Peace on Earth to All Creatures?


Billions of turkeys will be cruelly slaughtered at the seasons of Yule and Christmas.

Sometimes, electric tongs or stunning pistols aren’t worked correctly, seeing birds boiled and slit alive.


As a Spiritualist, do you feel ‘personal responsibility’ for these creatures?


Should eating or not eating animals be flippantly labelled a matter of ‘personal choice’ or taken seriously as a matter of life, death and suffering?


It is not easy to feel brotherly towards animals when we still desire to eat their flesh. Yet to eat that flesh is bound to retard the evolution of the soul because it creates disharmony in the physical atoms and is against the law of brotherhood.”

White Eagle, spirit guide of medium, Grace Cooke.


Give yourself and all creatures your gift of life this Christmas. Adopt a healthy, cruelty-free diet.


About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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