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     ” How can that which is cruel be right?  How can that which causes pain, inflicts torture, be right?  It is contrary to all that we teach.  It is wrong to experiment on those who are not capable of resisting. Your world cannot produce remedies for the diseases  which it has created by living contrary to the laws of The Great Spirit. There will be found remedies for all your diseases, but they will not be found by experiments on animals.”

These are the words of the renowned spirit guide, Silver Birch, spoken through his medium, Maurice Barbanell. On the subject of research into specific diseases, he was quoted yet again, this time by world – famous healer, Tom Pilgrim.  He assured us that his own guide, Dr. Robert Kosh, who had himself once experimented on animals and received the Nobel Prize for tuberculosis research, now agreed with the noble Indian when he said,

      “Man will not find a cure as long as he misuses animals in cruel experiments in his research laboratories.  This is not the way.  Never will health be found by the torture of creatures ….  Nature will provide the answer when man has learnt to live by the laws of the Great Spirit.”

In his book, “Autobiography, of a Spiritual Healer”, Tom adds,

      “As I’ve mentioned before, cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to heal, but progress is being made.  Dr. Robert has told me of the great efforts being made in the Spirit world to find ways of dealing with this scourge of mankind.”

However, the spirit teacher, Magnus, put the initial responsibility firmly back where it belonged, when, through an entranced Colin Fry, he advised:

     “If there is cancer upon the earth-plane, one must look at the causes of cancer, not at the cure.”

Holistic practitioners try to do just that, inspecting and treating the person on all levels of being, uncovering the root of the problem instead of merely suppressing the symptoms.

At the forefront of efforts to enlighten us all on these matters is Brother Joseph, a gentle messenger from the spirit side of life.  He facilitated several life after death accounts by ordinary people, through the trance  mediumship of Bill Cox.  In his book, ‘A Glimpse into the World of Spirit’, we meet Trevor, who was also a doctor in his previous existence.

Trevor had been opposed to alternative methods of treatment while on Earth because he could not prove them scientifically .  This mindset remained with him after his passing until he was taken back to the Earth plane to tour centres where such treatments were used :

    “I was taken to a centre where cancer is treated alternatively, to observe their work.  I saw acupuncture in action,  reflexology –  this form of  treatment really intrigued me – and also what is known as spiritual healing.  I followed six different people through their treatments and I was amazed to see how well they responded.”

Having felt he had somewhat failed patients in his past life, Trevor went on to study these practices, as well as orthodox medicine, while in Spirit.  From this, he gained the knowledge to help other medical people as they passed over into a new understanding.   However, one need not have passed to the world of Spirit before receiving this knowledge. It had been brought to the Earth many centuries before Trevor had lived there, by another well loved master, whose teachings are recorded in an ancient manuscript found in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet.   Here are his words from The Essene Gospel of Christ, Part One :

   ” …And Jesus did heal every ailment and disease among the sick, even teaching people the art of true health reform according to the natural laws of nature.  Yea, for he taught the people healing properties of plants, even every herb and grass of the field, and the power hidden in stones and the cleansing miracle of pure water.  And many were amazed and did believe and were healed.  And because of his great wisdom and understanding Jesus amazed entire households and helped many unto the holy way of life.”

Today, it seems, mankind has fallen a long way from the path of the “holy way” into a deep abyss, where modern medicine has become the new word of God.  The simple miracle cures of nature are taken out of context and made into the quick fix prescription drug for which the patient will pay heavily later.

   “All of this makes Modern Medicine killer number one…” writes Patrick Rattigan, N.D. of The British Anti-vivisection Association.

  “The fundamental reason for the health crises” he continues” is the vivisection which resulted in these lethal drugs and procedures being passed for use in modern medicine.”   He explains that

  “results cannot be extrapolated from one species to another” and warns that  “With vivisection, the human being is always the real experimental model, frequently with lethal results.”

It is awful to see others made more ill by the very treatment which is meant to cure them and all we can do is try to lower a rope into their dark hole of pain, pills, tests and surgery.  It is their choice whether to haul themselves up into natural light or sink further into the abyss, where, every twelve seconds, an animal dies. This welcome death follows a life of being electrocuted , burned, force-fed noxious substances, psychologically disturbed, planted with tumours and cut open, sometimes with no anaesthetic and without adequate pain relief on recovery . Kittens will have had their eyes sewn up for blind research while, in burns study, conscious pigs will have had their skin blow-torched until it can be peeled off like crackling.  Primates have lived with electrodes implanted in their brains and dogs undergone heart transplant surgery.

It is no wonder, then, that an emotional account of how animal experimentation is viewed on the other side was given through medium Frank Wright.  Counting it as the gravest of all the abuses that had been mentioned in his speech, the spirit helper said,

   “The final animal cruelty of which I speak,  is that of experiments on defenceless, innocent creatures in laboratories.

   Those who designate themselves as spiritualists will know that animals have a soul and are therefore sentient beings, feeling pain and experiencing terror just as you do.  The pain, torture and mutilation inflicted on these poor creatures is truly sinful.

   There are always tears shed in the world of spirit when we witness cruelty to any members of the animal kingdom but never as many as are shed when we witness this unbelievable cruelty.

   When mistakenly practised in the name of medicine, it is just as vile as when practised for any other reason.  I tell you that no cure for diseases will come from these evil practices and all those associated with this work, directly or indirectly, will have to atone for their actions.  And, as animals are unlike humans physically, it is the first humans to take new medicines who remain the guinea pigs.

If you were to witness the scenes of torture and mutilation in these places, you would recoil in horror.  The cries of pain, screams of terror and the visions would never leave your memory.”

   It is true that the witnessing of these scenes leaves an indelible mark on the psyche but its impact on our soul  gives birth to a powerful motivation…one that some day will see the closed doors open and the cages emptied of our biggest mistake and our greatest shame.

Elissa Rattigan.  

Animal Rights in Spiritualism.

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Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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