Who do we vote for to benefit the animal cause?

The next big issue for us all to deal with, regarding the furtherance of animal rights within the law, is the up and coming general election. Who do we vote for?

We know that Labour, which has three vegan MPs want to keep the hunting ban, are against a badger cull, want better protection for dogs and cats, will deal with wildlife crime associated with shooting and will ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

There is a party entitled Animal Welfare Party who has an interesting U.K manifesto which includes redirecting animal and fish farming subsidies to plant-based agriculture. Their E.U. policy seeks to end live exports, bull fighting , foie gras production and a ban on production and sale of fur. Unfortunately, this party has very little money and can only afford a few candidates. They are appealing for £1 from each animal rights campaigner and animal lover in order to help them make a big difference. You may contact them at policyunit@animalwelfareparty.org

The Green Party have the most comprehensive manifesto are promising to make welfare conditions for farm animals and fish better in some ways and promote a progressive change to plant based diets.

They will prohibit the import/ export of fur, whether from wild or farmed animals.

On the vivisection front, they plan to phase out all animal experimentation, but, amongst a host of other things, urgently see a need to ban the use of dogs cats and primates in non-medical testing and all live animals in military experiments , want to end government funding for this and introduce a system for comparing animal tests with a human biology based tests.

Refreshingly, they will prohibit import of exotic animals for the pet trade, see an end to puppy farming, a ban on hunting, snaring, shooting , coursing, stop the badger cull and prohibit the use of animals in circuses.

While aiming to protect several marine species from exploitation , they will also call upon governments to end the practice of “whaling”

The U.K. Independence Party will ban live exports but it will allow a free vote on over-turning the hunting ban.

UKIP plan to triple jail sentences for animal cruelty, with a ban on owning or looking after animals if convicted.

Whilst challenging companies on the necessity of using animals instead of alternative technology in medical experiments and drug testing, they will keep a ban on testing for cosmetics.

Installing CCTV in all abattoirs, they will also make sure formal non-stun training with certification is given to religious slaughter-men.

UKIP wants to leave the E.U. and some argue that doing so would mean our taxes do not go to fund the dreadful cultural practices of bull-fighting and those mentioned earlier in the newsletter, as the E.U. gives so much in subsidy to farms breeding animals for these purposes.

Although Animal Aid have reported that the Liberal Democrats have the most M.P.’s who have signed the E.D.M.s, I cannot find much clarity in their manifesto as regards animal rights, apart from reducing animal experiments.. They do want to tackle wildlife crime, though, as well as protecting bees and insects and designating protective areas for marine life.

The Conservatives will ban wild animals in circuses; keep a ban on cosmetic testing and promote alternatives to animal testing, but otherwise, David Cameron has promised a vote to repeal the hunting act and allow religious slaughter to continue.

So, there we are. We can, as the group Animal Aid suggests , vote for individual M.P.’s, no matter what party they represent, so long as they are going to fight for animal rights, or we can decide on the party we think has the best chance of delivering for the animals we care so much about.

( Although I do my utmost to report accurately, I am paraphrasing what I’ve read from various manifestos and sources , therefore I urge readers to scrutinize the manifestos  for themselves. )

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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