World Day for Laboratory Animals

World Day for Laboratory Animals. Monday, 24th April, 2023 at 1pm UK time.

The Meditation is as follows:

Firstly, I ask everyone to put all negative thoughts, feelings, worries, concerns and images over to the Great Spirit to recycle into good.

Be aware of one’s breathing. As we breathe in the energy of the Great Spirit, on the out-breath we relax the hips, legs, ankles, feet and toes.  Next, breathe in the energy and on the out-breath relax the  trunk, shoulders, arms , wrists, hands and fingers. Finally, breathe into the head and neck area, relaxing it, Feel the energy connecting you to all beings everywhere and the Oneness itself, while sensing your roots  travelling downwards, deep into Mother Earth.

There is a sacred space just below the navel where all your subconscious thoughts and feelings are stored.  Make your way into its magical room which is also your seat of power. Remember, you are connected to the loving force of all that is good and are taking its light with you into the space.  Brush any negativity out of the way to make an area for you to stand in this light which fills the whole room. It is a beautiful, shining, bright white light.

Choose an animal known to be used in laboratory experiments. Take your time to create a positive picture or film of this animal or many of its kind enjoying life as they should either in the wild with others, in sanctuaries or loving homes with humans.  Feel their happiness, love and peace.

There is now a portal opening through the light.  Taking your happy scene with you, walk through the portal of your own subconscious into the vast sea of collective subconscious and deposit your wish and happy scene within it. See this as now being reality and keep picturing it on a regular basis.

Thank the “All that Is” for manifesting a wonderfully happy life for these animals now  

Know that the deed is done, for, everything must be thought in the mind and felt in the heart before it arrives in the material world. See it as happening in the present moment.

Breathe the renewed energy into your hips, legs, feet and toes and feel its silver roots once again connecting to Mother Earth.  Now, stand, in the light, this time in your heart centre,  breathing the spiritual energy in and then out  into the world around us, with the essence of our wish within it. Lastly, breathe into your crown as, on the out- breath,  the light returns to its source being  still very much connected  your soul.

Bring your awareness back to the group around you. 

About Elissa Rattigan

Lifelong animal rights campaigner and spiritualist.

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