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Animal Rights in Spiritualism Newsletter 2021

In Memory of Dog Phoebe, Dog Sky, Cat Pearl, Cat Perkin, Human Gwen Byrne.

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  “For as long as man continues to be the ruthless exploiter of other sentient beings, he will never know peace or joy. For as long as man massacres animals, men will kill each other.  Indeed, he who sows the seeds of torture and pain, will never know real love, peace, health or happiness.”


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Hello all.  May the Great Spirit be with you.

As we have survived a unique, bitter-sweet year in our lives, let us start the page with remembrance of all who lost their lives to corona virus and just as importantly, those who lost lives, mental health, home and income to the “lockdowns.”

Out of that, which, for many, seemed difficult to bear, came good, or, at least, that is the way countless creatures of the wild would have seen it, as the skies and roads cleared and quietened to a great degree, owing to the scarcity of planes and land vehicles and the pollution they normally cause.

As is wont in these times, society was split down the middle, with those, on the one hand, who, in their small flats with no outside space, suffered loneliness, isolation and sometimes, suicidal despair and others, who, lucky enough to have a garden, found, in the new, non-rush environment, not only themselves but attunement to nature which led them to the Great Spirit.  They found God.

In my own experience, I felt my connection to all things wild becoming deeper and had a few synchronized moments along the way. One such instance was when I looked out of my bedroom window while trying to remember the difference between the types of sparrow I had just memorised from descriptions in a book given me by my son.

I thought deeply about Sparrow and it would appear that Sparrow had felt my intense scrutiny, for, making its way up the kitchen roof to the bedroom window, it then dipped and turned full circle within inches of my face, answering my question,

“Are you House, Hedge or Tree?”

“Grey cap.. best bib and tucker.  What do you think?” it seemed to infer, giving me a birds-eye view (oops) of its Spring attire.

“House!” I decided, full of admiration and appreciation of its visit.

At that, it was away on the wing to another potential connection, someone else’s thought.  My thoughts then started to free fall as feathers, coming to rest within my brow chakra, where all possibilities are perceived. Journeying beyond my imagination, I swam, in ecstacy, with Dolphin in its underworld and then, flew towards the higher realms where Sparrow, Dolphin and I merged in the light.  I came back from those places with more questions which, on another level, I had already learnt the answers to.

Why did Sparrow hear my thoughts and more importantly, why did it respond?  Was it because it just knew I loved it for itself, not for its beauty, or what it may do for our eco system…not for its sweet song, or its curious antics which gave me constant entertainment?  Did it know I recognised it as my brother, my sister, my friend, my equal, as I do every other creature on Earth and that I was not one of those humans who protect only the rare, native or near extinct? I think animals sense the sincerity within us. They know who we are and it is that which makes the connection and brings synchronicity.  When our thoughts are charged with love, what we think of appears.

In this edition, you will find a communication channelled from Spirit.  This is for one and all to accept or reject. It is most certain, in my view that, whether it came from a laboratory or from an animal market, mans’ abuse of animals is to blame.

It is within our power to bring an eventual end to wet markets, abattoirs and animal farming in general, and indeed we have made great strides in this, with veganism growing at a rate we only dreamt of a few decades ago. Stopping Animal experimentation is a little more difficult as it needs a change of law. Yet, there is more to do than campaign for a change in law.  Some cruel experiments are carried out on behalf of medical charities with the well known ones having a lot to answer for.  Removing your support for them by not purchasing goods in their shops or leaving them money in your will goes a long way towards depriving them of the funds needed to carry out these barbaric actions.

Clinical trials, or testing drugs, vaccines and treatments on humans can not be put in the same league as experiments on animals, in respect of the suffering involved. As published in “Outrage” magazine by national campaign group, Animal Aid, 3.3million animals per year are experimented upon in the UK alone. Over 4% of those are classed as “severe”.  To illustrate what this means to the animals involved, I would like to relate a story told to me by a friend:  Some years ago, while hospitalised, he managed to read the notes at the end of his bed which stated that he was in “moderate” pain. He was dumbfounded by this as he felt in agony.  Then the awful realisation sank into his awareness regarding the likely truth of what laboratory animals in the highest category of pain experience, in some cases with no anaesthetic.

One cannot help but feel that those who carry out these experiments are spiritually bereft. Here is a quote taken from The Nurses Movement for Responsible Medicine 2020 newsletter (www.nmrm} sent to me by Holly, co founder of the same and supporter of ARIS:

“The spiritual malady that rages in the soul of the vivisector is in itself sufficient to render him incapable of acquiring the highest and best knowledge. He finds it easier to propagate and multiply disease than to discover the secret of health. Seeking for the germs of life, he invents only new methods of death.”

Dr. Anna Kingsford – Britain’s first woman doctor, also, spiritualist and mystic.

Being aware of what animals suffer in laboratories brings us back, again, to our present situation, the debate around vaccination and animal experiments for medical research in general, so, here is some important information:

For corona virus vaccine research, monkeys and mice were used. Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca used rhesus macaque monkeys. This information was put out by Cruelty Free    

According to the National Anti-vivisection Society, a quarter of all primates used in European laboratories are used in the United Kingdom. This includes offspring who have been snatched from the wild.

According to Animal Aid, British Heart Foundation part funded experiments involving surgical mutilation of sheep in late pregnancy which was followed by repeated suffocation.

Animal Justice Project states that Action on Hearing Loss charity were involved with experiments which saw guinea pigs having electrodes planted into their brains, inflicted with tinnitus and  subjected to loud noise while awake.  They were not anaesthetised.      

I leave readers with the wise words of a much revered spirit guide on the subject:

“How can that which is cruel be right?  How can that which causes pain, inflicts torture, be right?  It is contrary to all that we teach.  It is wrong to experiment on those who are not capable of resisting. Your world cannot produce remedies for the diseases which it has created by living contrary to the laws of The Great Spirit. There will be found remedies for all your diseases, but they will not be found by experiments on animals. “

Silver Birch

Around the Contacts.

The newsletter encourages reports from supporters.  It builds our network and keeps us from feeling isolated from like minds.  Please keep sending them in. This first is from Lorraine in Devon:

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Two and a half years ago, my dear friend, Sue, from Surrey, had come to stay with me for a little holiday in glorious North Devon.  We were travelling along the valley road and there he was, an injured pheasant, He was still alive but had been hit by a vehicle whose driver had then just ignored him and left the scene.  I picked him up and gave him to Sue to hold while we went to the wonderful veterinary surgery which never charges for wild life and always thanks you for bringing them in. 

The nurse didn’t think the pheasant would make it but when I rang the next morning I was relieved that he had not only survived but eaten and had a drink.  He was my dear, dear boy whom I had fallen in love with, instantly. Home he came with me and he lived upstairs in the barn where he could see and hear everything that was going on but where he would also be safe.  Sue named him “King” as in “King of the Road”.

King, whose colours were so stunning and who was totally adored, soon came to trust me and gradually rebuilt his strength. However, he was never going to be a hundred per cent and I knew that he would have to remain with me.  His tail never grew and he was blind in one eye.  I was also concerned that his other eye wasn’t so good.

One night, we caught him up and moved him outside to a large “freedom area”.  Here, he lived, with Reuben, the rabbit, for two and a half years.  Other pheasants would come to visit him, which he loved but King never asked for his total freedom.  He knew he was safe there and he was content.

One cold day, I noticed that he had developed a cough, so, off to my vet we went – again, a vet that was so caring and understanding.  King was put on medication but, alas, it didn’t work and he grew weaker.  Soon, I knew it was his time to go to Heaven and that I had to do the kindest thing for him.  I held him and told him how much he was loved, through my tears.  As he left me, I knew that I would see and hold my darling King once again.

Thank you, sweetheart, for sharing that short time with me.  God bless.  You are so precious. Mummy. Xxxx


Joseph, a supporter from Scotland, always manages to send me some light relief from the heart rending accounts of animal cruelty we hear about so often. He recently sent me a cutting from the Daily Mail, April 6th 2020 which bore a photo taken by a hairdresser.  We were all in lockdown at the time and cases of animals, from hedgehogs to goats, roaming our deserted streets had been reported.  On this occasion, several sheep were observed hopping on to a playground roundabout then “running on the spot as it span”.  Apparently, this was not a one-off.

Download free photo of Happy,dog,drawing,vector,sketch - from

Joseph is very sensitive to spirit energies, especially those belonging to his beloved animals.  He told me of an incident involving his dog, Minnie and his sister, Elizabeth, who had recently passed to the world of Spirit.

When Minnie was on the Earth, she went regular walks with Joseph upon which she performed a curious service to him – that of finding him twenty pence pieces.  In the time following her passing, Joseph went on his usual walks where he kept finding coins and they were always the above currency.  However, the penny didn’t drop (excuse the pun) until he took one home from his visit to the pub.  He had settled down and casually taken it from his pocket and put it on the table where he sat.  It seemed to transfix him.  Then he wondered how he could not have recognised what was happening before. Of course! It had been Minnie who had drawn his attention to the coins in order to show she hadn’t left him.  No sooner he realised that, than he sensed her presence, strongly, beside him….  and there was more…he felt compelled to turn over the twenty pence piece and there on the other side was the face of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.  Not evidence of his sister’s return in itself but as anyone who has received a message from Spirit knows, there is a profound awareness in the senses of who is communicating.  So, there it was.  Two visits in one but who brought who?  I think we can guess.

 Janet in Portsmouth

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Just before my cat, Daisy, passed over, in 2016, a black (with some white) “tom” had been visiting my garden.  He had a damaged left ear from all the fighting he did and always showed signs of injury there.  This is how I came to name him Bobby Bruiser.

After Daisy’s death to this world, Bobby came more often but was always aloof and wouldn’t let me touch him.  Even so, over time, he entered firstly, the kitchen, then the back room and finally, made himself at home in the armchair.  He still went off on his travels and often it would be quite some time before I saw him again.  I never knew when he would turn up but when he did, he was never affectionate, never allowing me to stroke or cuddle him.  This went on for four or five years until, in  February 2020, he arrived so badly damaged on the side of his head where the bad ear was that I felt, this time, I could not  leave things to heal on their own.  Bobby was in such a dreadful state, I knew I needed to get urgent help but, how, when I couldn’t handle him?  Then I remembered that I still had the phone number of a lady who used to run a local cat rescue, many years ago. Could it still be functioning?  I rang the number and it was the same lady who answered.  I felt like someone was looking after me, or rather, Bobby and what’s more, I felt the presence.

I explained the situation as quickly and clearly as I could, for I really feared for the poor cat’s life.  I told her that I couldn’t get near him to bring him in.  She assured me that all would be well because an old volunteer who had rescued many cats for her in years gone by had dropped round, “out of the blue”, to see her and she added that if anybody could get him in a cage, he could. I couldn’t believe my luck, although, by now, I was certain this was not down to good fortune but the work of “Spirit”.

The gentleman came into my back room where Bobby was laid, in the chair.  I couldn’t believe it – in spite of his injuries, the poorly tom-cat moved round the room trying to get away.  I left the volunteer alone with him, having been told that it could take a while to achieve success, as he wasn’t going to pressure Billy and make him more stressed.  Forty five minutes later, may be due to patience and calming, assuring words, Billy was coaxed into the carrier and on his way to the vets.  I really don’t know how the man managed it but he was an angel sent, as far as I was concerned.

I was in tears when I heard that Bobby’s injuries were so bad that he would have to be treated in hospital.  Because of his constant injuries to his ear, an abscess had developed in his head.  The poor boy spent 16 nights at the vets. Even though elderly, he was neutered at the same time in order to prevent him fighting and undoing all that had been done. However, I never expected what was to come.

When he was well enough, he was brought back to my place but it wasn’t long before he decided he wanted to get out.  After that, Bobby did come to visit on occasion, as he used to do and I was just relieved that he appeared not to be looking for trouble. However, before a month was up, he accepted my home as his and he stayed. Yet, that was by no means all.  The most remarkable change had taken place in him. He was the most wonderful companion, showing me a large amount of affection.  I could never have imagined his old self never wandering, for he used to stay away for a month sometimes.  Now, he never strayed from his home and garden.  We were inseparable.

Bobby is here with me now, as I tell this tale to you, having kisses and cuddles, just as if it had never been any other way

I do believe Bobby – the bruiser no more – chose me and found me.  I wonder if Daisy had anything to do with it….

Susan from Liverpool is another of our long time supporters who has had quite a lot of communications with animals and humans, both in this world and from the world beyond. The latest occasion was when her sixteen year old cat, Lula, who had passed to the Spirit World, visited her in the night and caught her attention by purring in her throat.

Not long after her passing, Lula came through to Susan during a circle held by a couple of spiritualist friends. Susan felt that Dennis, a spirit who had shared her flat with her for many years, was looking after her cat but said nothing to her friends.  Lula confirmed through the mediums that Dennis was caring for her, in spite of the fact that he was not really a “cat person”. However, the only thing Lula wanted to do was to return and take care of Susan. The beloved cat then brought an evidential memory of a fire in the house next door after an explosion.  Everyone had come out on to the street and it was thought that the roof would cave in. Lula then communicated that she had been scared at first and thanked Susan for protecting her.  Susan knew exactly what she was referring to, as she recalled the moment when, thinking fire might spread to her building, she ran back upstairs to her flat on the second floor, grabbed Lula and took her to safety, outside.

Another visit, this time from her mother’s sixteen year old dog, Teddy, took Susan by surprise, one night, when she was wakened, suddenly, from sleep. She felt compelled to turn to the left of her bed, where she saw the outline of Teddy’s face and his shiny nose. Leaning out to stroke him she said his name but he disappeared.

Teddy had been very close to Susan because she had, in the beginning, rescued him.  She had come across a man leading a dog by a plastic bag.  It was very cold and Teddy was wet through. The man told her that “A lad had been trying to drown him”.  He then handed him over to Susan, who took him home.  As her mother had just lost her own dog, it was decided he should live with her.  Susan, then, found out where the young man lived, resulting in him being paid a visit by the R.S.P.C.A.

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For those who have read this ARIS supporter’s reports in previous newsletters, it will come as no surprise that she works hard to campaign against the cruel “Burning of the Bulls” fiestas in Spain, whereby villagers put balls of tar on the bull’s horns and then set them on fire, sending the poor creatures running wildly through the streets, in pain, bashing their heads against walls to try and put out the flames.  Susan has sent out her love, healing and spells of protection so many times to these unfortunate creatures that it would not be mysterious for one of these bulls to pay her a visit from the world of Spirit. However, this next of her tales is not about a bull, but a matador who had been killed by a bull. His name was Barrio and the case had made news:

O n the same night she was to have the pleasure of Teddy’s visit, Susan was awakened by a voice, again, in her throat, crying “I was wrong!”  She had a mental image of Barrio at the bottom of a long black hole, with his head in his hands, in despair.  His chest and back appeared to be naked.

They say we are the sum of our thoughts and emotions when we pass to “Spirit”.  If Barrio is truly sorry for his abuse, he will be helped out of his despair into the “ light.”  Let’s hope he uses his remorse to go on to influence matadors on Earth to wake up from their conditioning and help get bullfighting and the barbaric fiestas consigned to the history books.

Through her unusual ability, Susan has, also, helped what she senses are spirit orbs to move on into the light.  She feels them like an air bubble in her throat. To date, she has liberated more than two hundred of them.

I found this poem hidden away along with my “useful notes”.  Apparently, it was written after hearing a conversation in a Bolton butchers shop about the sights seen in the London Blitz.  It shows how blind humans are to the connection and similarity of war and animal slaughter.

“When the blitz was on…A leg hung from a tree:

A body with the top half gone and nowt below the knee

A hand with a wedding ring and all; two feet in socks and boots

A baby’s head stuck to a shawl. An arm torn by the roots

While, here and there was flesh, in lumps they shovelled into sacks

It proper left us in the dumps…sent shivers down our backs.”

“It’s slaughter, Sir. I’ve seen a bit of what those swines can do.”

His chopper fell and fiercely split a sheep’s head clean in two.

“It’s downright murder to attack defenceless folk who can’t fight back.”

… and swinging dumbly, on a hook, a dead pig gave him such a look.


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Healing List

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Robert & Joyce Shiner, Mandel Rheems, Therese McElwee, Richard Marshall, Bobby Williams, Sharon Jones, Carole,  Chris, Tony Ortzen, Leisha & Philip Yates, Janet Williams, Shadow, Joan Birch, Roger Raynes,Vivienne Brocklehurst, Sian, Don Gwillim, Annie, Richard Marshall, Simone Philips, Elaine & David Hall, Mary Ashton, Pippin, Rita Benson, Gerard Schmidt, Jeannette Bardell, Colleen, June Bullas, Neil, Sue, Mike Blissett, Catherine Talbot, Hope & Doris, Bear, Phoebe and all in need.

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Please take special note of the date this next channelled message was given from Spirit.  The medium only recently realised its relevance to these times and alerted me to the fact that he had sent me a copy years ago with a view to my publishing some in the newsletter..  I rooted through the many pieces of writing he had sent me.  I had not used this particular one and was amazed at what I read.  I now present it to you: 

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

by The Cosmic Brotherhood

Channelled through the mediumship of Richard Marshall16.09.09

 Many perceive this to be a place of material substance, similar to the imagination of God as a being of physical stature.  Well, it is our purpose to dispel these myths.  So, what exactly is the Kingdom of Heaven and where is it to be found?

 Heaven is truly a state of mind.  There are many interpretations of Heaven, so, where to begin?  The world of Spirit is not Heaven.  It only appears to be thus, in perception.  Let us explain further.  Whilst it is true that there are, indeed, many mansions in the house of God they cannot all be quoted in terms of Heaven as a form of paradise.  Even in the most blissful of states in the world of Spirit, many of us will not find ourselves embraced with Heaven in its truest form.  Our dear friend, Jesus, was one of so few, in number, who have actually experienced this state of being.  You see, Heaven does not fully describe, nor does it capture the emotion experienced by the soul in question.  Many lifetimes are needed in order to find oneself in this state.

 Now, we shall tell you our version of Heaven.  Many of us residing in the world of Spirit at this moment still have a long way to go before experiencing this state for ourselves.  Yet, there are those souls who could but choose to sacrifice their rightful place in order to help those less fortunate in your world.  So, what is this rightful place of which we speak?  Well, it is, of course, to blend our souls and to entwine ourselves within the loving embrace of the soul of God, the creator of all that is.  If only all who dwell upon the Earth at this moment in time strived towards this union with their creator, then, all souls would, eventually, return home from whence they came.  But, alas, Mans’ arrogance towards Mother Nature and the abuse of, as well as the continued suffering of those without a voice shall see to it that Man shall reap his rewards for the sowing of his misdeeds.

 Mankind is about to be visited by what you would call a virus, more prevalent than the plague experienced by others in a previous age.  We tell you this to prepare you for what is to come.  In laboratories, throughout various locations in your world, substances are being forced upon those who have no voice and as a result of this intolerable cruelty inflicted upon God’s creatures, Man shall pay a heavy price.  These horrendous acts of barbaric cruelty shall not go unpunished and shall result in the release of substances from the laboratory into the public domain – not an act of vengeance by a loving god, just the repercussions reaped as Man, in his ignorance, turns his back on his creator, as well as universal law.  This states, categorically, “Love one another.  Treat all souls as you would wish to be treated yourselves.  Take care of the weak, especially those who cannot stand up for themselves.  Take care of your Earth mother so that future generations will not have to pick up the pieces of previous errors.  Do not exploit the Earth spirit or any of her creatures for personal gain or otherwise.” 

Now, Man must await, with baited breath, his destiny.

To bring us some cheer and assurance that it is always within our power to change things for the better, here are some uplifting and strengthening quotes:

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“I am never in control of what happens around me but I am always in control of what happens within me.”

Pranita Deshpende

“There is nothing, either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

William Shakespeare.

“You always pass failure on the way to success.”

Mickey Rooney.

“….everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it and every person a mission.  This is the Indian theory of existence.”

Christal Quintasket.

“I always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be

Neil Baldwin.

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.”

My Grandma.


26,240 Group Farm Animals Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

In this newsletter, there are three rescue centres or sanctuaries to be highlighted, one of which our loyal supporter, Therese, has involvement with . 

Living in Spain for a few years now, Therese has not only filled her home, literally, with rescued cats, dogs and birds but works hard to support the shelter Benidorm Dog Rescue run by two animal welfare groups : Manos  Y Patos  and   Protectora de Animales,  both in Benidorm.  Therese told me that “these girls are marvellous. They have to fight the bureaucracy at the local council run animal shelter in order to get adequate supplies and veterinary help.  This is where they volunteer, so they have to be careful or can be stopped going! They will help any creature.  They take sick dogs or cats out of the shelter and foster.”

One may adopt an animal by emailing adoptaperrosadultos@protectora_de_benidorm    or find out more at   However, Therese told me the bank details were: Account name: Asociacion Manos y Patas   Account number ES6620384837796000149188      

This second sanctuary I wish to highlight is namedHark and was run by the late Myra Manns who was both an ARIS supporter and member of the Essene Brotherhood. As readers may remember, Myra passed to “Spirit” in 2016. The shelter and residents were then taken over by a trust set up to ensure her valuable work continued. This has been overseen by Valerie, Reverend Mother of thebrotherhood  and member of a group of Essenes entitled “The Light of the Animal Kingdom” which focuses on bringing awareness of the plight and spirituality of animals, while helping them in practical ways – hence the work with Hark. Valerie had this to say, in April, 2021, as regards her own experience and the future work of the sanctuary:

  “We will be taking in any homeless animal that needs our help, domestic or wild.  I have been involved with a wildlife rescue centre for the past 10 years and have an affinity there. We have carried on Myra’s work with trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats, as we believe, as she did, that it is the most fundamental action to try and keep the number of distressed and homeless animals down and will keep doing so. We have also financially supported a couple of local rescues in order to help with neutering while the premises at Hark are being refurbished. We are, now, going to start taking in animals.  It will be a low profile, quiet start as we only have a limited pen capacity while we continue to fix and rebuild the rest of the pens. There is still so much to do but we look very much forward to opening again for rescue.”    

Valerie told me that Myra and partner, Owen took great ecological care of the place for fifty years, seeing it teeming with wildlife, both plants and animals. Therefore, Valerie’s group is looking for animal lover volunteers to help share the work of looking after the animals or keeping these grounds maintained.  Unless living locally, this would involve a spell of stay at the sanctuary which is in Warwickshire. A working holiday break may come to mind.  Of course, should being of practical assistance be out of the question, the rescue shelter needs and would greatly appreciate financial donations. If you would like to help, please email Valerie at     giving your name and identifying yourself as an ARIS supporter.

Lastly, I would draw attention to a new sanctuary in the midlands, run by a vegan animal rights community named “Surge” with well known animal activist and speaker, now Surge’s co/founder/director, Ed Winters or “Earthling Ed”.  A non profit, vegan restaurant named Unity Diner was set up in 2018 to help raise funds to buy the 18 acre site upon which the sanctuary stands.

“…Our mission is to offer a life-long, no kill, safe haven and forever home to abused and unwanted animals”

This sanctuary takes in all animals including pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and cows, some rescued from slaughter just in time.  One may view some of these souls of lovely character on the Surge sanctuary website where facilities to donate, adopt and buy from a wish list can be found.

Surge, is not a rescue centre alone, for it promotes veganism, carries out farm and slaughter investigations and educates the public through videos, articles, outreach and activism. To find out more about this side of its work go to

Things to do.

Rabbits need Help

Recently, I attended a protest demonstration at a rabbit meat and fur farm in Atlow, Derbyshire, opposing  planning permission to build an extension for a slaughterhouse.  T&S Nurseries owns the farm and has put in planning applications for two more farms in Amersham and Rutland.  Cornwall refused planning permission for one by the same company there.

According to campaign group, Animal Aid, who have investigated the so called free range farm, “The hutches containing these inquisitive and gentle animals appeared far too small for them even to be able to sit upright….the site is anticipated to rear upwards of 10000 rabbits a year.” They went on to say that babies are weaned and then removed and apparently killed at just 16 weeks old.”

Please keep watch for this firm expanding to your area and join the protest as well as writing/emailing the council.  Thank you.


Spiritualist Churches/Centres.

A Spiritualist Gathering - A Spiritualist Gathering tonight in Santa Ana  beginning at 7:00 pm. Address is 19211 Dodge Ave. A suggested donation of  $10.00 is appreciated. | Facebook

Michael Glowacky

Does anyone attend a church or centre which promotes the ethical vegan message?

I know, only, of ARIS supporters, Chris, in Stoke on Trent and Elaine, in Sheffield who have some position within their churches  to stress the importance of including all creatures within our compassionate embrace. “Psychic News” editorial, also, often brings awareness of the subject.

Is anyone thinking of starting up an ethical vegan spiritualist church?  We would love to hear from you.  Please email or, if no computer, phone 01246 906577 and leave a message if not answered

Absent Healing .

Beyond Animals Dog - Free image on Pixabay

Those of you who look at the A.R.I.S website occasionally will have noticed healer and animal communicator, Kate Berridge’s requests to join in the sending of healing to the animals under her care.  Some of the cases highlighted were urgent and involved traumatised animals rescued from places of neglect and cruelty.  It is wonderful to know their welfare is protected under Kate’s angel wing.  I will continue to update requests and I thank those readers who are taking part. Perkin the cat who was our first case, passed to peace in Spirit while dogs, Hope and Doris and Bear the cat are progressing, Thank you.

Kate E A Berridge

Creator of Earthall® meditation and healing system. Traditional Celtic Healer and teacher in 1-2-1, groups and retreats. 

Thought Leader, guest speaker and published writer. Animal Communicator, Companion Animal Psychologist. 

Founder of the Holistic Animal Therapy Training School. 

For more information visit:WEB:     FB: 

And for animals: WEB:  FB:

Tel: 07519 744208

Until next time, folks, keep inspired. 

On behalf of all creatures, thank you for all you do.

Elissa. xx