide.

Once in a while the flame is wafted

By a visiting angel’s wings

And souls are lifted, spirits strengthened

by the herald chorus that it sings.

And then the fire begins to rage

To bring about a brand new age.

Yes, it burns the fiercest in the hearts of a few

But these are the ones who will carry it through

And then the fire will never die,

Because of the angels, and one is you.



Eggs & Honey?

    How often does  a conversation about veganism turn up the question:

“ How do you stand on locally grown organic eggs and honey?  My hens are happy birds, having a very large garden to roam in. The six eggs they give me each day aren’t fertilized by a cockerel and the hens produce them anyway.

     My bees are well looked after.  I don’t take all their honey and they are never fed sugar .”?

Well, lets tackle the eggs debate.  We all know that eating any animal produce is against vegan policy, not only for the obvious reasons regarding the cruelty of factory farming methods but also because animals are sent to slaughter, whether from intensive or organic farms.

In the case of male chicks, methods of dispatching the same include gassing and mincing alive, these babies being worthless to the egg industry, as different strains of birds are reared for the ‘pot’.  This is barbaric, even if their mothers have lived in a free- range environment. Therefore, if eggs are being sold commercially, even in small business, there has to be this kind of cruelty involved, as well as the emotional factor that the hen can’t brood on her eggs until her young hatch out.

    However, the scenario described at the beginning of this article doesn’t fit into these categories, nor does that of the rescued hen and needs to be examined by our consciences more closely.  To find out more, I begged the wisdom of Kath Clements, author of  “Why Vegan” , who told me:

“To respond to a question asking  why I would not eat eggs from a rescued hen living out its days in the best possible conditions   –As humans developed over the millennia, eggs would have been found extremely rarely and cannot be considered part of the original primate diet.  Humans have adapted of course but this background gives a clue that eating eggs regularly is actually bad for us, mainly because of their high cholesterol content as well as their tendency to hide pathogenic bacteria (e.g. Listeria).  The plant-based diet is based on what is naturally good for us, and it does not include things we may be able to eat occasionally without too much damage.

   Therefore if I was keeping rescued hens I would consider the eggs a waste product and perhaps put the eggs out for wild scavenger animals or dispose of them as harmlessly as I could (NOT on the compost heap!).  The unfertilised egg is the equivalent of a menstrual flow and nature did not mean it for human consumption – actually it’s possible that unfertilised eggs would hardly ever occur in nature anyway. 

In nature, the cousins of domestic fowl lay eggs only in season, when food is relatively plentiful and when they will have a fair chance of raising their young successfully.   When they have a clutch of eggs, they stop laying, incubate the eggs and rear the chicks.  It is only by CONSTANTLY FEEDING high protein foods that the hen is able to lay for long periods.  Also, REMOVING the eggs prevents the instinct of incubating the eggs and makes the hen want to lay more.  So to me this is against nature and I don’t want to do it.

I personally wouldn’t want to keep rescued hens because to me doing so, and eating the eggs, is then just part of the whole sorry business – it perpetuates the cultural norm that eggs are desirable and good for us.

To me, keeping animals in their own excrement is a complete aberration.  No animal in nature lives in their own shit.  This is the root of many diseases, as we know – not only those we’ve become aware of more recently, but loads and loads throughout history, tetanus to this day, etc…  A hen coop stinks, and is a magnet for rats, foxes etc – poor hens!  Keeping animals in their own excrement, however kindly the keeper, is something I really hate – what could be more unnatural!  ( my friend who keeps rescued hens needs to keep cats to keep the rats down, therefore buys quantities of slaughterhouse products for the cats, and so the abuse of nature goes on…)”

Well, I think Kath has made some very valid points in putting forward her views and  has helped me to conclude thus: Recently visiting an allotment where, in all cruelty, hens never left their shed and its tiny outside area, I came to suspect that the same was representative of many cases of  poultry keeping.    Of course, birds rescued from dire conditions must have somewhere to live. Therefore ,taking into account the difficulties there must be in finding the perfect natural habitat, I think most chickens would welcome an environment similar to the one described at the beginning of this article .  If their eggs really couldn’t just be left in their own custody, then wild creatures would certainly benefit from the donation of such a filling dish.

Now to the subject of Bee-keeping.

According to  the Vegan Society, “ in commercial  bee-keeping,  queens are  regularly killed and replaced…… queens are artificially inseminated with sperm from crushed males.  The queen often has her wings clipped off to prevent swarming – the natural way for a colony to reproduce itself.”

In these intensive businesses , bees are often fed sugar through the winter months while their honey  is enjoyed by humans and in the summer  they are used to pollinate flowers in areas where the wild of their species become overwhelmed by them.  Even in the smaller or “hobby” colonies where the inhabitants  appear to be looked after and only a little honey is ‘stolen’ from them, there is still the high  risk of disease through the Varroa mite, susceptibility coming from the bees  being kept in cages.  Unfortunately, according to the Vegan Society, this “ is threatening the few remaining wild bee colonies.”  It has been said that when these leave our planet, we have just four years left. –  another reminder of the importance of the insect kingdom to our own survival.  Of course , infant  botulism may get us first – another possible side-effect of honey produce.

My  sources tell me that, even in the most seemingly caring environments, there are bound to be casualties, as in squashed bees – not surprising, when one is dealing with trays full of them, within an enclosed structure. The queen is still thrown out of this hive when she has outlived her usefulness, after being imprisoned within it all her life….  a life that didn’t allow her nature’s freedom to lead her swarm where she wist.

I hope this clears up one or two sticking points for those who are not sure how far to take the moral argument.

As we bring this newsletter to a close, I would like to thank all those who have supported us  with their donations, practical help, or both.

Remember, if your church or centre would like a batch of our  leaflets, please contact us at H.Q.  For individual information packs, contact Jennifer Sharp. 

    It only remains for us to ask you to make note of the important events on the next page and wish spiritual blessings for you all and all your animals until next year.

Regular Events.

Please get in touch with your nearest A.R.I.S area contact, as a few of them, hold weekly/monthly street stalls or leafletings, bringing animal rights awareness to the general public. Spiritual communities, festivals, fayres and exhibitions are also venues for this kind of work.

Several also concentrate on working inwardly, with spirit ,through light- working circles,  to end animal abuse, then acting upon the inspiration and guidance given, with effort on the material level.


If Only They Could Speak. By Gordon Albert Zealey.

Man talks about his lesser brethren – wonder how he’s got the nerve.

Their social graces leave us standing – animals have style and verve.

Our cold, deliberate cruelty makes some life forms feel stark and bleak. 

I wonder what THEY think of HUMANS. LORD- if ONLY – they could SPEAK.


For, animals just kill for food – they have a basic innocence.

Our ‘sport’, ‘gainst foxes, grouse, WHATEVER, spells a capital offence.

You just try telling THAT to ‘gentry’ – riding off with horse and hounds.

Those big, fat wallets win again.  Man’s villainy just knows…no bounds….


Each single thing which God has made, has got a heart, a soul, a mind

And every leaf, each blade of grass, all share one common voice – “Be kind.”

Most animals can swift forgive – no hate – no grudge – they simply…love.

It’s wide affection, without strings.  Who’s best, in eyes of God above?


So, we can bluster all we like.  Soul virtues put them STREETS ahead,

For, they don’t murder, rob and rape.  We’ll pay right dear, once we are ‘dead.’

Just all the EVIL doers, that is.  You and I are mild and meek.

Let’s ask our BRETHREN how to live. Dear God, if only they could SPEAK.

Copyright Gordon Albert Zealey 1964.

Forthcoming Events.

Could I ask all readers to consider the hunted animals when casting their vote in the general election on May 6th?   It is feared that the Conservatives intend to do all they can to bring back hunting, should they become government.  This means suffering for stags and hares as well as foxes.

Another point to remember, when perusing the manifestos, is the issue of  our belonging to the E.U.  With some of our natural, herbal remedies already banned and  breeding for bull- fighting purposes already subsidised by this body, it is a concern to be reckoned with.

Sunday, May 9th.  Holistic Cancer Support Centre Meeting.  Gosforth Lodge. Cliff Park, Dronfield. 1pm – 4pm  Contact A.R.I.S. H.Q.

June 19th. Anti-vivisection  Demo, Sheffield., City Hall..

Brotherhood of the Essenes Annual Convocation.  Glastonbury Town Hall Glastonbury,Somerset. 11pm. to 2pm., 21st June. Contact Essenes –

Summer Evening of Clairvoyance ,with leading Medium Roy Mackay, planned for Farnham . Details confirmed later by website and Surrey mailout . Contact Therese.


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Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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