Animal Rights in Spiritualism north midlands meeting .

Concern for all animals?

We are holding a meeting for Animal Rights in Spiritualism cum Chesterfield Animal Rights local supporters from 1.30-2.30 on Sat 30th January at St. Leonards Church, Valley Road, Spital, Chesterfield, in order to give out this year’s activities and welcome new supporters.

Support independent natural health unit as part of the new Chesterfield cancer centre?

Patrick Rattigan N.D. will talk briefly about the new cancer centre for Chesterfield during the meeting and open short discussion on what we, as members of the public, want to be available in the way of natural, holistic support.

There will be a full talk , film and discussion on the subject for all interested parties at a later date.

Need healing?

This month’s meeting is followed by Reiki, Spiritual and other forms of healing from 2.30-4.30 when Patrick will also be available for natureopathic and nutritional advice and cancer support.

You are welcome to both as ARIS supporters but if you only want to attend one or the other that is fine.

Members of the public, friends , etc., are welcome to receive healing. Feel free to bring any interested parties along. 

Refreshments will be available.

Small donations asked to cover cost of hall. Anything over goes to ARIS funds for leaflets, printing etc.

We hope to hold this session bi- monthly after that but instead of an A.R. meeting for the first hour, the whole session will be a healing workshop run by me, Elissa Rattigan, as Reiki teacher, but other forms of spiritual/ natural healing may be available also in the last two hours by various healers .

The donations will still go to costs of hall and Animal Rights in Spiritualism funding. There will be vegan/ animal rights/ spiritual leaflets etc., freely available at all meetings.

Be great to see you there.

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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