Newsletter 2009

Animal Rights in Spriitualism- NEWSLETTER   May 2009.

Dedicated to our beloved, good, kind dogs, Judy Rattigan, Judi & Jack Preston, Lottie Szwelicka, Paddy Berridge, Patrick Jones and Rocco & Jessie McElwee. Also in memory of  Helga, the adopted  sheep who was brutally tortured to death. Her murderers will be allowed to keep animals again after 10 years. Finally, we honour Eddie Bunce, tireless in his care of wildlife and Bill  Cox, medium for the guide, Brother Joseph.

Hello All,

   Well, it’s nearly time for our exciting event at Unstone Grange and I hope as many of you as live within a reasonable distance of the venue will want to visit this interesting organic trust which stands within five acres of garden.

If you live further afield and warm to a weekend spot of camping in the grounds, or shared accommodation in the house, please book as soon as  possible.

Perhaps you would like to make this fundraiser a success for the charities involved, but, for your own good reasons, cannot attend.  In this case, please pass on the  enclosed information or  consider helping out in another way: Every small donation which is sent to us, up to the thirteenth of July and  marked ‘Event’ on the accompanying note, will be added to the takings at the end of the gathering.  This, we hope, will ensure that we can send a good sum to each cause mentioned on the programme.

A  very interesting evening of Psychic Art, organised by our Surrey contact, Therese McElwee. took place recently  in  Farnham and raised

£ 350.00 for The Retreat Animal Rescue in Kent. The workers at this sanctuary, which  takes in all manner of animals, including farm animals , have also done much to help the plight of the persecuted Trafalgar Square pigeons. Mediums, June Elleni Laine and Debbie Dean presented  a wonderful display of the fruits of their gifts, after which there was a raffle and refreshments which, I hear, involved very tasty vegan cakes.  Mmmm.

Last year, Therese raised  an amazing £660.00 for Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land by organising  a similar event.  We are so proud to have one so eager to serve our cause as part of our group.   She has also put much effort in  to her  lightworking circle.  Interestingly,  the same being of light  has visited both the Farnham group and our North Midlands meeting.

At the latter, further synchronicity was in evidence when one sitter’s inspirational verse tallied with ideas brought to the circle by another.

Thanks to all of you who sit for this important work and do keep the progress reports coming in.

Our appreciation also goes out to A.R.I.S. member and  South London contact , Simone Phillips.  Having imaginative ideas, and most importantly,  computer skills, she is also someone to whom I can, eventually, delegate the website work.

Simone is seeking an animal  communication workshop or appropriate development circle in the London area. If anyone knows  of one which is accepting new members, she would be grateful for the information.

Further blessings be bestowed upon Jennifer Sharp,  our contact for the East London area, who has already taken on the task of sending information packs to newcomers.

Jennifer  is looking for  a live-in position, so if any of our members would like to offer the same to a kindred spirit, please study her advertisement below:

Lady, 59, animal lover, experienced housekeeper (care-work) ,  “Country lover”, seeks live-in position  with own unfurnished accommodation outside the London area.  

Clean driving Licence. References available.

 We are always grateful to those who send donations or support and although not practical to mention them all each year, I’d like to  say a special “Thank you”  to William Cook, Clive Morris, Sylvia Rose Aris, Ruby Bunce, Gillian Lewis, Lorraine Drake, ‘Two Worlds’ and ‘Psychic News’,  this time round.

Healing List.

Please let us know if you have an addition to the list of names below.

Tony  Ortzen, Jamie & Ruby Bunce, Rita, Philip Yates and his mother, Leisha Yates, Mike & Oriel Blissett, Peter Spillet, Pat Taylor, Hawick Animal Friends, Ayala, Barnaby, Solo, Hetta, Janet Williams, Sylvia Lydgard, Judy, Denise Bottal’s mum, Shirley Mahoney, Socks, Kalyani’s mum, Alison Nichols, Sylvia Murphy, Phyllis White, Shadow, Colleen McDuling & her hamster, Phyllis James, Joan Birch & friends, Roger Raynes.

June & Julian  Bullas, Betsy, Poppy, Lucy, Margaret Wills, Margaret Newsom, Margaret Towler and Kevin, her cat, Vivienne Brocklehurst, Lassie, Gina Szwelicka,  Austin, Lorraine Drake, Sian Winstanley,  the Alan Berry family, Diane Kuhle & granddaughter, Carole Neale Eyre, Sylvia O’Neill , Bangers, Don  & Tracie Gwillim Dyc Browning, Maureen Lambert and all in need .

   As you can gather from the cover dedication, beings special to a number of us have passed into the world beyond over the past year .  Our own lovely dog, Judy, departed her earthly body just a couple of days before Christmas.

A little prior to that time, however, one whose remarkable story by Kate Berridge graced last year’s newsletter, also left for the realms of spirit following a stroke.

Being a spiritual dog, it is not surprising that Paddy Berridge went out like a light, though not in the same way as the phrase usually suggests.  According to Kate, a very strange event took place:

After a twenty four hour wake and laying in ceremony, a candle was placed  on his grave.  Being orange , to represent the element of water so evident in Paddy’s personality, it was left there at nine thirty p.m., following his funeral.

Disturbing some and inspiring other passers-by,  the candle’s light shone out to two hundred yards and for two and a half days, through wind, rain and hail!

Kate further astounds by informing us that ,  “When it finally went out, it left no trace of wax or damage to the moss or stones of his cairn.”

What further evidence do we need that our animals are always there for us, whether this side of life or the other?

 This year, we continue with our series of true stories on animal communication with:

Not a stranger – but a friend

By Kate E. A. Berridge

Many wonderful things happen when you work with animals – but I’d like to tell you about something that always pleases me and to use this little story to illustrate an astounding ability that animals have.

A healing student of mine phoned me on Christmas day to ask if I could go to her mum’s house – now – as their dog was dangerously ill and the vet had said that there was no hope.

I really didn’t want to give up my whole day and I said I’d send out distant healing in 10 minutes time and that if it didn’t help, I’d come in person. I asked if she could sit down with the dog and in her mind, meet me by a large oak tree – somewhere we had ‘been’ before together, in her training meditations.

So I duly sent a good long healing. My student – very talented – saw me there with herself and the dog and ‘saw’ us both give healing. The dog had relaxed and soaked up the energy.

After the healing, this dog recovered enough to drink, eat and go to the toilet. I phoned and said I’d go to the house on the following day and not to worry.

The next day I arrived at my student’s mum’s house and knocked on the door.

An anxious mum opened it and said my student had had to go out and that I must wait there.

She sounded distressed. She had no one at home to restrain the Alsatian who hated strangers and even though she was now quite elderly, the dog always ‘went nuts’ when someone she didn’t know came to call.

I reassured her that I had met the dog before – in a meditation – and to let me come in and all would be well.         The lovely old dog came wagging her tail and greeted me like a long lost friend – she led me into the living room and laid down, ready for more healing. The lady was finding it hard to believe that I had never been to her house before.

This recognition of someone they have never met in the physical form, but know full well are there to help, happens over and over again. The telepathic power of animals never ceases to delight and amaze me.


­Kate is an S.N.U. Qualified healer – animals welcome – workshops – Tel: 01422 847334.

Another new member whom we are happy to welcome into our fold is Richard Marshall, who, for some time, has been receiving  communications from the spirit world.  In particular, he has channelled writings from those calling themselves The Cosmic Brotherhood and thought we might be interested in their views on :



The Cosmic Brotherhood. 

   We  begin this topic at the extreme end of the suffering endured by those wretched creatures reared solely for the purpose of satisfying the needs of those who wish to eat meat. I wonder how many of you would continue this barbaric practice if you could see for yourself from another perspective, as these creatures are suddenly thrust into our world.  They come with fear and terror in their eyes and are very much bewildered by their new environment.

As with all souls whose needs are great, they have sanctuaries of rest where dedicated souls spend much of their time nurturing these poor creatures back to health, where they are shown love and affection as well as compassion.

As you are aware, there are many different levels in our world.  So, as an animal progresses in health, it progresses also to another level, until such time that it can resume its normal function.  At this point, it will roam freely in the luxurious surroundings that we have here, although it takes time and much dedication to achieve these results.  Those souls who carry out these duties are, in the main, unselfish souls whose love for animals has been carried with them to our side of life.

Next we shall speak of the degrading and appalling acts of cruelty carried out in the name of science.  We have many different species thrust into our world after being subjected to the most despicable and horrific, as well as extremely painful experiments.  These are carried out in laboratories built and designed especially for this purpose.

In some ways, this particular form of treatment has a much wider impact on the wretched creatures concerned.  Some of these have never experienced love or affection and have known only pain and great suffering their entire lives.  The only release for them comes when they pass to our world.  But, as on Earth, those souls who express the desire to help these poor creatures have to work very hard indeed to gain their trust.  Many, in fact, the vast majority, depending on the levels of suffering, have been so cowered by their experience, that all they can do is whimper and show great despair in their eyes.  If they are approached, you can see anxiety in their eyes, as yet more pain is expected

So, you see how many have worked tirelessly on behalf of those sad creatures.  Believe it or not, just as you would have a pet on Earth, so it is no different here.  After much love and dedication has been showered upon them, many of these animals do not show any desire to leave those who wish to leave this type of work.  Some souls find it too distressing and desire new surroundings to replenish their energies.  So, in many of these cases, a particular animal and its carer will leave together, as neither one has the inclination or the desire to leave the other.

Now, from the extreme end of the spectrum, we shall speak of the creatures that are kept as pets by man in your world.  No doubt you have a particular type of bond with a certain animal if you have treated it fairly in life and showed it love and affection.  Then, not only will it wish to remain with you after physical death but will also show the desire to rekindle your previous relationship that it shared with you when on Earth.

We will conclude with the false impression that many in your world have:  the notion that if animals do pass to another life, then they have a separate realm in our world.  However, we must eradicate this falsehood.  As you share the Earth with all of God’s creatures, so it remains here.

Where ever you reside in the world of spirit, you will find many species of animal, plant and tree life.  We also have rivers, where different species of fish swim without the fear of being caught on a hook-like contraption.  We have oceans where you will find many species, including whales.  We also have other species, long extinct, yet who flourish in our environment.  For those who come here with good intent, as well as a good heart, they will find a feast of new experiences.

    Remember, physical death is not the end but the start of a truly wondrous journey for souls that seek true enlightenment.  As long as the abuse and suffering of animals remains an integral part of society, we will say this: Every drop of blood spilled in this way shall remain a stain upon the soul of man! 


   Those of you who have read our ‘What the Guides Say” series of  leaflets may remember the quotes from  “From Earth to Eternity” by Brother Joseph, spirit guide of our dear, late Bill Cox.

This book is now out of print and with Bill’s passing, it may be presumed that the guide’s mission is fulfilled in that capacity.  It is hoped, however,  that through A.R.I.S. , his words will continue to sow seeds of compassion within the hearts of those who are open to it.

That said, It feels most appropriate, that in this year’s letter, we honour the guide’s humble medium, not only as a channel, but as the wonderfully unique individual he was and will still be.

  Beryl, Bill’s wife, herself an impassioned campaigner on behalf of animals, sent us his captivating story:

 William Francis Cox.   28/08/1923 – 16/11/2008. 


Once upon a time there was a little boy who had been ill as a baby and could see only light and dark shapes.  He was an only child as his mother had been carrying twin boys when she saw her father hang himself, with consequent shock and loss of the twin boys.

When he was only five, his mother  was obliged to send him to a boarding school for blind and partially-sighted children, many miles away.  It was a harrowing time for him at first.  He remembered,  in particular, when he had difficulties with his braces and a girl laughed at him.  Things were still a bit Dickensian.  In fact, they were old-fashioned in a number of ways.  The lady who supervised the childrens’ weekly bath would use the same water for FOUR pupils. Needless to say, they were not allowed to speak to the girls out of school, which, of course, only encouraged surreptitious friendships.

He turned out to be very clever at school, winning a silver braille watch for history and learning to read braille with his fingers as quickly as many sighted persons could read print.

The boys at school who were very good at electronics, made themselves little crystal  radios with aerials attached to the iron bedstead.  Not that they were taught electronics, or chemistry, physics, algebra or geometry;  but most  pupils became accomplished musicians, both in choral singing and playing the piano or huge church organ.  Later on, Bill passed three piano exams in one year, Grade V Higher, Grade V1 intermediate and  Grade V11.  That was in the space of one year, towards getting the ARCM (Associate of the Royal College of Music.)  He wanted to earn his living as a piano tuner but the local authority would not pay. They said there would not be a demand for such a person – this in West Ham, an area of thousands of people, where singing and dancing were taught in schools and many people had pianos.  So they refused to let him go to The College at Worcester.  His subsequent accomplishments have proved the experts wrong, as usual.

So he had to become a brushmaker.  Sighted people in authority then were no better to those less fortunate than themselves than some are now.  This brushmaking trade consisted of dipping tufts of brushes and brooms into boiling hot pitch – and he stuck it for six years.

At this time it was during the war and he and his family were bombed out of their houses twice, so they moved a bit further down the road, next door to a big Baptist church.  Marvellous centre for young people, Bill soon made his mark at the Music Club and became a bass singer in one of the choirs. He had an extensive knowledge of orchestral music – no doubt added to during many, many hours spent alone listening to records and the radio.

His mother went out to work in the evenings.  He has often told me that one of the reasons he now loves Christmas with all our family round him is that his memories of the lonely Christmases were not happy.

Anyway, one year he went on a holiday which had been arranged by the church to Angmering in Sussex.  There he heard Handel’s Largo being played, so he found his way over to the piano to find out who was playing.  It was a young girl and he lost no time in chatting her up  and asking her out to the prominade concerts.  So we  went to loads of concerts, fairs, sang in choirs and, in general, had a jolly good time, the upshot being that we were married two years later.  There were over  three hundred present and ‘In Heavenly Love Abiding’  was one of the hymns.  (We went to St. Andrews in Scotland for our honeymoon.)

It wasn’t long before Bill decided that he could do more than put bristles in brushes, so applied for training as a switchboard operator.  This was granted.  Even then he was showing signs of being a fighter.  They tried to prevent him going home at weekends.  Said it had never been done before.  Said he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the training, what with  the long journey, etc.  He disproved all that by completing  the course successfully in two months instead of three!  He said he felt better  for going homeweekends.  I certainly did!  So he worked for the Royal Mail Shipping Line and two Employment Exchanges.  

By that time, we had three little boys and needed a proper house, so we moved to Norwich.  While there, he decided to train as a Welfare Officer for blind people, so he stayed in London with his parents.  Once more the experts were proved wrong.  They said he might just about pass!!!  He got several distinctions and credits in the subjects he took.  He was eighteen years as a Welfare Officer for the Blind and we had our fourth son in Lincoln.  Bill continued working, although frequently in pain with glaucoma.    He had lost the ability to be aware of light due to *Moorfields treatment in 1952.

Blind people were entitled to a qualified Welfare Officer, one who could teach them Braille, etc.,  but, due to the fact that , if you don’t specialise in this work , you get more money, few people trained.  Bill wanted promotion, but with the arrogance of some sighted people towards disabled people, was told  “ Why can’t you be satisfied  with what you are?”  So often, people think that disabled people  should be pleased with what they are given, whether they want it or not.

After much planning,  he formed The National Tape Magazine for the Blind, on cassette, in 1976 and was again told by the ‘experts’ that ‘it won’t last six months’.  There were some difficulties, of course,  not least the soundproof studio needed because of the aircraft from Coningsby.  So our son, Geoffrey, and a friend built a soundproof studio.  Local villagers were marvellous, organising and attending two fairs.  We’ve got photos of Princess Anne at our little cottage in Moorhouses, twelve miles from Boston.

I have been asked, in the nicest possible way, what it was like to live with a blind person.  I would say: “Don’t leave chairs out from the table and don’t leave doors half open.  Don’t let your trees and hedges overhang the pavement and don’t park on the pavement.  Do turn the light off after a visit if no-one else is in the room.   And, by the way, for the younger people, revving up motor bikes, especially near crossings, makes it difficult, also music blaring out from cars. Don’t take it for granted things can’t be done. There are blind gardeners, chess players, pianists, organists, piano tuners, bicycle repairers, typists, solicitors, singers and welfare officers.”

While our children were young, Bill would take them out as soon as they were old enough to go with him without me.  He took them to the seaside most fine weekends while we lived near Norwich.  He took them vast distances on trains all over the country .  I stayed at home with whichever baby was there at the time.  I don’t think you could have set any of our son’s down anywhere with them not being able to find their way home by bus and train.  I suppose that was one of the advantages of not having a car.  The boys and Francesca became very independent and capable.  If they ever needed any general knowledge, they would go to their father because he was a mine of information.  As an amateur radio enthusiast, he had  a transmitting licence and his own rig since 1952 and  you have to know all about the insides of a radio.  He was also qualified to teach the morse code.  Indoors, he would help with the washing up, hanging out the washing and doing my shopping.  Over all, he was a very good example to those newly blind persons, who think that the end of the world has come for them.  So, while we are at it, let us sing the praises of Louis Braille, because Bill didn’t learn from a cassette.

I said he was a fighter.  When he was a switchboard operator, he had to insist that he had some Saturday mornings off, the same as sighted office staff.  Also, Barclays were not going to allow him a bank account ( in the early sixties),  but they had to alter their regulations due to his persistence. Something similar happened when he applied for Disability Allowance, many years later.  The doctors, on two occasions, said he didn’t qualify, so we did without it for many years.

In the end, I told them a few home truths and they changed their minds – but why were the doctors so stupid?  The times I have had to clean up dog excreta off his shoes when we first came here to Reedham – until I put a notice in  the post office about it.  Well, you wouldn’t like him to come into your hall if he’d trodden in such unpleasant material.

   Well, I’ve had to let him go now.  He had been tired since he had lost his independence.  The railways had cancelled our usual train back to Reedham and we had to stay out for four and a half hours to do our shopping at Lowestoft and that was too much for him, as it was when they took all the kerbs away.  Guide dogs are taught to ‘Stop at the kerb’ and they were taking them all away. And  when they took away our right to cross the line and we had to go up and down all those steps, Bill became frustrated.  Also, the humdreds of painkillers he had to take because of the pain in his eyes caused by Moorfields, way back, surely contributed to this.

So, three cheers for Bill.  I am missing him but at least I know he his out of pain and can see all his sons, daughter, grandsons and granddaughters, great grandson and great granddaughters – and  me, at last.


 Beryl Cox on 1st December 2008 at St. John’s Church, Reedham, Norfolk.

*Moorfields hospital  – ed.

Bill died last November, followed in the new year, by Eddie Bunce, ‘Dad’ to the famous  Jamie, rescued laboratory beagle.

Readers who joined ARIS in it’s early days,  may remember the puppy’s story as told by his ‘new mum’ Ruby,  Eddie’s beloved wife.

This was a fascinating and heart-rending tale of animal communication which gave us a unique insight into the life  of a two year old dog, who, previously, had never seen the outside of a building.

Eddie, who had to work at gaining the trust of one who , through experience at the hands of men, feared them so much, will now be sorely missed by the little character.

Our healing thoughts go out to both  the Cox and Bunce families and indeed all  of  those who have lost loved ones in the recent months.


“Another day older and deeper in debt” or so goes the song.  It can certainly be said of today and our global economy, according to all news reports.

As regards the United Kingdom, some say we might be slightly better off if we didn’t have to pay £50 billion , yearly,  to The European Union.  “What has this to do with animal rights or spiritualism?”  I hear you ask.  Well, it does rather irritate the compassionate amongst us when they hear that this same union subsidises bullfighting by granting  european funds to bull breeders.  The commission’s excuse in refusing to ban the sport is that bullfighting is traditional, therefore a  cultural issue which cannot be interfered with !

Please get in touch with your M.E.P about the matter and sign  Written Declaration 0002/2007  or, if you feel that the E.U. will eventually invalidate protest on animal issues here in the U.K.,  join the campaign to withdraw from it.

I  have enjoyed immensely working for A.R.I.S. , putting out the spiritual message on behalf of all our animal friends and, of course, being in contact with such kind , generous and like-minded people .  I suppose this year’s spiritual gathering is partly an attempt to bring us all together from our little cells all over the country but it will probably be the last event of its kind  that we, here at headquarters, organise for a  while.

Instead, we intend to concentrate on taking a well equipped stall to other events.  We feel that A.R.I.S. may be able to do it’s job more efficiently in this way.   To begin with, we can put the psychic stories regarding animals into a calendar, create an A.R.I.S. poetry book full of members contributions, make inspirational  greeting cards  and in general,  focus on using our own spiritual and creative gifts in order to raise funds for those working frontline in our compassionate quest.

Often, given the right venue, an attractively laid out stall,  which displays  informative literature, has merchandise for sale and gives healing or  readings in exchange for donations , will make just as much in funds as  would a full event and will do so without the difficulties involved in finding helpers or the cost of a hall.

Speaking of  fundraising, a good earner is the raffle which is usually held at our events.  This year, we have a raw food juicer as our main prize but in the past, an excellent postal  reading has been given by our  member from Wales, Kate Reeves, as  has with Paul Noble, our North London Contact.  It is with great regret , however, that I have to inform you all that Kate is no longer in a position to give readings and has asked that I let everyone know.  Those of you who received a reading from her gave me very positive feedback and we will miss her and her contribution.

This leaves us with one medium down  and a position to fill, for it is our intention to start a  postal raffle to coincide with the sending of  the yearly newsletter.   If there are any experienced mediums among you who would like to offer such a reading as a prize, please let us know.

As usual, this year,  I attended the national march and rally organised by the animal rights group, SPEAK .  This time it was held in London for World Day for Laboratory Animals and was   “aimed at bringing various strands of the movement together……..where we can exchange news and ideas and think about future tactics and strategies.”

   At the rally, it was brought to our attention that there is to be a political party  entitled  Speak Political whose main function will be to try and disempower anti animal rights  M.P.s  by standing for election in their constituencies.  If this party  have candidates standing in your area, you can be sure that your vote for them will not be lost on empty words and a lust for power but will help balance the scales of justice in favour of all this country’s inhabitants, no matter what their species.

Speaking of  politics and still on the subject of anti-vivisection here follows a particularly important message in……

Pat’s Points

Early Day Motion 569 :



Gibson, Ian  M.P.

“That this House believes that the safety of medicines should be established by the most reliable methods available in order to reduce the large and increasing toll of serious adverse drug reactions; and calls on the Government to initiate an unprecedented comparison of currently required animal tests with a set of human biology-based tests, as required by the Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill, to see which is the most effective means to predict the safety of medicines for patients.”

   “I will not be signing EDM 569”

Liam Fox  MP  for Woodspring     Mar 25 09

The reason that Fox gives why he does not want a scientific comparison ?

“   . we are still not at a stage where alternative methods of experimentation are as reliable or comprehensive as those involving animals.  … human biology-based testing  … such options are as yet not as reliable …. as animal testing.”

How does Fox know when there has been no comparisons?

He does not : he just knows that it would be disastrous for the petro-pharma mafia if it had to abandon its totally unreliable animal testing and subject its products to genuine safety and efficiency tests.

As good an example of integrity, in  an MP, as you will find : we will see how many more do not want any scientific evaluation of fraudulent “animal research”.

Please contact your MP and try to ensure that they sign the EDM : negative replies are being collected, so please pass them on to us.



Forthcoming Events.


Sat, 16th May, 10am-6pm, Veggie pride – outdoor festival. Victoria Square, Birmingham,  FREE ADMISSION. Tel: 01527 458395

Sunday, 24th May, 10.30 am – 3pm.  Hope Pastures Open Day & Plant Fair.  Wheetwood lanre, Leeds.

June 13th,Raise funds for  Animals Asia foundation  by attending their ‘East Meets West’ evening in aid of the ‘Moon Bears’ . 6p.m. .start at Station Farm, London Rd., Six Mile Bottom, Newmarket, CB8 0UH. Tel: 01579 347148    Also please use the search engine    

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July, 6pm to 6pm inc. ,or Saturday & Sunday daily between 10am & 5.30pm. – Vegan Spiritual Gathering, Unstone Grange, Unstone, Nr. Dronfield, Derbyshire. Contact: Elissa Rattigan. Tel:  01246 230474 or email

Regular events.

A. R.I.S. Animal Rights Street Stall.  First Saturday of each month.  12 noon to 3pm Outside HSBC bank in market Square, Chesterfield.  Telephone  01246 230474 on the morning to confirm the leafleting is taking place.

A.R.I.S. Lightworking circles.  Telephone your A.R.I.S. area contact or headquarters for information  regarding your nearest group.

Every Thursday from 3.45 to 4pm our Oxford contact, Albert Gould holds meditations  near the new Oxford laboratory.  Those interested may join him there or tune in from a distance for the animals.  Contact Albert for further details.

Sponsor a vegan prisoner’s term of imprisonment  and raise funds  for Greek Animal Rescue.  Contact Vesna Jones. G.A.R. 69, Great North Way, Hendon, London. NW4 1PT Tel: 020-8203 1956. email:

Support the  ongoing campaigns of  VIVA.   8, York Ct., Wilder St., Bristol, BS2 8QH.

and PETA . PO Box 36668, London, SE1 1WA.  Email:

World Day for Laboratory  Animals.  March & Rally, held  around April 24th each year. email:

Support Speak and Stop Huntington Cruelty campaigns –


 Elissa Rattigan.  Animal Rights  in Spiritulism.  1, Quarry Bank Road, Chesterfield. S41 0HH.  Tel: 01246 230474  email:             Webs:

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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