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Happy New Year!

Blessings to all supporters, everywhere.

Many of us will have connected deeply with our inner selves, the Great Spirit and Nature more acutely over the “lockdown” restrictions of 2020 and beyond, helping us to come face to face with who we really are. For some of us, this will mean a profound awakening to what is a new direction for our lives. For others, there will have been a loosening or strengthening of old bonds, albeit, perhaps, not in the flesh . Having time on our hands, we may have sought out those of yesteryear only to find that the past is sometimes best left where it is, allowing us to remember old pals with fondness, just as they were and enabling their joyful recollections of their time with us to remain unsullied in memory.

The truth is that we can learn from the past but not always truly pick up from where we left off. If we evolve along our pathways but old comrades don’t share a similar journey, we may find, upon reunion, that either one of us is not the person we once knew. This is especially true as regards our beliefs and how we express our compassion.

Along my own pathway as animal rights campaigner/ activist and member of the broader spiritual community, I have become increasingly aware of the gap looming between the two sections of society . I share much the same beliefs with the latter, within my heart, thanks to the benefit of acquired knowledge of spiritual energy and truth, as given by those who return from spiritual realms, or from the Great Spirit within me. Yet, the one thing which is missing from guidance of many spiritual speakers and writers, here, on Earth, is that which is the most important ingredient of all, upon which all else is based : merciful compassion or.. love….at least, when extending it to the animal kingdom.

How often do we hear that it is all right to condone the murdering, then eating of animals as long as they are given a good life with high welfare standards? The said life is, of course, before they are betrayed by those in whom they put their trust- those who send them to the most terrifying and painful slaughter. Yes, I am afraid there is no such thing as humane slaughter, and it wouldn’t be right, even if there were. Moreover, the Happy, Red Tractor, or organic farms aren’t, always, at all as described. Some of them, having been the subject of undercover investigation, were found to be hotbeds of immense cruelty. I would urge each to seek the evidence for oneself by watching the films listed at the bottom of the article. They are potentially traumatising to watch . However, if not watching means we lack the necessary motivation to stop consuming our fellow creatures who, by the way, do not subscribe to becoming the satanic sacrifice on our plates, then, we are the cause of their deaths , for, without our custom, there would be no animal produce to buy , therefore, no slaughterhouses, no animal farms.

Now, I hear it said that without the consumption of animals, there would be be no farm animals to grace our planet. Would one, therefore, desire that these creatures live in suffering , just to appear in the fields for our children to look at? The truth is, if livestock farming ceased, the animals already here would live out their lives in sanctuaries and beyond that, we would return to admiring their wild cousins, as was once the case.

As I touched upon earlier, it is often stated by speakers that farm animals willingly sacrifice themselves to be our food. This message is partly responsible for the apathy in the spiritual movement towards addressing conscience, in this matter, as it appeases any guilt regarding the non-vegan lifestyle. Another argument is that all creatures are part of a food chain therefore it is natural for humans to be at the top of it. I cannot believe that a God of love would have made a divine plan based on terror and suffering. Something went wrong with the original plan and it all points to man. We have to be part of an evolution which builds a better system for, though we can’t change the law of the jungle, as it is, we, as humans, hold it within our hands to save our planet, our health and billions of creatures caught up in a holocaust, just by changing to a vegan diet. No one will judge the person who temporarily fails, possibly, again and again, in this endeavour but there is no excuse, these days, for claiming lack of resources or support which may be found online and from vegan outreach stalls. The supermarket shelves are filled with vegan products to buy. Changing to a cruelty-free diet has never been easier.

It is New Year, 2021, whose number, in ancient numerology, breaks down to number five, meaning Change and Challenge. It is the month of January, as I write, re-named by those who truly work for the Great Spirit, as Veganuary. Throughout this month and any month following, let us reach out and grasp our chance to serve . As speakers, we should be the voice of the voiceless and bring change for the better, not emissaries of a dark force which, more and more, challenges our effort to grow love.

Good will win out in the end. Let us make sure we are part of that process and not the problem it solves.

Land of Hope and Glory – YouTube


Cowspiracy – Netflix for information on R.S.P.C.A approved farm investigations.