Sanctuary in Derbyshire Needs Your Donations, Please.

Hello everyone. Please read the appeal, below, put out by A.R.I.S. supporter, Suzanne on behalf of her friend who is yet another of those people who give all their time to looking after rescued farm animals:

Since moving to Derbyshire, I’ve been lucky enough to make many new friendships, among them, my very good friend, Sandra, a wonderful, caring human being who, with the support of her partner, has been committed to farm animal rescue for almost 20 yrs! Over those years on her small plot of land she has provided care for literally thousands of farmed animals including sheep, pigs, chickens and geese, many of which come into her care in a very poor state of health! The poor chickens, especially, arrive utterly depleted due to being mainly ex laying hens who have become ‘spent’ and so are bound for the slaughter house! As you might imagine, these animals need not only food, loving care and shelter but sadly, often require a vets intervention which, of course, is never cheap! I understand a single vets call out fee is currently £70 without any medication!

Sandra also struggles with fibromyalgia and currently works part time purely to fund her rescue activities which run at around a thousand pounds a month! She has an amazing amount of energy and as I often tell her, I really don’t know how she does everything she does! However, its obvious how much her animals love and appreciate her which really says it all! She’s a lady who really does deserve all my admiration and💚if my story has touched your heart, then, please, if you are able, make a donation, however small, which would be greatly appreciated, to

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Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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