Visualise for the Animals



We silently call upon The Great and Holy Spirit, of which we are all a part, to add power, love and blessings to the energy pulsating here today, as we visualise light, which is full of universal love, enveloping all life-forms in captivity, all those who are trapped, hunted or bred to supply humans with food or clothing and all those who suffer in laboratories throughout the world. Sense its compassion permeate the hearts of those who work in  laboratories , farms, slaughterhouses, zoos and circuses  while its healing rays anaesthetise all animal prisoners, everywhere, of their  trauma.

Imagine the truth of animal suffering seeping into the consciousness of each member of the public and, with it, the realisation that animal experiments have held back true medical science in its search for cures – cures of the diseases which killed their loved ones.  Visualise people refusing to donate to animal research charities, until, eventually, there is no means of financing the research.  Sense a change of heart in such organisations towards funding work which benefits all beings, as legislation is passed which bans all animal experiments, in the world.

Sense a rise in public awareness regarding, not only the suffering of animals but the costs of a meat and dairy produce diet to human health, starving nations and the very planet, itself. See more and more people adopting a vegan, cruelty-free life-style.  Wish for a change of heart in the world towards promoting the animal-free circuses and  wild-life sanctuaries which are based in countries of origin, as a ban is made law, regarding the use of sentient beings in performance or as spectacles of entertainment..

Let us, now, strengthen our will as one will, as, with absolute belief in its manifestation into matter, we see  all manner of creatures  being brought out of these establishments.   Imagine some being looked after in quarantine, if necessary, before joining the others in sanctuaries or loving home environments – in whichever way is right for each of them.  For those poor animals too late to be saved, imagine a deep, peaceful sleep releasing their spirits to freedom.  Know that they are truly the last piglets, lambs or calves to be torn from their mothers, or beaten, terrified beasts of the wild to make such a journey to death, as the doors of the slaughterhouses, laboratories, and other miserable environments  are closed for ever and peace for the animals reigns at last.

We seal our vision with thanks to the Great Spirit and ground our intent by resolving to take an active part in its realisation here on Earth.

Elissa Rattigan.


About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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