In Honour of Ruby Bunce

It is with sadness and joy   that  Animal Rights in Spiritualism informs of the passing to The Spirit World of a wonderful lady named Ruby Bunce .

Ruby left the Earth plane and her sister, who had lived with her all her life, on the morning of Monday, 27th January, 2014. She had suffered a stroke after losing her beloved animal, Jamie, the former laboratory  beagle and had never really recovered as he had gone everywhere with her.

The two sisters have worked tirelessly for animal rights and were compassionate Spiritualists, regularly as clockwork feeding the wild, night creatures, attending live exports demonstrations and supporting many animal charities.

Over ten years ago, Ruby adopted a puppy who had been traumatised by his life and experiences in the laboratory he was born into.  His story was one on its own and it was included it in an article  for Two Worlds magazine in 2004.

In a nutshell, Jamie communicated, through a medium, details of his painful experiences  when shut away from the outside world.  However, it was the extremely accurate evidence given when  describing  his new life and comforts with Ruby,  of which the medium knew nothing, that  left no doubt that this little creature’s main motive was to express his love and gratitude for the painstaking care shown to him by  a woman who gave the rest of her life to one who  had never seen or heard the sounds of our everyday outdoor world.

I have been asked by her sister, Rita, to send a donation on her behalf to The Dog’s Trust.  I am also sending the same from our group A.R.I.S. as a whole, but I thought it would be nice if  others followed suit and sent a small donation to this charity who are in need at the moment, having taken in a record number of animals abandoned over the Christmas period.

The Dogs Trust not only care for canines in need but  also give a whole house to  those too old  to be re-homed and have a scheme whereby they care for the dogs of women fleeing domestic violence  until they can be re-united.

If you would like to help, please write ” In Honour of Ruby Bunce”  on your accompanying letter when sending your donation to:   The Dogs Trust. 17, Walkley St., London, EC1V 7RQ            

Thank you so very. much.

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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