Healing for Rescued Dogs.

Here is another request from Kate Berridge:

Dear Animal Healers and Communicators,
Please send out to these 2 dogs~ Hope and Doris.

Image preview

HOPE ~ 7 years old ~ the Yorkie ~ Has been recently rescued from a frightening and neglectful home, where for 3 years, she was trodden on, kicked, ignored, sat on, shouted at and not taken to the vets, despite her ill health. She was bullied by her companion dog, vying for rare attention. She has a loving friend now…a young woman who used to live in the house and came back to rescue Hope. Hope has had trouble eating as she was attacked by the other dog when eating. She is starting to recover now. She loves her new diet. She has some nerve damage in her weak back legs and can’t walk far. All these concerns are being actively worked on by her human friend, Lyn and myself, so we are just asking for you to send healing and love and put her on your regular healing list. You can also send healing to her human friend, a brave young vegan, who is also vulnerable.Bless You and Thank you
DORIS ~ the French bulldog ~ Was rescued from a dirty shed at a puppy farm. She had her first puppies at 8 months old and has had 4 litters. She is 4. She is very nervous and un-house-trained and at present is in a new home, found by Lyn. She’s been there a week. She had a previous new home but did not fit in there. I have visited her, given healing and given advice to the new human guardian. The older lady she is with now is struggling a bit with Doris as she just wanted to foster her but all potential homes have fallen through. Please send healing to Doris and her Guardian, who has bravely fostered no hope animals for years and will need a lot of help to look after Doris. Doris loves her new friend and will unfold in time.We are supporting them both but your love and healing will help very much. Bless You and Thank you —

All Love Surround you,May we bring in a new beginning of Love for all beings
Blessed Be Love Kate

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Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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