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URGENT REQUEST for healing for an elderly cat

Kate Berridge <

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If you can, please send out healing today to Perkin, a 15 year old cat who is struggling to recover from a nasty chest infection, possibly pneumonia. 
When giving healing, I was told he had been sprayed with pesticides last Autumn and the human carer confirms that fact.He also has discomfort in his bowels as he hasn’t eaten for a week and had a hernia last year that is still aching…on his left side.
He has seen a vet.
He managed to get up and have a wee and a drink after his healing yesterday.He is craving Sun-shine, so his lady will take him outside today for a short blast as it is warm here. He is feeling overwhelmed by the negative thought forms coming from people as well. All the animals I have  visited since lock-down are experiencing similar discomfort.
I am seeing him again today at and hope to get him eating liquid food today.
If you are on the course, you may take Perkin as a distant healing case if you wish.
Please send gentle, loving Perkin love and healing as often as you can, as he does want to recover. He is much loved and has a lovely home.
His human sends her Thanks to you all.(This may be a doorway for her into a deeper compassion for wild and farm animals).
All Love Surround you and all you do for animals and the Earth.

Blessed Be

Love from Kate and Guides



by Kate Berridge

Mother/Father, Great Spirit, we ask for healing for our sacred Earth and all the beings who live upon her. We direct our loving thoughts to all the animals who walk, run, swim, crawl and fly upon the Earth and to all the people in every country who work for love.

We send our love out as a wave of hope for a new beginning for all beings on the Earth. May we open our minds, hearts and souls to realise that we are a small part of the web of life and do not own the Earth or any of her children. We ask for peace and an end to all cruelty.

This is our prayer.