Please send Distant Healing for Rescued Cat, Mishka

Please send prayers and healing out to Mishka, a tortoiseshell cat about 11 years old.She has problems with her left back leg and is also nervous about going outside.She is a survivor of abuse (some time ago) and lives with a loving young couple now. She is also looking for a male companion kitten, so please add prayers that she will be perfectly connected with the right individual kitten who will love her and be her friend.
I attach her photo … if you have time, ….you can connect.
Please put her in your Healing Book.
Thank you for all you do with Lyn’s and my rescue work.It is all unpaid and we could not do it without good people joining in.
All Love Surround you,Blessed Be
Love from Kate 

Kate E A Berridge

Creator of Earthall® meditation and healing system.Traditional Celtic Healer and teacher in 1-2-1, groups and retreats. 

Thought Leader, guest speaker and published writer. 

Animal Communicator, Companion Animal Psychologist. 

Founder of the Holistic Animal Therapy Training School. 


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About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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