Weekly Lightworking Endeavour – please take part.

Animal suffering in China’s Food Industry.

Dogs and other animals are cooked alive because people in China find that they taste nicer if they have undergone pain and fear.

Although we welcome the fact that  around five per cent of the Chinese population are now vegan , we must do all we can to bring awareness to  the majority of citizens how barbaric the above practice is.

Step 1. Working outwardly: 

Politely inform The National Tourism Department of The Peoples’ Republic  of China that you will not visit their country until the uncivilised practice of cooking animals alive is banned.

Write  to;

The National Tourism Department of The Peoples’ Republic  of China.

9A, Jianguomennai Ave.,

Beijing 100740


If you prefer to sign a petition, please go to               http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/stop-cooking-live animals

but I must warn you that there is a very upsetting picture.  If you want to sign and avoid looking at the image, close your left eye as you click and then you will just see the petition  form on the right hand side.


Step 2.  Working Inwardly and with the light of the Great Spirit to bring comfort and healing and/or  a quick passing to the dogs and any other animals suffering immense pain and fear in Chinese kitchens.

Sit quietly.  Be aware of your breathing.  Consciously relax your body , starting with your toes and ending at the crown of your head.

Be aware of the compassion you feel for these animals. Feel it in your heart.  Give it a colour.  Sense it intensifying, growing brighter and radiating outwards to fill your aura.

Turn up the brilliance. Extend it further to illumine the whole Earth and Universe until it becomes one with the light of the Great Spirit.

Using as a laser beam or  spot- light, pin-point the kitchens and suppliers /breeding units of these unfortunate creatures.

Use the beam to render those being cooked, or awaiting their fate, peacefully unconscious.   Encourage their spirits (choose one animal per each light-working session, if easier) to move towards the greater light where help is waiting.

Go to to where the animals are housed.  Blast open the cage or room doors with the force of the light and keep them open.  In the same way a sheepdog herds its flock of sheep, move all the animals out of captivity with the beam.  Once outside, lead them in to an animal sanctuary where they are received with love by the staff and volunteers.

Leave one petition website link in the sanctuary office and one in the National Tourism Department.  Illuminate them brightly so they can’t be missed.

Return your light to your heart until it is glowing  deep within it.  Give thanks to the Great Spirit, the Universe and your guides and angels that these thing  now manifest, under grace, in perfectly Divine ways, suitable to each and all concerned.

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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